Where to find coffee on the Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line's newest ship the Disney Wish has set sail! If you're wondering where you can find specialty coffees onboard, look no further! All of these coffee shops also double as a bar, so they also serve alcoholic beverages as the day goes on. 

Specialty lattes can be found all around onboard the Disney Wish. There are actually 6 locations that serve specialty coffees, which is a big jump from the standard one or two we are used to seeing on Disney Cruise Line. Just a note: these will cost extra! For free, regular, coffee, head to the drink station on deck 11, order it with a meal, or have it delivered via room service. 


Cove Cafe 

Cove Cafe is located on deck 13 and just like the other ships can be found in the adult only section of the ship.  


Wishing Star Cafe 

Wishing Star Cafe is located on deck 4 right off the main staircase and is the perfect way to start your day without having to go to go all the way to deck 13. 


Enchanted Sword Cafe 

Located directly above Wishing Star, Enchanted Sword Cafe is located on deck 5. This location tends be a little less busy than its lower level counterpart, so be sure to check here if lines get long downstairs.


Marceline Market

Located inside of Marceline Market on deck 11, this cafe is only open when Marceline Market is. Situated between the two sides of Marceline, this one can be easy to pass by but is a great place to stop if you want a latte with your meal. 


The Bayou   

The Bayou is located on deck 3, right off the Grand Hall. This lounge serves specialty lattes in the morning hours until around noon, then reopens in the afternoon as a full bar. 


The Lookout

Located on deck 11, The Lookout is a bar that is part of the Festival of Foods lineup. But they also serve lattes! 

So there you have it, everywhere you can find specialty coffees onboard the Disney Wish! There is no shortage of coffee beverages to be found on this ship, and now you know where to get them! 

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