A Complete Guide to Disney Cruise Ships

A Complete Guide to Disney Cruise Ships

It’s no secret that we love Disney Cruise Line. We’ve been lucky enough to sail on three of the four current ships, and have reservations to sail on Disney Cruise Line’s new Wish in its inaugural year if things go according to plan.  If you’re looking ahead to the future to plan a vacation with Disney Cruise Line, there is a lot that can be confusing! Where should you sail? What ship should you sail on? We get it, we’ve been there.  So we’ve put together a quick guide to the Disney Cruise Ships to help you!

Disney Cruise New York City

All of the Disney Cruise Line Ships

There are currently five different Disney Cruise Line ships. In no particular order, they are the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and Disney Wonder and the Disney Wish. Disney Cruise Line’s newest Disney Cruise Ship, setting sail in 2024, is named the Disney Treasure. While all of the ships in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet are filled with magic, they each have their own charm! So, while you may not base your Disney Cruise Vacation planning on which ship to set sail, it’s important to consider which ships, have what ahead of time. We’re compiling all the Disney Cruise Line Information we can on our Disney Cruise Vacation page. Be sure to check out the Disney Cruise Guides to go even more in detail on each ship. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream

What is the difference between the Disney Cruise Ships?

There are a few differences that make each ship unique. Itineraries, restaurants, and sizes are just a few of the things that distinguish one ship from another. Each has its own design and layout and its own amenities. And sometimes, something like an itinerary can completely decide what ship you’ll be sailing on.  For instance, if you’re hoping to see the Hyperspace Lounge or Tiana’s Bayou you’ll be heading to the Wish. Or maybe the Soul Lounge is more your style. If so you’ll be headed to the Disney Magic. Check out all the Disney Cruise Ship Lounges for a glimpse into even more ways each Disney Cruise Ship is different.  We will go more into detail below!

Disney Dream Disney Cruise Line

Disney Dream

The Disney Dream is one of Disney Cruise Line’s larger ships. You can see our latest photo tour of the Disney Dream here if you’re curious about what it looks like. The Disney Dream is the sister ship to the Disney Fantasy, which means they have a lot of similarities but are still unique in their own way.  Being one of the larger ships in this fleet, the Disney Dream has 1250 rooms and a capacity of 4000 guests. Each Disney Cruise Line ship has its own unique statue in the main atrium. On the Disney Dream, you will find Admiral Donald Duck!

And each Disney Cruise ship has a special character on the stern, which is a fun little detail we always love looking for. On The Disney Dream, the stern character is Sorcerer Mickey.  For those who are a bit more daring, the Aquaduck onboard the Disney Dream offers a water coaster that extends over the side of the ship! The decor on the Disney Dream is just stunning. With bold colors and an Art Deco aesthetic, this ship is really a wonder to see! We love the chandelier as you enter the ship.  Deck plans for the Disney Dream can be found here

Disney Dream Restaurants

Restaurants on the Disney Dream are beautiful and honor the Princesses, Walt Disney himself, and even the Gardens of Versailles. Dining on the Disney Dream comes with lots of options. From table service to quick service to adult-only fine dining, there is something for everyone. Onboard the Disney Dream, table service restaurants include Royal Palace, Animator’s Palate, and Enchanted Garden. The Disney Dream also has the benefit of offering both Palo and Remy, which are considered some of the best dining experiences at sea. These are both adult-only, require a reservation, and are available at an extra price. 

Casual dining options onboard the Disney Dream include Cabanas, Cove Cafe, Preludes, Vista Cafe, Flo’s Cafe, and of course room service, which is available 24 hours a day. For a sweet treat while sailing, EyeScream Treats, Frozone Treats, and Venellope’s Sweets and Treats all offer goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth! And there is a wide variety of bars and lounges on board the Disney Dream as well. 

Shows on the Disney Dream

One of our favorite things on a Disney Cruise is the shows! These shows are incredible. Held in the Walt Disney Theatre, these shows are performed nightly and are a great way to spend your evening onboard a Disney cruise ship. Guests on the Disney Dream can look forward to Beauty and The Beast, The Golden Mickeys, and Believe.  

Where does the Disney Dream sail?

Itineraries and Ports of Call can change from year to year, so it’s always best to check the Disney Cruise Line website first. But the Disney Dream generally sails to The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Castaway Cay; and sails out of Port Canaveral Miami. You can see all of the current itineraries for the Disney Dream here

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy

Guests on the Disney Fantasy will notice as soon as they enter that this ship is quite grand! The sister ship to the Disney Dream, the Fantasy is the same size, with 1250 staterooms and a capacity of 4000.  In the atrium, you will find Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse, and Dumbo on the stern.  The Disney Fantasy also has the AquaDuck water coaster for those who love a good thrill at sea. Disney Fantasy deck plans can be seen here

Disney Fantasy Restaurants 

Restaurants on the Disney Fantasy are similar to that of the Disney Dream. Rotational dining options include Enchanted Garden, Animator’s Palate, and Royal Court. For an adults-only dining experience, Palo and Remy are both available for an extra fee and require reservations. 

For casual dining onboard the Disney Fantasy, Cabanas offers a buffet for breakfast and lunch. And for grab-and-go selections, Preludes, Flo’s Cafe, Cove Cafe, Vista Cafe have you covered. For sweets and treats, Sweet on You, Eye Scream and Frozone Treats will satisfy your sweet cravings.  Room service is also available 24 hours a day and most items are included in your cruise fare. A variety of bars and lounges are also available for adults. 

Disney Fantasy Shows

The Disney Fantasy offers nightly shows in the Walt Disney Theatre. Guests onboard can look forward to seeing Frozen: A Musical Spectacular, Disney’s Believe, and Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular. 

Where does the Disney Fantasy sail?

Current itineraries for the Disney Fantasy include Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean destinations, along with Bermuda and The Bahamas. The Disney Fantasy is also home to Star Wars Day at Sea.  You can find all of the current Disney Fantasy sailings here

Disney Magic Cruise Photo Tour

Disney Magic 

The Disney Magic is the oldest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. But don’t let that scare you off! The Disney Magic has been reimagined and renovated many times since its inaugural sailing in 1998. It’s also one of the smaller Disney ships, with 877 staterooms and a capacity of 2700. The Disney Magic is the sister to ship the Disney Wonder, which is just a couple of staterooms smaller. Although these ships are smaller and generally less grand, we love the welcoming, homey atmosphere. And if you’re someone who prefers fewer crowds, either of these ships may be the one for you. Guests can find Helmsman Captain Mickey as the statue in the atrium, and painter Goofy on the stern.  AquaDunk can be found on the Disney Magic for those looking to add some high-speed thrills to their vacation. You can find our most recent Disney Magic photo tour here! And you can see the deck plans for the Disney Magic here

Disney Magic Restaurants

Some of the most Unique Disney Cruise experiences can be found in the Restaurants on the Disney Magic. The Disney Magic may be the oldest Disney Cruise Line ship, but it has one of our favorite dining experiences! Rapunzel’s Royal Table is not only a themed dinner but an interactive show too! Rapunzel’s Royal Table is included in the rotational dining service, along with Animator’s Palate and Lumiere’s. Adult-only fine dining on the Disney Magic includes Palo, which requires a reservation and dress code. 

For casual dining options, guests on board the Disney Magic will find Cabanas, Duck In Diner, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, Cove Cafe, and Frozone Treats. Room Service is also available 24 hours a day, with most items being included in your cruise fare. 

Shows on the Disney Magic

Another reason Tangled fans will love this ship is the show, Tangled: The Musical can be seen here! Definitely, one of our favorite shows we’ve seen in the Walt Disney Theatre, this show is a must-see.  Along with Tangled: The Musical, Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story and Disney Dreams are staples of the entertainment that can be found on Disney Magic. 

Where does the Disney Magic Sail?

Itineraries for the Disney Magic can take you all over the world! The Disney Magic is the only Disney Cruise ship that currently sails in Europe. If you want to take a transatlantic cruise, then plan to board the Disney Magic! Marvel Day at Sea also happens on the Disney Magic, so if you’re a Marvel fan wanting to experience this themed cruise, plan to sail on the Disney Magic.  The Disney Magic also sails in the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Canada, New England, Bermuda, and a variety of destinations in Europe. You can see the full list of itineraries for the Disney Magic here

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Disney Wonder 

While the Disney Wonder is the same size as the Disney Magic, it has two fewer staterooms for a total of 875. Capacity remains at 2700. By far one of our favorite Disney Cruise Ships, the Disney Wonder features beautiful Art Nouveau styling, with a maritime flair. It is the second oldest of the Disney Cruise Line ships but has been reimagined and refurbished to feel fresh and new.  A gold Ariel statue graces the main atrium and Donald Duck graces the stern. Deck plans for the Disney Wonder can be seen here

Disney Wonder Restaurants

Like Disney Magic, the Restaurants on the Disney Wonder has one of the best dining experiences you can find on a Disney Cruise Ship, in our opinion. Tiana’s Place offers dinner and a show with Tiana herself! Tiana’s Place is part of Disney Cruise Line’s rotational dining onboard the Disney Wonder and is included with the cost of your cruise. Animator’s Palate and Triton’s are also part of the table service, rotational dining restaurants.  Adult-only dining on the Disney Wonder includes Palo, which requires a reservation and comes at an additional charge. 

Casual options on the Disney Wonder include Pinnochio’s Pizzeria, Pete’s Boiler Bites, Daisy De-Lites, Cove Cafe, Preludes, and Eye Scream Treats.  Room service is available 24 hours, with most items included in your cruise fare. 

Shows on the Disney Wonder

Frozen fans will be delighted to find out that Frozen: A Musical Spectacular can be viewed onboard the Disney Wonder.  Along with Frozen, guests onboard the Disney Wonder can also see The Golden Mickeys and Disney Dreams in the Walt Disney Theatre. 

Where does the Disney Wonder sail?

Planning a cruise to Alaska? Plan to board the Disney Wonder! The Disney Wonder is the only ship that sails to Alaska! Along with Alaska itineraries, the Disney Wonder also sails the Pacific Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Western Caribbean. You can see all of the current itineraries for the Disney Wonder here

Disney Wish Cruise Halloween on the High Seas

Disney Wish

The Disney Wish is Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship. This ship is the largest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, offering 1254 staterooms with a capacity of 4000.  Cinderella will be featured in the atrium and Rapunzel at the stern.  The Disney Wish also has a Disney attraction at sea! The AquaMouse is an immersive water ride and promises to bring a little Disney Parks magic to the cruise. To see the deck plans for Disney’s newest ship, click here

Disney Wish Restaurants

There is a great lineup of Restaurants on the Disney Wish. 1923, Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and Avengers: Quantum Encounter Dining Experience are available for rotational dining at dinner. We enjoyed all of these. Worlds Of Marvel leaves a little to be desired in terms of entertainment, but we still enjoyed the food. And for an adults-only experience, a new reimagined Palo is now available on the Disney Wish as a steakhouse. Enchante is a new adults-only dining option coming to the Disney Wish as well! 

  • 1923
  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure
  • Avengers: Quantum Encounter Dining Experience

Marceline Market offers a more casual dining atmosphere, similar to that of Cabanas on the other ships. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch in separate food stalls around the restaurant. It is not a self-serve buffet, however, so be prepared for long waits during busy times here.  You can still get as much as you’d like here, you just have to take your plate from station to station for a cast member to serve you.,

Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods is the go-to for grab-and-go selections, with offerings like Barbeque, build-your-own tacos, chicken tenders, pizza, and more. Overall we think this is our favorite addition to the Disney Wish, as it really steps up the food game for quick service onboard! This area is also where you’ll find the free ice cream! Soft serve onboard the Disney Wish is no longer self-serve either, and a cast member will serve you. We actually prefer this as it tends to keep the mess down a bit. 

Shows on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish features three Broadway-style shows. These include The Little Mermaid, which is exclusive to Disney Wish, Aladdin, and Seas the Adventure, which is a Disney original featuring all your favorite Disney pals. Shows are generally about an hour, with the latter being half an hour. 

Where does the Disney Wish sail?

The Disney Wish will just be setting sail for the first time in summer 2022. It’s hard to say what future plans Disney Cruise Line has for its newest ship in terms of cruise itineraries; but as of right now, the Disney Wish is only sailing to The Bahamas. The Disney Wish currently only offers 3- and 4-night itineraries. And with how large the ship is, we highly recommend a 4-night if you can manage it! You can find all of the current itineraries for the Disney Wish here.

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Which Disney Ships Have Special Cruises?

Whether you’re looking for a Halloween on the High Seas Cruise, A Very Merrytime Cruise, a Star Wars Day at Sea, Pixar Day at Sea or Marvel Day at Sea, Disney Cruise Line has you covered. Halloween on the High Seas and Very Merrytime Cruises are offered on all of the Disney Cruise Line Ships and will be offered on the Disney Wish as well. Star Wars Day at Sea themed cruises are offered on the Disney Fantasy and Marvel Day at Sea cruises can be experienced on the Disney Magic. 

  • Marvel Day at Sea- Disney Magic
  • Star Wars Day at Sea- Disney Fantasy
  • Pixar Day at Sea- Disney Fantasy
  • Halloween on the High Seas- All Ships
  • Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise- All Ships

disney cruise pirate night

Do all of the Disney Cruise ships have Pirate Night?

Yes! All of the Disney Cruise ships host a Pirate Night. Pirate Night is generally tied to the itinerary rather than to the ship itself. Most all sailings in the Caribbean have a Pirate Night onboard. When we cruised on the Disney Magic to New England and Canada, we had an unexpected Pirate Night too. So even if you’re not sailing to the Caribbean, you still may have a Pirate Night. Once you have checked in and have access to your ship’s full itinerary, you’ll be able to see whether or not Pirate Night will be held on your ship. 

Which Disney Cruise ships sail to Castaway Cay?

All of the Disney Cruise ships sail to Castaway Cay! Just like Pirate Night, a stop at Castaway Cay is tied to the itinerary rather than the ship itself. You can see which ports of call each itinerary visits when you search for your cruise. Check out everything we’ve rounded up for your Castaway Cay Day so far! 

Planning a Disney Cruise Line Vacation

We know planning a Disney Cruise Line Vacation can be a little intimidating! We’ve compiled all of our Disney Cruise Vacation Planning posts in one place. Whether you’re not sure what to pack for a Disney Cruise, which Disney Cruise Excursions to Book, or how Disney Cruise Embarkation Day works we hope our little corner of the internet makes it a little easier for you. And if this is your first Disney Cruise, be sure to read up on our Disney Cruise Tips for Beginners. 

Each of the Disney Cruise Line ships has something unique to offer! We love that each is different while still feeling familiar. No matter which Disney Cruise ship you sail on, you can count on delicious food, quality entertainment, and the best service in the industry.  Happy Sailing! 

Disney Cruise Ships. Everything you need to know about Each Disney Cruise Ship from dining to details.


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