Disney Wish Cruise Ship Guide to Everything Onboard

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Guide to Everything Onboard

Ready to set sail on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship! As one of the largest Disney Cruise Ships, the Wish offers several restaurants, movie theaters,  attractions at sea, lounges, magical interactive spaces, and more. Plus Disney Characters are also on board. Check out everything to know about the Disney Wish Staterooms, Theater Shows, Dining, Activities, Destinations, and more.  

Disney Cruise Line Disney Wish

The Disney Wish joins the Disney Cruise Line Ship Fleet alongside the Wonder, FantasyDream, and Magic. The Disney Wish will visit a variety of locations, mostly in the Caribbean to start. With ports of call in the Nassau Bahamas, and Castaway Cay. Eventually, we expect this ship to visit the port at Disney’s New Private Island, Lighthouse Point. This Bahamian Island is beautiful and untouched. And while plans for this port have been delayed, we’ll still share the info recently shared at D23. To help get your bearings, take a look at our Disney Cruise Line Ships Guide for details on all the ships and how they differ. 
Disney Wish Cruise Ship Keel Laying
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Disney Wish Cruise Ship Grand Hall

Disney Wish Cruise Theme

The stern of the Disney Wish ship highlights a perfectly coiffed Rapunzel from Tangled and sidekick chameleon, Pascal playing around on the front of the boat as the ship’s mascot. Complete with gold lettering on the distinctive Navy of the Disney Cruise Line Fleet.  The entire theme of the ship revolves around “wishing” and features a golden Cinderella in the atrium. The atrium also features a grand chandelier, complete with a wishing star. Three levels will tower over the atrium, giving fantastic views to guests. We can’t wait to see what this will look like at Christmastime!

The Disney Wish features characters and stories centered on enchantment and wonder. Classic Disney masterpieces like Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast join Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars for a fully magical experience. From the themed concierge-level staterooms, themed to Moana, Sleeping Beauty, and Tangled, to the elevated dining experiences featuring Marvel and Frozen. Disney magic will be around every corner on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship. 

Disney Wish Cruise Halloween on the High Seas

Disney Wish Atrium Lobby

By far one of the largest Disney Cruise Ship lobbies, the Disney Wish features Cinderella as the lobby statue and a theme of enchantment. Complete with regal staircases and a stage, this space is used for the Disney Princess Royal Gathering Photo Ops onboard, as well as activities like the Kiss Goodnight, when the chandelier lights up with Cinderella’s Midnight wishes. 

Disney Wish Cruise Spaces

The Disney Wish Cruise ship is more than just a boat. It is a sailing wonderland of magical spaces to be explored. From the amazing lobby featuring Cinderella, with a hidden Jaq and Gus, playing under her skirt, to the elegance of the theaters, restaurants, and even hallways. There is so much to see onboard this Disney Wish cruise. 

The Grand Hall

The elegant atrium features a magical ballroom feel, featuring a floating lantern chandelier, light-wrapping staircases and balconies, and an all-over blue and gold color scheme. The area features Gothic, Baroque, and French Rococo influences lending a little more elegance and a lot more magic to the spaces. 

Where is Everything on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship?

One of the toughest parts of any Disney Cruise Vacation is taking the time to learn the ship. And on shorter excursions, like 3 or 4 days, it’s almost impossible to learn the layout and still have time to enjoy it. As such here is the layout of everything on the Disney Wish on each Deck, so you know where to go to eat, play and stay. 

Deck 1: Health Corridor, and Primarily for Disembarking at Port. 
Deck 2: Oceaneer Club, including the Marvel, Star Wars Cargo Bay, and Imagineering Lab. It’s a Small World Nursery. Slide exit is on this floor. Walt Disney Theater ( Handicap Accessible Entrance)
Main Deck 3: The Grand Hall, Guest Services, The Bayou Lounge, 1923 Restaurant, Shopping, Nightingales Lounge, Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, Walt Disney Theater (Main Entrance), Preludes, Slide Entrance to Oceaneer Club
Deck 4:  Worlds of Marvel Restaurant, Hook’s Barbery, Untangled Salon, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, The Wishing Star Cafe, Guest Services, Port Adventures, Walt Disney Theater Balcony Seating, Preludes, Luna Theater, Never Land Cinema, Wonderland Cinema
Deck 5: Arendell Restaurant, Edge Tween Club, DVC Lounge, Shutters Portrait Studio, Mickey Mainsail Shopping, Enchanted Sword Cafe, Luna Theater Balcony, Senses Spa, and Fitness room.
Decks 6-7: Staterooms
Deck 8: Staterooms, Fairytale Fresh Laundry
Decks 9-10: Staterooms
Deck 11: Staterooms, Marceline Market, Inside Out: Joyful Sweets, Dory’s Forget-Me-Knots Shop, Pools, Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods, FunnelVision
Deck 12: Concierge Level Staterooms, Concierge Lounge, Wheezy’s Freezies, Trixies Falls, Toy Story Splash Zone, Slide a Saurus Rex, Pools. Vibe Teen Club, The Hideaway, Hero Zone. The Rose Lounge, Palo Steakhouse, Enchante
Deck 13: Concierge Level Staterooms, Concierge Private Sundeck, Hero Zone Balcony, Aquamouse, Adult Sun Deck, Quiet Cove Infinity Pool, Cove Cafe, Cove Bar. 
Deck 14: Funnel Suite, Chip and Dale Pool, Currents Outdoor Bar

Disney Wish Cruise Deck Guide

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Deck Plans

Courtesy of dclfan.com this is the most complete deck guide of the Disney Wish so far. 

Disney Cruise Disney Wish Deck Guide

Disney Wish Review

Disney Wish Staterooms

There are 1254 staterooms on board the Disney Wish. And over 900 of these will be connecting staterooms, which is perfect for families. There are 4 royal suites and 7 additional suites. 

Staterooms on board the Disney Wish are storybook-inspired.  The rooms look modern, yet warm and inviting. Not only do these staterooms feature beautiful artwork from our favorite stories like Cinderella and Tangled; but they also have a luxurious feel, with upscale amenities and great features for families like extra storage.  For the first time ever, the Disney Wish also has two-story- yep you read that right -TWO STORY suites with a spiral staircase for the ultimate in luxury! There are only two of these suites, and we anticipate they’ll be quite expensive, but I mean look at that spiral staircase! Disney Cruise concierge experiences are upgraded as well!

Inside Staterooms 

Inside staterooms offer something called a Magical Porthole with real-time views of the water and waves outside. If you and your family are fine with a digital window, these rooms are the cheapest onboard, while still offering all the amenities of the outside staterooms. 


Oceanview Staterooms come with a variety of porthole options; Obstructed, Two Small Portholes, or One Large Porthole. The obstructed porthole room just means that there may be a pole or part of the ship in front of your oceanview window. If you’re not in your room a lot, or during daylight hours, this may not be an issue for you. Rooms with two small portholes are definitely adequate and offer a nice view of the water, while rooms with one large porthole have a window seat built-in. Perfect for gazing out the window. 


Verandah Rooms include a balcony with seating that overlooks the water and are a dream on cruises with a view but do cost significantly more. And may not be the best bet for families with small children. We did have a verandah for this trip to the Bahamas, but so much of what you see from your room is dependent upon which side of the boat your room is on, and which side of the port is prettiest. Check out the Disney Wish Verandah Room Tour for an inside look. 

Disney Wish Stateroom Choices

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Towel Friends

Disney Cruise Room Host and Towel Friends

One of our favorite parts of any Disney Cruise is getting to know the Cast Members. And there are a few of whom you will see daily and who will truly be there for you the whole time! Your room host is one of those people. Room hosts tend to your room and learn your “schedule” so they can time room cleaning, and turn down service. They learn your names, leave chocolates and make you towel friends to greet you when you return to your cabin each evening. If we could take these folks home with us, we would. They are wonderful human beings there to make your life easier. Disney Cruise line typically has 1 cast member for every 2.5 passengers, there to help you however they can. 

Disney Theme on the Disney Wish Cruise

Disney Wish Activities Onboard

As with all Disney Cruise Line Activities, you MUST have the Disney Cruise App on your phone so you can get access to the Disney Navigator. This section of the app allows you to do your favorite activities, be alerted of event times, and see what is happening across the boat each day of your cruise. The Disney Cruise App also shows you Restaurant Menus and Port Excursions. So it is a MUST-HAVE when onboard the ship. You can only get access to the Disney Navigator once you are onboard. At which point you Turn On Airplane Mode, and Connect to the Disney Cruise Line Guest Wi-Fi. Once that has been done you can open the Disney Cruise App and see your options. 

Disney Wish Sail Away Party

Disney Wish Entertainment

With some never-before-seen entertainment onboard, the Disney Wish includes new games, shows, and parties! Featuring three Broawdways Style shows you can see Aladdin, the Musical, The Little Mermaid, and Seas the Adventure. The Disney Wish also includes three movie theaters for first-run films and Disney classics. Plus, a special new interactive game called Uncharted Adventure. Keep reading to learn more. 

Disney Wish Sail Away Party

Get ready for the best Sail Away party you’ve ever attended. Complete with more Disney characters than you have ever seen! Joining Mickey and Friends are the Fairy Godmother, Disney princesses, and more, everything you could wish for. As part of the party, you hear original songs like First Wish and Set Sail on a Wish to help you get into the mood. All happening on Deck 11. So keep your eye on the funnel vision screen for fabulous backdrops to help tell the story as you sail away. 

Disney Wish Pirate Night

Featuring the deck show the Pirates Rockin Parlay Party, and a live ’80s hair band with a drummer named Bubbles, this is one you won’t want to miss. Anchored by Pirate Redd’s great-great-grandaughter, Captain Redd this show includes music like Yo Ho, We’re Not Gonna Take It, and Jumpin Jack Flash. All before the amazing Fireworks at Sea show. 

Rendering of “Disney Seas the Adventure” coming to the Disney Wish

Disney Wish Broadway Style Shows

Featuring Broadway Style Shows, opposite your dinner hour, a Disney Cruise offers showstopping entertainment. With classics from Disney films, to original productions featuring the themes of magic, adventure, friendship, believing, and more, these are always a treat while onboard. 

Disney Wish Show Times

Shows on a Disney Cruise are opposite your dinner times, and happen at  at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app for scheduled showtimes once you arrive onboard. The Disney Wish has 3 Shows; Disney Seas the Adventure, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. 

Disney Seas the Adventure

This new musical spectacular features Captain Minnie Mouse handing over the helm to Goofy, ready to take on the responsibility of captain! A musical story featuring Disney and Pixar friends and familiar soundtracks, ready to set sail, and help you bring out your own inner captain. This show takes place the first evening of your cruise and is located in the Walt Disney Theatre.

DCL Wish Disney The Little Mermaid Logo

The Little Mermaid

This brand new stage show aboard the Disney Wish is a retelling of The Little Mermaid complete with iconic scenes and music from the beloved film. As a modern-day retelling, you can expect a whole new spin on the story you know. Musical numbers include “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”


With stunning effects and a reimagined Agrabah Marketplace get ready to see interactive elements worthy of Broadway! Including zip lines and rigging! This classic tale can be seen onstage on the Disney Wish like never before, in this re-imagined telling. 

Disney Wish Attractions

This cruise has some exclusive Disney Wish Attractions that you won’t find on other Disney ships. The Uncharted Adventure Game on the Wish is an interactive game that uses your phone to interact with the ship, and results in some extra magic while on board. Pictures come to life, and things light up, and it all commences with a showdown against the Disney Villains in the Luna Lounge. Other Disney Wish Attractions include the Final Kiss Goodnight featuring Cinderella’s voice at Midnight and a light show in the Grand Hall. Or you can head to the AquaMouse! This waterslide includes a story as you whizz by on your raft and adds to the fun onboard. Check out all the Disney Wish Attractions below. 

Disney Unchartered Adventure

Disney Unchartered Adventure 

Disney Unchartered Adventure gives guests onboard the Disney Wish a first-of-its-kind, interactive experience. Using the Disney Parks play app, augmented reality, physical props, and your phone, Disney Unchartered will take you on a Disney adventure that you’ve never seen before. Complete with interactive elements all over the ship that come alive when you play. With your phone becoming a spyglass, you can uncover treasures, awaken pieces of art and watch the chandeliers come to life. With Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie as your guide, this multi-day adventure can be played at your own pace and features adventures with Disney characters like Moana, Tiana, Tinkerbell, and more. Each mission takes you to new Disney worlds found in your favorite films, so this game can be different, every time you play it! 

Disney Unchartered Adventure offers both an introduction on the first night and a finale on the last night where guests can team up with other players to defeat an infamous Disney villain. We are big fans of Disney games, especially games onboard Disney cruise ships, and we can’t wait to see where this one takes us!

Wishing Ever After Show

The final party on the Disney Wish is called “Wishing Ever After”  and is part of the last evening’s events, shown twice that evening. With the final lighting of the Wishing Star on the chandelier in the Grand Hall, all the Disney characters visit one last time in the main lobby with families looking to get their last photos and last bit of magic onboard.  

Lord Leopold on the Disney Wish Cruise

Disney Wish Final Kiss Goodnight

Shown exactly at Midnight in the Grand Hall, guests can see a lighting display take place in the ceiling and on the elements that crawl up the walls and across the balconies, culminating at the chandelier. Set to the twinkle sounds, this display is a must-see as it’s exclusive to the Disney Wish, and honors Cinderella. 

Disney Wish Review

Disney Wish Deck

The AquaMouse 

The Aqua Mouse is the first Disney attraction at sea! A 760-foot wild water ride will take you around the top deck of the Disney Wish.  The ride will feature Mickey and Minnie in “Scuba Scramble”. They’ve just started their own Excursion Company, appropriately named Port Misadventures, and they’re inviting you along to Mermaid Lagoon! What could go wrong, right? With show scenes, lighting, special effects, and more, this water ride will take you to the animated world of Mickey Mouse shorts. With twists, turns, and beautiful ocean views, the Aqua Mouse ends by bringing you to a lazy river. Plus, there is even a second original story, “Swiss Meltdown” featuring more of Mickey and Minnie you can watch through the nine portholes you’ll pass in your tube. With different animations, music, and lighting, it feels like a whole new ride! 

Games, Trivia, Bingo, Tastings, and More

Just like all Disney Cruises, the Disney Wish features a variety of fun activities you can do throughout the day. Players of Bingo can tackle the Bingo cards almost daily for a chance to win prizes and money. Meanwhile, there are other activities all over the boat, including a variety of Disney Trivia events, Towel Friends Classes, the Villians game and more. But maybe making your own apple strudel sounds like a chore. Perhaps, just aim for a wine tasting instead. The liqueur-based activities are for an additional fee, but for the most part, activities are free! 

Hero Zone Disney Wish Recreation

Hero Zone

Hero Zone is a multipurpose recreation space where futuristic imagination meets active play and is a great place to connect with the whole family in this sports arena. At times filled with the bouncy house challenge, and at others, a basketball court, this space also has an upper deck filled with foosball tables, chairs, and a hidden room with ping pong tables. In fact, you even catch Oogie Boogie on the Disney Wish hosting a villainous bash in Hero Zone. Be sure to explore this space while onboard. 

Fireworks at Sea

And of course, no cruise entertainment would be complete without fireworks! Thankfully, this nighttime display is still on the list of things to look forward to! Complete with specially composed music by the Budapest Orchestra and live accompaniment as well. 

Disney Wish Stage

Disney Wish Entertainment Theaters

The Grand Hall Stage

As part of the new entertainment options onboard the Disney Wish, performers, characters, and friends will take over the Grand Hall. The Grand Hall Stage will serve as a fun entertainment space throughout the day and night featuring Disney characters. As part of the main lobby space, this stage showcased the game ” Whose Behind the Curtain,” where guests can guess which Disney character may be hidden. It also served as the location for character meet and greets, Lord Leopold’s and Lady Lillian’s storytelling, and live music. 

Luna on the disney Wish


The Luna stage acts as the day-to-night hub for interactive shows. Showcasing family-friendly entertainment by day and a more upscale experience by night. Complete with a two-story screen, this is also where you can find Bingo and other large group activities on board. 

  • Villains Game Night” is a witty game show where guests will attempt to answer Disney trivia questions amid the jeers and sneers of nefarious Disney foes, including Cruella de Vil, Gaston, Hades, Maleficent and more, who will join on screen.
  • Disney Songbook” puts guests in the spotlight as they belt out Disney songs and showcase their star talent for a live camera crew, who will project each performance onto the big screen.

Walt disney Theater on the Disney Wish Cruise

Walt Disney Theatre

The main theater is Walt Disney Theater featuring Disney Wish Broadway Shows. Because you can’t mention wishes and not mention Genie himself, the Disney Wish theatre is set to add a reimagined Broadway production of Aladdin. The Walt Disney Theatre onboard the Disney Wish Cruise Ship will also feature two new original productions; The Little Mermaid and Disney Seas Adventure. These Broadway shows are held in the Walt Disney theatre, whose design is inspired by a magical forest. 

Wonderland and Neverland Movie Theaters

With exquisite attention to detail, these theaters take on a character of their own. The Wonderland Theater features Cheshire Cat inspiration, while the Neverland theater is all about Tinkerbell. These theaters provide you with more options than ever to watch classic and first-run films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and more. We always love the movie theaters onboard Disney Cruise, and these promise to be top-notch. 


Another mainstay of any Disney Cruise is the ability to watch Disney movies ALL DAY LONG up on deck on the FunnelVision screen. On the Disney Treasure, FunnelVision can be found on Deck 11, alongside Mickey’s Festival of Foods, and drink stations. Disney films like Sleeping Beauty, Wreck-it Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean are all part of the lineup on the big screen. Simply grab a chair, and settle in. For the most part, films run all day, with the exception of party or event times, and are a great reason to take a break and relax. 

Disney characters on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Disney Characters Onboard the Disney Wish

As with any Disney Cruise, you get the chance to not only see your favorite Disney characters in the deck shows but also meet them in the halls and at photo spots. Disney characters included on the Disney Wish were all the ones you would expect! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are all part of the fun. And princesses like Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Mulan showed up too! If you’re sailing for Halloween on the High Seas, you can also meet the Sanderson Sisters; Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle during your sail. 

Family Dining at Disney Wish Restaurants 

Disney Cruise Line is known for its amazing dining experiences. Whether you’ve experienced the Tangled restaurant on the Disney Magic or been to one of their adult-only restaurants like Palo or Remy on the Disney Fantasy, then you know that guests on Disney Cruise ships are always in for a treat, quite literally. And, like anyone, we live for these elevated dining experiences available to cruisers on the Disney Wish and we are so excited to see these come to life!

Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods: Sweet Minnie's Ice Cream, Daisy's Pizza Pies, Mickey's Smokestack Barbecue, Donald's Cantina, Goofy's Grill

Disney Wish Quick Service Restaurants

Marceline Market

Seasoned Disney Cruisers know that every Disney Cruise Ship currently has Cabanas onboard. That has changed with Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish. Instead of Cabanas, the Disney Wish debuts Marceline Market. The style of dining will remain the same, with food stations available for breakfast and lunch and table service for dinner. The theming, however, will look much different than Cabanas. Themed after Main Street U.S.A. this dining option pays tribute to Walt’s small-town life as a child. 

Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods

As with all of the Disney Cruise ships, there is a casual or quick-service restaurants as well. The Disney Wish quick service options include a brand new set of restaurants perfect for grabbing a bit whenever you need it. And there is also ice cream of course! 

Our BIGGEST surprise regarding the Festival of Foods was the food quality. Absolutely fantastic! Freshly made pizzas, a taco bar, freshly grilled burgers, and vegetarian options too. Here’s what you can find at each marketplace in the Festival of Foods on the Disney Wish. 

  • Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue: Serving up freshly made barbecue this place had ribs, pork, and fries. 
  • Donald’s Cantina: Think Chipotle, but better. This Taco bar offered a variety of meat and plant-based stuffings and toppings for tacos. A pretty long at this window, but worth the wait. 
  • Daisy’s Pizza Pies: Freshly made pizzas including Margherita, Cheese, and Pepperoni. Very good. Wood-Fired. 
  • Goofy’s Grill: A classic, this place includes burgers and fries and chicken sandwiches alongside everything you’d find at a cookout. 
  • Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream. The famous Disney Cruise ice cream is served to you by staff. You can grab a cone, a bowl in a variety of flavors. 

1923 Restaurant on the Disney Wish Ship

Disney Wish Rotational Dining Restaurants

One of Disney Cruise Line’s signature services is Rotational Dining on a Disney Cruise, which can sometimes get confusing. Guests can choose and are ultimately assigned a first or second seating. The First Seating is typically around 6:00 pm and the Second Seating is around 8:15 pm. Though these times can vary 15 minutes before or after this time. Once you know your seating, you’ll simply show up at the assigned restaurant at that time every night throughout your trip. Know that the evening showtimes are also at these times. So if you have a first seating assignment, your showtime will be later, and if you have a second seating your showtime will be earlier.

The restaurants included in the rotational dining on Disney Wish were 1923, Arendelle, and Marvel. As traditional table-service restaurants, these meals here are included in your Disney Cruise Vacation Package. Gratuities for dinner service, however, are not. As such you will be charged gratuities at the end of your cruise. Note that any breakfast or lunch meal you have at these restaurants does not generate gratuities on your bill. Therefore, feel free to check these restaurants’ schedules throughout your cruise if you hope to have a table-service breakfast or lunch. 

arendelle restaurant on the Disney Wish Cruise

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

For a premium dining experience and musical celebration, Arendelle, a Frozen Dining Adventure, is a restaurant featuring dinner and a show. This show features performances from Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff. The menu includes elegant dishes with Nordic influences and is perfectly themed to the wonder of Frozen.

1923 Walt disney Side


If classic Hollywood is a bit more your style, then you’re in luck. The Disney Wish debuts a new restaurant honoring where it all began, in 1923. This Disney Wish 1923 restaurant takes you back in time to the time period when Walt Disney Studios was founded. You are immersed in the early animation process via sketches and illustrations. 1923 features an elegant Hollywood-style menu inspired by a California fusion of cultural flavors.  There are two sides to the 1923 restaurant; the Walt Disney side and the Roy Disney side. Both sides are similar and open for breakfast as well as dinner. And if you’re up for it, it’s custom to put on your best 1920’s outfit to attend dinner here! The 1923 Restaurant is also on the newest cruise in the fleet, the Disney Treasure. 

Marvel Restaurant on Disney Wish Cruise

Worlds of Marvel Restaurant Avengers: Quantum Encounter Dining Experience

For our fellow Marvel fans, finally, a Marvel-themed restaurant! Worlds of Marvel is the first-ever Marvel Cinematic dining adventure.  This dining experience will transport you to an interactive world where a mission unfolds around you. You can expect global cuisines inspired by your favorite heroes. Foods are inspired by African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia, and New York City. And don’t be surprised if you get recruited by the Avengers to help complete the mission to help prevent an attack by a large seagull. 

Disney Wish Adult-Only Restaurants

The Adult Restaurants on Disney Wish are all themed to Beauty and the Beast; The Rose Lounge, Palo and Enchante bring more beauty than a beast to the decor, and all feature an 18+ age requirement to enter. Guests may only book ONE dinner in advance for Palo. However, if your Palo night is the first night of your cruise, you are able to make a second reservation at either Palo or Enchante on another night of your cruise. Check out the Signature Dining Reservation Window based on your  Castaway Club Status.

Disney WIsh Palo Steakhouse

Palo Steakhouse- Cogsworth Themed

This Adult Only signature restaurant onboard the Disney Wish is Palo. Offering a 270-degree oven view this restaurant has the best views on the ship. Featuring Northern Italian cuisine, this restaurant is considered a must-do for Disney Adult Cruisers at least once. Serving up a multi-course dinner, dessert, and champagne event, as well as a specialty brunch. Dinner at Palo is typically $70 per person for the prix fixe menu and $45 for brunch. Given the spectacular views, we recommend aiming for brunch or an early dinner hour so you can see all there is to see. Check out all the offerings available during your cruise at Palo Restaurant

The Disney Wish has a reimagined version of everyone’s favorite Adult-Only restaurant on the Disney Wish. Palo decor is inspired by Cogsworth and features Italian dining with a steakhouse atmosphere. Offering a steakhouse lineup of exquisite Italian dishes, steaks, Australian wagyu, and Japanese Kobe and Miyazaki beef. This restaurant serves the finest Italian wines and bold craft beers ­– The signature dessert at Palo is a fresh-to-order chocolate souffle, prepared with vanilla bean and chocolate sauces.

Disney Wish Enchante


The last Beauty and the Beast-themed adult-only restaurant is Enchante. Enchante premiers an elegant experience with a menu created by 3 Michelin-star chefs, Arnaud Lallement. Ocean views and international cuisine are all part of this upscale dining experience. In addition to dinner, Enchante also offers brunch and dessert seating. 

  • Champagne Brunch
    This Champagne brunch features a glass of bubbly and a French-inspired prix fixe meal—plus a decadent dessert.
  • Just Desserts
    Indulge in a 5-course dessert menu served with coffee. This adults-only event features an in-depth discussion with Enchanté’s Executive Chef and Pastry Chef, who will discuss the history and evolution of each sweet selection.

Hyperspace Lounge Disney Wish

Disney Wish Lounges and Night Clubs

A slew of Disney Lounges are available on the Disney Wish, each with its own theme and flavor. Featuring Disney Wish activities throughout the day, like trivia, bingo, crafts, and more, these spaces turn into Adult-Only ( 18+) areas at night. Offering up mixed drinks, and small plates for the taking. 

The Rose Lounge

For those who love a tale as old as time, the Disney Wish’s Rose Lounge has Beauty and the Beast-themed areas for adults. This champagne bar and lounge is at the entrance of Palo Steakhouse, which is a perfect place for a before or after-dinner cocktail. Elegance at its best, this lounge is perfect for the Beauty and the Beast fan. Or if you’re looking to get away for views of the ocean through the windows that surround this space. 

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge 

Star Wars fans can meander into the Hyperspace Lounge, specifically for adults. With panoramic views of the galaxy and out-of-this-world concoctions, the Hyperspace Lounge provides views of Tatooine, Batuu, and much more through a 20-foot wide window into space. This lounge features a high shine and gold detail a la Canto Bight casino. There is a maximum capacity limit but guests can simply press the green button at the door to enter. Our favorite drinks here were the Tatooine, The Temple Twist, and the Golden One. Check out all the details on the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge.

Keg & Compass

This pub recreates elements of adventure and romance on the high seas. Designed in the rustic style, this space takes its decor from a Norwegian sailor’s map and Norse seafaring communities of old. Live sports, news, and more will be shown here, among a bar filled with liquors, beers, and wines. 


Named after Cinderella’s cleaning song, Sing Sweet Nightingale, this piano bar is inspired by Cinderella! And will offer an extensive wine list, champagnes, and cocktails. Complete with all that glitters, this lounge will extend from the Grand Lobby and feature rose gold accents in the decor. Expect to find touches of Cinderella-inspired decor everywhere, even the carpet. This Disney Cruise Lounge is known for it’s “Ice Bubbles” drinks, and the live piano music you can enjoy throughout the cruise. 

The Bayou on the Disney Wish Cruise ship

The Bayou

Inspired by New Orleans and the Princess and the Frog, this lounge includes decor filled with magnolia blossoms, lily pads, and magical lighting that looks like fireflies. Centrally located, this place will offer cocktails, specialty coffees, signature beignets, and live music. Be sure to grab the signature drink “The Hurricane,” during your visit. Family activities like crafts and trivia take place here during the day, so be sure to grab some beignets to keep your energy up!

Triton Lounge 

Located on Deck 5, this lounge space is where you go for Disney Cruise activities, like cooking classes, tastings, and more. Note, this space is TINY! If you’re hoping to attend trivia or any group activity in Triton Lounge, we recommend getting there early to grab a seat. Many guests just stay from one activity to the next, so it’s not the best place to hold events that need larger seating spaces. 

Cove Cafe Disney Fantasy Cruise Coffee Shop
Coffee Places on the Disney Wish Cruise

Coffee Places on the Disney Wish

Thankfully, there is no shortage of coffee on the Disney Wish. Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of joe or something with a little more kick, here are the places to find Coffee on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Wishing Star Cafe on the Disney Wish

Wishing Star Cafe

Located on Deck 4 between the Untangled Salon and Hook’s Barbery, the Wishing Star Cafe features a variety of espressos, coffee cocktails, and more. Themed to Jiminy Cricket, this cafe even has coffee art! So plan your morning lattes, and get your coffee punch card so you can work your way towards that free drink by the end of your cruise. 

Enchanted Sword Cafe

Themed to the Sword and the Stone, this coffee cafe is located on Deck 5 just off The Grand Hall and offers up enchanting cocktails and coffees. This cafe shares the same menu as Wishing Star Cafe. You can take a look at the coffee menus on the Disney Wish, for an inside look at what to expect.  This cafe tended to have much shorter lines than Wishing Star on our cruise, so be sure to check both locations if the lines are long. 

Cove Cafe

Found near the Quiet Cove infinity pool is the Cove Cafe. This adult-only coffee shop is themed to Moana and has a Polynesian flair that is sure to cheer up any morning on the deck. This place gets busy in the mornings, so plan for that if you’re adding this to your daily routine.  It can also only be accessed from the outside, so keep that in mind if you are sailing in inclement weather. 

Marceline Market Coffee Counter

The cafe inside Marceline Market is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. We actually stumbled upon it by accident as its slightly hidden in plain sight. Located in between the two sides of Marceline Market, this cafe serves up specialty coffees as well as bar menu items like mimosas and cocktails. There is a seating area for the cafe here as well, but on our cruise, we noticed it was usually being used by people eating their meals, so it doesn’t have that cafe feel like some of the other coffee spots do. The cafe inside Marceline Market is currently only open during time periods when Marceline is open for breakfast and lunch, making it a less convenient option. 

Other Places to get Coffee on the Disney Wish

Aside from the 3 main coffee shops onboard the Disney Wish, you can also grab a morning latte at a couple of other places as well! The Bayou offers coffee drinks during the morning portion of their service, around noon. And The Lookout on deck 11 is equipped with a full coffee bar as well. This makes finding your caffeine fix an easy task. You can also get free coffee from both room service and the drink fountain station on deck 11. 

Inside out Joyful Sweets on Disney Cruise

Disney Wish Shops

One of our favorite Disney Wish activities is shopping onboard, and these shops include all-new Disney Wish merchandise, alongside unique shopping experiences you can’t find anywhere else. 

The Joyful Sweets Sweet Shop

The Joyful Sweets Sweet Shop is inspired by Inside Out and features a variety of decadent desserts, and treats honoring all our emotions. You can create edible Memory Orbs of your very own, as you create new memories onboard. Also available at Joyful Sweets, you can grab 40 plus flavors of gelato and ice cream. And of course, you can count on cupcakes too, featuring the Pixar Inside Out characters. As the specialty shop onboard, this is similar to Sweet on You aboard the Disney Fantasy. 

Shops on the disney Wish Cruise

Treasures Untold

One of these shops, Treasures Untold, will be your go-to destination for signature Disney Cruise Line collectibles, including our largest selection of Pandora Jewelry ever, plus limited-time Artist Spotlight collections and guest-favorite Dooney & Bourke handbags. Here you can find jewelry, perfumes, and high-end merchandise. 

Mickey’s Mainsail

This Disney Cruise Line mainstay gift shop is filled with Disney Cruise Line-themed souvenirs and gifts, plus even more, Disney Wish exclusives from Loungefly and other favorite brands. Plan to grab your Disney Cruise magnets, pins, mugs, and anything else you may need at Mickey’s Mainsail.

Dory’s Forget-Me-Knots

This shop is for everything you need but perhaps have forgotten! Dory’s Forget-Me-Knots will feature swimwear, water-play gear, and fun graphic tees inspired by favorite Disney stories. For a small shop, we were highly impressed here and wished we would have found it sooner. Complete with graphic tees to help commemorate your trip, you can’t find these items at Mickey’s Mainsail. Be sure to stop. And thanks to cast member Jackson for showing us around on our visit. 

Disney Wish Cruise Activities for Kids

Disney Wish Activities for Kids

Some of the most exciting news to come out of the Disney Wish is everything the ship will have for kids! Learn more about Disney Youth Clubs on a Disney Cruise. 

Disney Wish Kids Club Open House

Available once per cruise, Adults can explore these spaces onboard the ship at a designated time, found in the Disney Navigator section of the Disney Cruise App. If you’re hoping to check out these spaces, you only get one chance! 

“it’s a small world” nursery

If you need childcare on your cruise you can reserve time at the “It’s a small world” nursery. This care place is filled with activities and fun to keep your little one occupied and safe while you enjoy other things onboard. Read More about the Disney Cruise Nursery.

The Disney Oceaneer Club | Ages 3- 10

The Disney Oceaneer Club has always been a great way for kids to learn and explore with Disney Cruise Cast members. And now, it’s getting an upgrade! The new Disney Oceaneer Club will have a secret entrance into the club for kids only! Kids can slide from the main lobby to their destination! Home to several areas, here is the lineup of what children can find in the Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship. 

  • Star Wars Cargo Bay: Get ready for a Star Wars Creature Challenge! This area gets kids in the action by teaching them to become creature handlers so they can learn to manage some mischievous animals from across the galaxy! Rey and Chewbacca assist in rescuing this ship from destruction. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Marvel Academy is also part of the kids club and will offer superhero training and more! Our favorite characters expected to be part of the action include Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Wasp. 
  • Walt Disney Imagineering Lab: The kids club on the Disney Wish will also feature an interactive lab that allows kids to see the world of Imagineers. Kids can even design and virtually ride their own roller coaster! Using elements of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and Matterhorn Bobsleds, kids can get up close and personal with their favorite rides for inspiration. When finished they can even take a virtual ride in a specially designed capsule that mimics the real ride! 
  • Fairytale Hall: And Fairytale Hall will feature Rapunzel’s Art Studio, Belle’s Library, and Anna and Elsa’s Summerhus. There is so much coming to the Disney Wish for kids, they’ll never want to leave! The kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line ships are always top-notch, and well worth the visit. Parents can tag along to see all the fun at any Open House throughout the cruise. 
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Captain’s Deck: This nautical playground includes Minnie’s Captain Academy, a signature experience where kids can learn about the skip, and take part in games, dances, and drills. Educational, this activity aligns with STEAM principles.

Disney Teen and Tween Disney Wish

Disney Wish Activities for Tweens and Teens

The newest spaces to be revealed on the Disney Wish, are all about tweens and teens. With programming to add to the fun, activities, dance, and treats, here are all the things you can find on the Disney Wish. 

Edge | Ages 11-14

This tween space for 11-14-year-olds is inspired by a chic New York City Loft. This space lends to solo gaming and movie watching, and includes a soda bar! Let your tween chart their own destiny in this Disney Cruise Club for tweens. Edge offers up a place to watch movies, play games, get creative, and make new friends. Equipped with all the tech, TVs, and video games you need to have fun if your tween wants to take part.  Edge Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am. 

Vibe | Ages 14- 17

For teens ready to take it up a notch, this space is inspired by a Parisian artists’ loft and geared towards teens ages 14-17. Decorated with pop art, graffiti, and travel posters, this space is hangout-worthy and picture-ready for all your social media feeds. This lounge space for teens is perfect for hanging out, having fun, and even making smoothies.  Teens 14-17 will have plenty to do if they’re ready to make friends and take part. Vibe features a coffee bar, and a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages to keep them going all day and offers counselors on hand to oversee the fun. Vibe Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am

The Hideaway

The newest space for tweens and teens, and young adults and exclusive to the Disney Wish, is The Hideaway. This space transforms spaces to offer teen hangouts, tween activities, and even a special space for 18-20 year-olds. The Hideaway includes a dance floor, a smoothie bar, and disco ball lights. Check out even more details on Disney Parks Blog. 

1820 Society | Ages 18-20

Rather underground, the 1820 Society offers young cruisers aged 18-20 the opportunity to get together for activities. While not heavily published and with no designated space, this group’s meet-ups are often available on the Disney Navigator App. Lead by a single cast member, activities like photo scavenger hunts, or meet-ups at the Lounges during the day are all on the menu for this group. Trivia, Karaoke, Games, and Silent Disco are also offered throughout the cruise to keep these young adults involved. If sailing to Castaway Cay the group also takes part in group activities like biking, and volleyball. Be on the lookout in the app for times to meet up, and check with a Cast Member once onboard for details on registering. 

Disney Cruise Kids Pools

Disney Wish Pools

No cruise would be complete without a plethora of pools aboard the ship! Consisting of multiple “pool districts” the Disney Wish boasts several pools throughout the boat for kids and adults. 

Quiet Cove Pool

Part of the Disney Adult Only Area, this pool is located at the back of the ship, alongside Cove Cafe, a Moana-inspired cafe. And features an infinity pool with spectacular views. 

Toy Story Pool

This pool for toddlers and small children includes a splash zone, a wading pool, and Slide a Saurus Rex Family Waterslide. 

Chip and Dale’s Pool

This secluded family pool on Deck 14 is the first of its kind and offers a less hectic family pool experience. Perfect for families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle while still enjoying amazing views from the highest point on the ship.  

Toy Story Splash Zone Disney Wish

Toy Story Splash Zone

A new Splash Zone themed to Toy Story will be a great spot for little ones to play and cool off. Featuring Buzz, Woody, and all our favorite Toy Story characters, this water play area faces the adult deck and Currents above. Perfect for lounging and letting the kids play while on board. 

Jaq and Gus Gus on the Disney Wish Cruise

Disney Wish Facts

When was the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish set sail with its Maiden voyage set for July 14, 2022. 

When was the Disney Wish Cruise Ship Christening?

The Disney Wish christening was held on June 29th, 2022 streamed live from Port Canaveral on a variety of Disney’s social media accounts at 11 AM EST. 

Who is the Godmother to the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish debuts by honoring Godchildren, instead of a Godmother. Upon setting sail, Disney Wish honors all the Make-A-Wish as Godchildren of the Disney Wish. This is the first time in Disney Cruise history that children are recognized for this important role. Christening the ship and bestowing good fortune on the ship itself, and all who sail her. Read more about the Make-A-Wish Godchildren to the Disney Wish. 

What Character is on the Bow of the Disney Wish Cruise Ship?

While hardly seen when at the port, Captain Minnie can be found on the bow of the Disney Wish Cruise Ship. 

What Character is on the Stern of the Disney Wish Cruise Ship?

Rapunzel and Pascal from the Disney classic Tangled appear on the stern of the Disney Wish Cruise Ship. 

How Big is the Disney Wish Cruise Ship?

The Disney Wish is slightly larger than the Disney Fantasy and Dream ships, includes 14 decks, with room for 4000 passengers, and includes a variety of stateroom choices. 121 Inside Staterooms, 133 Outside Staterooms, 185 Ocean View Staterooms, and 948 Verandah Staterooms, including 21 suites. 

Is the Disney Wish Cruise Ship Environmentally Friendly?

This Disney Cruise Ship is powered by liquefied natural gas and is more environmentally friendly due to the use of this clean-burning fuel. 

Castaway Cay disney Fantasy Cruise

Disney Wish Ports of Call

Where does the Disney Wish Cruise Ship Sail?

For now, the Disney Wish will be sailing out of Port Canaveral to the Caribbean, with stops at Castaway Cay, and the Bahamas. You can check this link for the Disney Wish itineraries and prices! And to find out more about these Disney Wish Locations.

polkadotsandpixiedust.com nassau bahamas


Primarily sailing to the Bahamas, the Disney Wish offers 3 and 4-night itineraries that include Castaway Cay. The first cruise for many Disney Cruisers, the Bahamas is an easy destination to experience. It’s not too far, is a budget-friendly Disney Cruise, and doesn’t require much. Complete with a few beaches, and Bahamians selling their wares, there are a few things to do at Nassau. As a result of our fairly unorganized vacation to Nassau Bahamas, we have a few tips for a Disney Cruise to Nassau Bahamas. The big one is, to book the excursions. While this little port town offers up a couple of nearby sites, like shops, a pirate museum, and a beach, it’s still foreign enough for you to wonder why you got off the boat if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to read up on our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas Review so you have a feel for what to expect. 

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney’s Private Island, and luckily, is on the Disney Fantasy itinerary as a port of call for a whole day! By far one of our favorite stops on any Disney Cruise. With things like snorkeling, bike riding, and inner-tubing, there is plenty to do on your Castaway Cay day. You can also book excursion packages for boating, water bikes, and other special activities. Check out our Castaway Cay Guide to get an idea of everything you can do on the island. 

Castaway Cay Disney Cruise

Is a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish Worth It?

While we’re cheerleaders for any Disney Cruise, the Disney Wish itself is a little pricier and may or may not warrant your extra Disney dollars. On a Typical 4-night Cruise for 2 people to the Bahamas which includes a stop at Castaway Cay, here’s the average cost. 

  • Inside Stateroom: Starting at $2243
  • Oceanview Stateroom: Starting at $2507
  • Verandah Stateroom: Starting at $2803
  • Concierge-level Stateroom: Starting at $5843

For us, there are many pros to staying on the Disney Wish. To start, it’s a beautiful boat, with loads of amenities, activities and top-notch entertainment. Is it “better” than other Disney Cruise ships? No, in fact we came away from our Disney Wish experience with an appreciation for the other boats a little bit more. We missed walking on a seamless Deck 4. And lamented the lack of cozy deck 5 seating and the specialty pastry case at the coffee shops. We didn’t love the looping “Disney Wish timepiece” that played on funnel vision and longed for the nonstop Disney movies we know and love. And even as avid stair walkers, we missed the convenience of the midship elevators.

For us, the Disney Wish is a magical experience, but it is not our favorite boat. But for those with kids who need nonstop entertainment, there is plenty of that here. Everyone will have a different opinion. But if you’re up against a Disney Cruise or a Disney Wish Cruise, know that all the ships are worth it. And if you’re saving your pennies, a Disney Cruise on any ship will do just fine. 

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Guide

There you have it. Everything you can find on Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Wish! From amazing dining to entertainment and new spaces, there is tons of fun to be had on this boat. We’re sharing even more details in our Top 10 Ways that the Disney Wish is Different from Other Disney Cruise Ships and our Disney Wish Cruise Ship Review. Hopefully, this helps you decide if this Disney boat is perfect ( or not) for your next vacation. 

Disney Wish Cruise Ship has tons of new details! From everything about the boat to plans for sailing in 2022. Here is everything you need to know about the Disney Wish Cruise Boat! #disneywishcruise #disneycruise #polkadotpixies

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