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We are Rochelle and Melanie, sisters with a passion for all things Disney, Travel, Holidays and Food! You’ll see all that here on the blog. Check out this page for everything we do! 

How it all started.

We had been going to Walt Disney World once a year for the last few years right around Halloween, which was cheaper thanks to the free Disney dining plan that usually pops up around that time, and thought- geez wouldn’t it be great if we could be here more. See, nothing feels like Disney. The energy of the place is literally joyful.

So, in 2014 we decided to just start travelling more. Easy Decision. Not necessarily easy to implement. We had to get really crafty and resourceful to make this work financially. We both have jobs and Melanie has a daughter, little G, who comes everywhere with us. We’re also part of a ginormous family so have loads of birthdays, and family obligations that also take up time.  Melanie and I have six brothers and sisters ( 8 kids in all) and were raised by a single mom. Being Italian, we still do family dinners on Sundays, make a huge deal out of big and small holidays and play board games, test recipes, talk loud and actually like being with family. So our lives are really really full.

But we knew that travel was something we needed to start making time for, because life shouldn’t just be lots of working and some weekends, so we made the decision to travel more, rearranged some priorities and what ended up happening was we somehow made it work! We’d take a little vacation here, a weekend there and Disney when we could.

Because we’re thrifty, resourceful and want to pack as much awesome as possible into these mini-vacations, we’d research A LOT! We’d know where the best coffee was, how to get to the prettiest waterfalls, and the hours of the best shops in town.

But reading a happy post about Yosemite and actually doing Yosemite are two different things. In Blog Land people rarely talk about the horrible parts of the vacation or that you should definitely just spring for the more expensive room without bugs. This isn’t specific to just travel. Seeing the cute DIY post on Mickey Ears written by someone who has sewn all their life is terribly unhelpful when you’re still trying to figure out the glue gun.

This is why we started this blog and our travel blog- daytrips and daydreams , because integrity is important and since some of you out there actually plan on trying that DIY project, recipe or vacation we’re talking about we want you to know the good and the bad so you’re ready to tackle it on your own.

While there will definitely be some bumps and bruises along the way we will do our best to show you what worked and what didn’t. 

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