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Hey there! Welcome to our #disneysquad. We are Melanie and Rochelle, sisters with a passion for all things Disney, Travel, and Coffee. We look for amazing experiences, spectacular food and instagram-worthy scenes and style.

Growing our own shop and vacation blog has taught us a few things about what millennials, young professionals and young families respond to. They look to a like-minded community to help them with their purchases and vacation planning. Their ultimate goal is to find someone they can trust and recommend to others. We offer community through our socials, newsletters, and blog and engage daily.

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Where We Are.

These are the industries we work in to share reviews, opinions, and promote our favorite things.


At present we’re focused on Disney vacations and Florida travel.  Our vacationers like anything Disney, resort towns, foodie vacations, and beaches, so we’re expanding our work to include vacations and getaways in Florida to meet these needs. Resorts, restaurants, hotels, attractions and tours are reviewed regularly. If you have something you want to promote feel free to email. In general we accept in-kind compensation. If there is a larger project or movement you have in mind, please reach out.

Style and Fashion:

We currently promote our own brand alongside other small shops as well as brands that carry our loyalty. We are professional writers, photo stylers, designers and photographers and often include multiple items in our photos. If you are a company that would like to be featured solo in one of our posts, just email and let us know your terms.


Want us to try and review a certain restaurant or foodie experience? We are cooks, bakers and foodie critics and love sharing gorgeous photos of our favorite meals and restaurants.

food reviews at

What We Do.

For any engagement with a company or product we, at minimum, share a review on our blog, design and post 3 pins connecting back to the review, design content as needed for the company’s own social account to share at their leisure, post on instagram, and add to our twitter and facebook page accounts.

Do you have something that needs attention? We can help. Whether its more visits to your resort, more visits to your town, or more sales for a certain product we are quickly building trust, loyalty and a community across industries.

If you are interested in working with us or would like to request our media kit, please reach out via email at polkadotpixiedust (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks! And best of luck in your work!

-Rochelle & Melanie

Causes We Support

Due to the large amount of help currently required for just about everyone and everything, we’ve narrowed down our focused support to the following causes. A portion of our shop sale profits go to these organizations.

The Planet

Wildlife & Conservation

Hunger, Poverty, Employment


Animals and Pets


Thanks for stopping by! As always reach out if you want to connect!