Animator’s Palate Restaurant Review

Animator’s Palate Restaurant Review

When taking a cruise, one of the most important things to consider is where you’ll be eating! Whether it’s onboard the ship, on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, or at the port, food plays a very big part of the vacation experience. Thankfully, Disney Cruise Line has some of the best restaurants around. And we’d thought we’d review the one you’ll find on every ship, Animator’s Palate. Animators Palate Restaurant can be found on Disney Magic, Fantasy, Wonder, and Dream Cruises. As the Disney Cruise Restaurant showcasing Disney animation, it’s no surprise we find this restaurant on Disney’s original cruise fleet. Here’s everything you need to know about this dining experience with Disney Cruise Line. 

Which Disney Cruise Ships has Animator’s Palate?

Found on the Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, and Wonder, this Disney Cruise Line restaurant honors Disney animation. From hand-drawn sketches on the walls to moving artwork on television screens. Across the restaurant, you can get a look at the way Disney animation is made while you dine. 


Every Disney Cruise Line restaurant is spectacular. as each restaurant has its own look and feel, it was no surprise that Animator’s Palate brings animation to the forefront. The dining room can easily go from reds, showcasing Big Hero six animations, to browns, featuring Lady and the Tramp. You’ll even find purples and blues highlighting Sorcerer Mickey and more. Accents with Mickey chairs, colored pencils, paintbrushes, and tabletop paint buckets are part of the décor you’ll see here. Be sure to take it all in, because it’s absolutely beautiful. This restaurant is part of the Disney Cruise Dining Rotation, therefore, depending on how long your cruise you may experience the restaurant more than once. 

Dinner Shows

Some restaurants onboard Disney Cruises like Tiana’s Place and Rapunzel’s Royal Table come with actual dinner shows. But, without a stage, Animator’s Palate brings dinner shows to life on the walls instead. Through a series of screens, you can watch cartoons, a piece of animation come to life, and your favorite characters happen upon their favorite scenes. Each cruise ship shows a certain “dinner show”, per se. Check out the versions of the show you may see on your next cruise. This is dependent on which boat you sail and how long your stay. 

Drawn to the Magic

Everyone’s favorite sorcerer, Mickey Mouse walks through the history of pencil art to ink and paint in this show complete with the colorful art found in Fantasia.  With storytelling filling the room, watch for the colors to change from colorful to black and white and back again. It truly is a beautiful show that uses moving images and lighting to evoke the most magical of feelings.  (Shown on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder)

Animation Magic

Ever want to see your art on the big screen? Or a small screen framed by a picture frame? Well at Animator’s Palate you’re given the chance to draw to hearts delight while enjoying your meal . Because in Animation Magic guests can draw their own artwork and have it become part of the animated show!  ( Shown on Disney Fantasy and cruises more than 7 nights on the Disney Magic)

Undersea Magic

And if you’re ready to go under the Big Blue Sea then this dinner show at Animator’s Palate may be your ticket! In Undersea Magic guests get the chance to see Finding Nemo characters via digital animation, have a conversation with Crush, and explore the Finding Nemo story. ( Shown on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy)

Animator’s Palate Menu

Serving dinner Animator’s Palate offers a variety of Pacific Island foods, Asian cooking, and California-inspired dishes. Bringing fresh options to the table you’ll have a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from. As with any Disney Cruise, all meals are included, though some alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks may be excluded.


Appetizers at Animator’s Palate include smoked salmon tartare, wild mushroom risotto, black truffle pasta purseittes, taleggio cheese flatbreads, polenta cake, Portobello mushrooms or butternut squash soup. 

Main Courses

Entrees at Animator’s Palate are varied for both meat and plant eaters and appropriate for both kids and adults. Main courses include Pacific black cod, lemon-thyme marinated chicken breast, Angus beef tenderloin or white shrimp pennette pasta. Stir-fry vegetables,  black bean chipotle cakes are also available as well as a full kids menu!


As part of this three-course meal, you can grab decadent desserts that are the perfect way t top off a great meal. Crème brulee, peanut butter mousse and classic ice-cream sundaes await.

Wines, after-dinner liqueurs, dessert wines, and specialty drinks can be added to your meal for an additional cost.

Check out the full menu for the  Animators Palate Restaurant to get yourself ready for your cruise. 

Animators Palate on Disney Cruise Line Restaurant Review

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