Uplifting Disney Graduation Gifts For Students

Uplifting Disney Graduation Gifts For Students

Do you need Disney Graduation Gifts for your graduate? Whether they’re graduating high school or college, we just had to pull together a bunch of our favorite things we wished we would have gotten as grads. Stuff we’re now using hard-earned job dollars to buy ourselves! While a Disney gift may not be as exciting as a new car, a trip to Europe, or an undisclosed amount of money you’re coughing up for your loved one… it is a heck of a whole lot cheaper. Help them transition to their new more grown-up selves by grabbing a fun, lighthearted gift that reminds them of childhood and lets them know you’ll always be there, with a Disney movie to guide them.

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disney graduate gifts for the disney graduate

Disney Spirit Jersey Shirts

If you haven’t jumped on the Disney Spirit Jersey craze, don’t worry! This is an easy trend to get behind. And if you’re buying one of these classic jerseys for your graduate, know that they’re a little oversized with drop sleeves. And come with both Walt Disney World and Disneyland options. Perfect for the college-bound Disney kid, and even the Disney Mom! One of the more personal Disney Graduation Gifts, you can Shop all Disney Spirit Jerseys on shopDisney


Disney Bags and Purses

Whether you’re going big or small, every graduate needs a new tote, backpack or purse to help them take this next step. Stick a gift card in a cute Disney wallet or a new toothbrush in an overnight bag for when they come home on the weekends. Whatever you’re fancy, one of these Disney bags should work for your grad. And be sure to shop the whole collection of Disney bags, including Disney Dooney and Bourke Bags, on shopDisney. 

Disney Travel Gear 

Maybe your grad is going abroad and needs something more “practical.” Or maybe they just need to be inspired to see the world. Whatever your motive, we like this Disney Travel gear best to help get the message across. Whatever you choose, check out the luggage, totes, beach bags, and travel bags at shopDisney too. Of all the Disney Graduation Gifts, if you have a Disney theme parks fan, sensible travel gear is a must. 

Disney Gifts for Disney Fans Journals

Disney Journals and Books

If you’re buying for a think-y graduate better get them a few Disney journals and books to help guide them through this next stage of life. And grab one of our favorite advice books, courtesy of Disney stories, or Walt Disney’s biography to inspire some greatness.  Or maybe they just need some Life Hacks to get them to the next level?  Check out all the books they could ever want for their own Disney Bookshelf at shopDisney.com.  


Disney Movie Collection

One of the first things I did when I moved out of my parent’s house was join the Disney Movie Club . With siblings still at home, no one was going to be o.k. with me taking all of our Disney movies to my new apartment. Nevertheless, I knew there was going to be some drama, breakup, or sick day that would require a Disney movie. Surely you know your grad’s favorite and can gift them a Disney movie to get their own collection started. Or grab them Disney Plus subscription so they have everything they need anywhere, anytime! 

Disney Decor 

Whether it’s a new home or a dorm room, nothing compares to having something that reminds your grad of family in their new space. Something Disney to add to their new lives makes everything more fun, so whether you cooked together, lounged together, traveled together, or just sat with cocoa and talked… surely there is something you can grab that will be a happy reminder of your times together. 


Disney Graduation shirts

Disney Clothes, PJ’s and Bling

If your grad isn’t quite settled or still wondering what’s next, grab them something they can bring with them. A nice piece of jewelry, a new pair of pj’s, or something fun to add to their wardrobe. We have loads of fun Disney shirts in our shop at polkadotpixieshop.com to choose from, but check out these other options too. And check out all the jewelry options on shopDisney. As Disney Graduation Gifts, something meaningful from their favorite movie, even if it’s just a t-shirt, can brighten their day, and make all those future decisions, seem less daunting. 

disney vacation shirts for families and disney vacation shirts

Disney Collectibles

And we’ve saved the best for last. The best part of graduating anything and moving on is that while many things change and new adventures await, there is always some stability- some things that don’t change. No matter where your grad is off to next, make this accomplishment marked by something special. A token, something they can collect and keep and look forward to. Even something as small as a stuffed animal that can be repeated with each new milestone will help them feel positive and hopeful about the future and all the new milestones yet to come. We love Disney mugs as a great gift too. 

Disney Graduation Gifts for Disney Fans

Disney Graduation Gifts

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas of meaningful Disney Graduation Gifts you can get your Disney-loving Grad that doesn’t cost an arm and leg and would still be just as fun and meaningful to commemorate their big next step. If you’re looking for something a little grand, but less expensive than a car, you can also always grab a Walt Disney World Annual Pass or a Disneyland Annual Pass. If your grad is longing for experiences, a pass to Disney Parks is sure to be an amazing surprise. Whatever graduation gifts you choose is perfect, nonetheless. Hopefully this Disney Graduation Gifts guide has helped give you some great ideas. 

Check out these Disney gifts for the Graduate. Whether they're graduating highschool or college, they've got some big dreams that will need fed, watered and clothed! Get them what they need to start adulting! #polkadotpixies #disneygifts #graduationgifts #disneygraduate #disneycollege

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