Disney All Star Music Resort Review

Disney All Star Music Resort Review

The Disney All-Star Value Resorts are, for many, the first experience had at a Walt Disney World Resort.  They are cheaper, available more often, have suites for larger families, multiple pools, and oh, did we mention cheaper? The first time we visited Disney we stayed at the All Star Music Hotel, and nothing could have been more magical. We stayed in the country music building, and while none of us really liked country music, it didn’t even seem to matter because we were at Disney! Here are all of our reasons to love ( and maybe not love) the All Star Music Resort experience. Here is our Disney all star music resort review to help you make the best resort decision for your next trip.

All Star Music Resort at Walt Disney world

Disney Resort All Star Music Details

  • Disney All Star Music Resort Address: 1801 W Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. 
  • All Star Music Resort Check In Time: 11:00 AM
  • All Star Music Resort Check Out Time: 3:00 PM
  • Transportation: Complimentary Disney Bus service to all four parks, water parks and Disney Springs. 
  • Disney All Star Music Resort Prices: $100-400/ night, $220/ night average. Check out the Walt Disney World Resort Tiers Levels and Pricing Guide for all the Disney Resort Levels. 
  • Disney All Star Music Room Types: Standard, Preferred, Family Suites
  • Disney All Star Music Pool Hours: 10 AM to 11 PM

Disney’s All Star Music Resort is part of the Value Resorts Category at Disney World. As such, they are cheaper, but filled with all the amenities you could hope for in a Disney Resort. From pools, to a gift shop, a food court, and Disney theming, we’ll share what you get a value resort, and what to know about Disney All Star Music.  

What Do You Get at a Disney Value Resort?

We’ve written about the All-Stars Value Resorts before, but are they for everyone? What are you getting or not getting for paying the lower price? Check out our Disney Resort Pricing Levels post if you’re confused about the breakdown of “hotel levels and pricing. Luckily, we’ll break this down for you so you can make your own call on your next, first, or only Disney resort experience. Know that we’re diving into some feelings on this review… but overall, this is a decent Disney Resort that may be a good fit for your next Disney Vacation. As with all Disney World hotels, All Star Music offers good rooms, and complimentary Disney transportation. Read on for our reviews on Disney All Star Music Resort.

All Star Music Resort at Disney World

Disney’s All-Star Music Atmosphere

The All-Star Music Resort, alongside the other value resorts ( All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies), is considered the quintessential Disney vacation experience. Much like any National Lampoons Vacation, you and your family will all pile into an average-sized room with way too much luggage and only a curtain separating the sink from the room. Mornings will be raucous and you’ll wish you were at the Grand Floridian Resort instead. Later you’ll fight the crowds in the food court. Try to ignore the numerous families fighting at the pool. And, if you’re unlucky you’ll be sharing the resort with a high school band. Or a dance team. And maybe even a Toddlers in Tiaras group and some spring breakers.

As the cheapest resorts on property Disney Value Resorts are often the ones most groups and schools book throughout the entire year. Keep in mind this may also mean you and your family will be subject to witnessing questionable clothing choices. Vulgar language. And other things you may not think fit for public consumption. While these issues can arise at any resort, we do find them more often at the value resorts. This is the plight of the Disney All Star Music Resort Hotel. 

All Star Music Resort Desk Lo bby

A Whole New World at All-Star Music

The affordability of the resort brings all kinds of people and experiences, but not necessarily bad ones. As a first-time vacationer or if you’re traveling with children/tweens/teens…this sort of real-life experience could build some much-needed character. Not to mention soft skills they can use in life later on. They can order food on their own, figure out how much their food will cost, wait their turn at the drink station, and clean up their trays when they’re finished.

If you, however, already have enough character an All-Stars Music vacation may just test your nerves. Have you considered a second or third job to support a Disney Moderate Resort experience in the future? While the Disney music all star resort is perfect for groups, families, and getting to Disney on a budget, if you’re looking for a vacation feeling, this may not be it. 

This Resort is a little like Camping…

Reviews for Disney All Star Music Resort may not all include references to camping, but hear us out. While you’re not camping and are actually at a bonafide Disney resort with top-notch ratings, this resort sort of feels a little like camping. People are everywhere in the outdoor spaces. The pool is packed most of the time. You’ll bond with other guests in the laundry building because families staying here often have young children. And you may fight off a cold and take loads of vitamin C alongside all the other folks who didn’t do the week’s worth of Emergencee prior to their vacation. Plus, you’ll be trying to figure out if just ordering the in-room pizza is cheaper than going all the way back up to the food court for dinner. (P.S. It is.., and the tip is built into the charge.).

..And a little like being at an all-night party

And just like everyone else at this resort, you’ll all be up late still filling your refillable mugs at the drink machines for one last drink before bed.  All while the music plays throughout the resort as the soundtrack to your vacation.

This resort always feels like a party, whether you’re up for it or not. Just as there are times when we are up for the Disney chaos, there are definitely times when we’d rather be on a quiet beach somewhere. Thankfully Disney offers all sorts of resort experiences so we can pick and choose depending on the kind of vacation we need.

All Star Music Disney Rooms

All Star Music Resort Beds

All Star Music Bathrroms

Disney’s All-Star Music Rooms

The All Star Music resort in Florida, features rooms are decorated in a classic Disney theme. Characters playing instruments adorn the walls, and just like any other resort room you’ll get your basic dresser, TV, table with two chairs, and coat rack. There are a few options for rooms here. Check out the All-Star Music Room Options and Prices. 

All-Star Music Standard Room includes

  • Views of the Courtyard, Pool or Parking Area   
  • Sleeps 4

All-Star Music Preferred Room includes 

If you’re interested in a Disney all star music preferred room, this gets you closer to the main building, including the food court, gift shop and bus stops. Running at about $25 more per night, here are the details of what you get in an All Star Music Resort preferred room. 

  • Views of the Courtyard, Pool or Parking Area
    Close to Melody Hall, Dining, Shopping and Transportation
  • Sleeps 4

Disney All Star Music Suites offers sleeping arrangements for up to 6 people, and is a good way to get the extra space, without paying for an extra room. However, if you’re considering the family suites at all star music, be sure to double check room prices as well. Since two rooms may actually be cheaper than a suite during certain times of year. Here are all the things you get with the family suites at all star music resort and the all star music resort family suite layout so you can go prepared. 

  • Views of the Pool, Courtyard or Parking Area

Hey Disney at Disney World Resorts AI Hey Alexa at Disney

What we LOVE about All-Star Music Rooms

Here are a couple of things we loved about the resort rooms at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. 

Large Picture Window: This may sound trivial, but every Disney pro vacationer knows the importance of decorating your resort window. You could hang lights, line up stuffed animals, make picture cutouts, anything. The holiday resort window decorations get way more elaborate so be sure to pack a little something extra for your window if you stay here.

Housekeeping and Towel Friends: A major perk of the All-Star Resorts is that they have the largest housekeeping staff on the property. Since they are technically the busiest resorts. This, however, also means that you can usually depend on a pretty regular housekeeping service and special fun like your rags and towels created into cute Mickey creations. We haven’t seen too many towel friends at the higher-end resorts, so this is still a major plus for this resort.

“Hey Disney” at Disney Resorts: All Disney Resorts are equipped with the new Alexa enabled system, Hey Disney! This little device allows you to play Disney Trivia, as well as contact Guest Services as needed. You can order more linens, and contact housekeeping, or report a problem with your room. While we didn’t use this little device too much during our vacation, it’s a great addition to help you feel more supported during your vacation. Whether you need the kids occupied, or to report an issue, “Hey Disney” can help. 

Jazz Section at All Star Music Resort

All-Star Music Resort and Grounds

The layout of All-Star Music is such that all buildings angle into a central aisle that leads to the main building with the food court. Additionally, there is a path that connects all three All-Star Resorts if you want to go off on a walk or gallivant to the other resorts. The layout here is by far the most crowd-friendly. No building is too far away. Unlike the mermaid buildings at Art of Animation, all buildings here are also pretty close to parking if you’re driving in on your own.

All Star Music Sections

Like all value resorts at Disney World, All Star Music is separated into sections, that are each themed different. This adds a varied design to the resort grounds, as well as helps you narrow down your room location, since everything looks a little different at each building. Here are the Areas of the All Star Music Hotel.

All Stra Music Resort Calypso Section


Featuring bright colors, and calypso instruments, including maracas, the Calypso area of the resort is the closest to the main building at All Star Music. It houses the preferred rooms as well as those with easy pool access. It’s also the busiest area of the resort. If you’re staying in this section, you’re sure to hear the sounds of early and late vacationers. 

Disney All Star Music Jazz Inn Section

Disney All Star Music Resort Jazz

Jazz Inn

One of the main areas of the resort covers the second section of the grounds, on both sides of the main sidewalk. In fact, this main artery of the hotel includes a fountain just in front of the Jazz Inn signs, marking the center of the grounds. Featuring saxophones, music notes, and the iconic drum set at the center, the Jazz Inn area is typically filled with jazz music and all things easy listening for whatever your Disney day holds. 

Rock Section at All Star Music Resort

Rock and Roll section at Disney Music Resort

Rock N Roll

Filled with beautiful backdrops for photos, this Rock area of the All Star Music Resort, features guitars, a giant juke box, and a ’57 Chevy. One of the most beautiful sections of the hotel, this area is covered in bright colors and music notes. Classic rock is part of the outdoor soundtrack in this area. 

all star music country section

Country Area of All Star Music

Country Fair

If you’re a fan of western music, then you can find cowboy boots and guitars in the Country section of the resort. The Country area of All Star Music is farthest from the main building and features picnic tables, outdoor chairs, and trees. You can plan on hearing country music as you come and go from this area of the resort. 

Disney Broadway Section at All Star Music

Broadway Section at All Star Music Resort

Broadway Hotel  

The Broadway Hotel area of All Star Music includes buildings covered in music notes, top hats, and everything you’d expect on a Broadway stage. The two main buildings include NYC billboards featuring classic Disney Broadway Shows. The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are the musicals featured at present. This area of the resort is quiet, and furthest from the main pool area but closest to the connecting parking lot to All Star Movies. 

All Star Music Pools at Disney World

Disney All Star Music Pool

Pools and Grounds: All-Star Music is very well-themed to all things Disney, as are all the Disney Value Resorts. They will by far feel the most “Disney” with the exception of Art of Animation. You’ll get colorful pools, fun photo ops, and an opportunity to see both All-Stars Sports and All-Star Movies simply by walking a little further down the walking path. Disney All Star Music Pool Hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

All Star Music Resort Map

Disney All-Star Music Map

Check out the Disney Resort All-Star Music Resort Map for everything you need to help navigate this resort. Thankfully, all the All-Star Resorts are connected by a walking pathway, so you can not only explore this resort but All-Star Movies and All-Star Sports as well. Take a look at the Disney all star music map for how the resort is laid out. As one of the best resorts with a central artery connected to the main building, it’s easy to get around here. 

Disney All Star Music Food Court

Drinks Station at Disney All Star Music

Disney All-Star Music Food Court and Restaurants

Unlike Moderate Resorts at Disney World, Value Resorts typically only have one food court, and no sit-down restaurants. That said, at All-Star Music, the food commissary is the Intermission Food Court. serving up a variety of food options, you can grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. As well as refill your refillable mug. The All-Star Music Food Court Menu includes everything you could want from commissary dining. Mickey waffles, omelets, chicken sandwiches, burgers, pasta and pizza. Perfect if you just need to grab a bite to eat. 

We love grabbing coffee and cocoa from here before heading out for the day or the Movies Under the Stars film on the lawn. Either way, there is no shortage of things to try at the food court. And you can usually count on seasonal snacks at Disney Resorts too! From cupcakes to specialty cookies, be sure to check the desserts when you arrive! 

The layout of the food court was designed with crowds and high traffic in mind. The dining room is separated into several dining spaces, so it cuts down on the crowd sound. It also has a central drink roundabout station. You can find tables outside to better disperse the crowds as well. Frankly, this place is always busy and loud so if that’s stressful for you, consider eating somewhere else. Otherwise, it makes a great cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. 

All Star Music Recreation Schedule

All Star Music Recreation Schedule

Every Disney Resort has a Recreation Schedule. And the Disney All Star Resorts have some of the most fun things to do. From pool trivia and activities, to scavenger hunts, and crafts, there are many things you can do to fill your non-park day. Here is all the info you need to know about the recreation at All Star Music! 

Arcade at Disney All Star Music Resort

All Star Music Arcade

Each Disney Resort has an arcade. While you may not be thinking that a Disney vacation should include arcade time, it is such fun!!! While arcade times vary across resorts, you can always find the hours posted on the door. Disney Arcade times are typically 10 AM- 10 PM. However, if you’re up for competition, there is an Arcade Tournament daily from 4:00- 5:00 PM. 

Movies Under the Stars

If you’re staying at the resort and planning for an early evening at the resort, the Movies Under the Stars at All Star Music typically starts at 8:00PM. You can find the pop up movie screen by the Calypso Feature Pool. This is very fun evening event that allows you to settle into an early evening with a Disney movie. Grab a popcorn and fill your refillable mug, then head out to the pool area for the film. In case of inclement weather, all activities are moved to the World Premier Food Court. 

All Star Movies Disney Value Resort Review Walt Disney World

All-Star Music Transportation

The All-Star Resorts have their own Disney Buses. As some of the most popular resorts, it’s so important to have a dedicated fleet of buses. If you haven’t been to Disney in a while we can’t stress enough how much of an advantage this is! In fact, we had somewhat of a shock when we started staying at non-all-star resorts where the buses don’t show up as often. This is always an issue in the evenings when you’re catching the bus from the parks back to the resort. All-Star resort buses show up at the parks every 20 minutes or so. This time gets closer to every 10 minutes as the night crowds disperse.

If you’re not staying at an all-star resort, you’ll be watching in envy as every bus that enters the roundabout is an all-star bus, and you’re still waiting 40 minutes just to see one going to your better, higher-priced resort.

While a perk regarding the time it will take to get on or off your bus, keep in mind these buses will also be crowded on every trip. Which means you may be standing more often than you would like. The All Star Resorts Bus loading areas are not covered, which means lots of waiting in the sunshine, and sometimes rain. As such, be sure to check the My Disney Experience App for bus arrival times at the resort. 

All Star Resorts Walking Path All Star Music

All-Star Music Resort Review

So, what do we really think of this resort?  As far as all star music resort Disney reviews go, this one is favorable. If you’re looking to get to Walt Disney World on a tight budget and plan to be in the parks most of the time, then this is a great Disney Value Resort choice. In all honesty, it worked perfectly for our first trip to Disney World and a few subsequent trips after. We were thrilled to get a hotel for so cheap. Thrilled with our resort mugs as a perk of the Disney Dining Plan offer.  And since we planned to be in the parks all day every day anyway, the resort was an afterthought.

While the chaos did feel overwhelming at the all star music hotel it was all part of our Disney experience. It wasn’t until we started staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Pop Century that we realized the Disney Resort experience could be different. For us now we must admit staying at All Star Music would not feel like much of a vacation. If you are however toting kids and just trying to get your family to Disney then this resort will work just fine. 🙂 Hopefully, this has given you a little inside glimpse of the Disney All Star Music resort in Florida. Whatever your resort choice, enjoy!

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