Fun Eclectic Grandpa Outfits for your Disney Vacation

Fun Eclectic Grandpa Outfits for your Disney Vacation

If you’re looking for cute outfits for your next Disney trip, why not try the latest trend, Eclectic Grandpa? Does it sound a little silly? Maybe! But it might also be your new favorite style for the Disney Parks because it’s just that comfy. We are going to talk about how to pull this look together for your perfect Disney outfit, or any outfit for that matter! And share a few of our favorites we’ve put together ourselves. Here are 5 fun Eclectic Grandpa outfits for your next Disney Vacation.

Planning Outfits for your Disney Trip

Outfit planning is fun right?! Especially for vacation. You get the chance to dress anyway you want, look any way you want, be anyone you want! But outfit planning for Disney trips can sometimes get a little difficult because the weather can be so unpredictable at times. Oh Orlando.

We have found over the years that comfort is key when it comes to Disney. Sure, it’s fun to get all dressed up for photos, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re going to be at the parks all day, you’ll most likely want to opt for something light and breezy, that can move easily with you. And this is one of the reasons we love the Eclectic Grandpa trend for a Disney trip!

What is the Eclectic Grandpa Trend?

How does one dress like an Eclectic grandpa? Well, it’s actually just like it sounds. And though this trend is mostly popular with Gen Z, we think anyone can make it work due to its more mature origin. Basically, you’ll start with a simple top as your base. Add something “eclectic” like fun printed boxer or linen shorts or plaid pants for your bottoms. And then accessorize with hats, socks and shoes! And yes, we will be wearing socks with sandals here. Grandpa does, and so can you. 

As much as socks and sandals are a highly debated topic, I actually think they provide a little extra protection for your feet during days when you’ll be clocking 15,000-20,000 steps+. That being said, I was a soccer player in high school, so I’m not stranger to socks and sandals. It’s fine. And of course, if you just can’t bring yourself to do it, get rid of the socks. Make it whatever feels right for you and your style!

Mickey Mouse Eclectic Grandpa Outfit for Disney

Classic Mickey Mouse Eclectic Grandpa Outfit

We love this outfit because it uses classic pieces that can be mixed and matched over and over again. We started with this Mickey Mouse shirt from Life is Good and paired it with these flowy linen shorts from Aerie. Add in some classic Mickey ears from the Disney Store, mickey socks and clogs and you’re all set! Now if Birkenstocks are not something you already own, there are many places you can find dupes for much cheaper. And you could also substitute something similar like Crocs or a dupe of those as well to maintain a similar look. 

Items in this outfit: 

Eclectic Grandpa Chip and Dale Outift

Chip and Dale Eclectic Grandpa Outfit

You can’t have an outfit roundup without including our favorite boys. Chip and Dale that is, of course. The acorn hat is perfect for keeping you from getting sunburned at Disney. And the plaid boxers help pull the whole outfit together. Again, Birkenstocks here can be substituted for any dupe or any other sandals. And don’t be afraid to wear your socks and sandals proudly if you so choose!

Items in this outfit:


Pixar Toy Story Eclectic Grandpa Outfit , Disney Outfit for summer

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Outfit

If you’re heading to Pixar Fest at Disneyland, or just love a good Toy Story outfit, then we have the outfit for you! With a classic Pizza Planet t-shirt, a denim bucket hat, striped socks and comfy vans, along with some very fun, eclectic hot sauce boxers from Old Navy, this outfit will have you ready for battling Zurg in no time. Or alternatively of course, you can stick with the safer job of eating actual pizza in the Parks. 

Items in this outfit:

Winnie The Pooh Eclectic Grandpa Outfit for Disney, summer outfit for disney

Winnie the Pooh Eclectic Grandpa Outfit for Disney

Who doesn’t love a good outfit representing the silliest of bears? We are always down for a good Winnie The Pooh Outfit and this one was so fun to put together.  The floral boxers match the Pooh shirt perfectly. While the yellow converse and hat tie it all together for our favorite bear. The bee socks add an extra cute touch to this outfit. 

Items in this outfit: 

Robin Hood eclectic Grandpa Disney Outfits

Robin Hood Eclectic Grandpa Outfit for your Disney Trip

Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally! Robin Hood is quite underrated in my humble opinion. So, when I found this shirt, I saw my opportunity to create an outfit and was beyond excited.  I personally own these green Vans and can attest that they are definitely some of the best shoes to wear at Walt Disney World.  And slowly but surely, the rest of the outfit came together! This fishing hat from Columbia is the perfect accent piece to keep you shaded from the harsh Florida sun. And we love how it just pulls the whole outfit together. 

Items in this outfit: 

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration to create your own outfits for this fun trend! 

Eclectic Grandpa Outfits for a Trip to Disney World

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