Disney Monthly Book Subscription Box for Kids

Disney Monthly Book Subscription Box for Kids

If you’re looking for a last-minute Disney gift or a way to kick off the new year for kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, grab this Disney Monthly Book Subscription Box for Kids. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The Disney Premier Pack includes books, stickers, and activities featuring our favorite Disney characters. And is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the little ones. But you know, it’s not all about the sales pitch, the real reason we like this is because…

…when we were little we got these same kits! Sure they weren’t as fancy as you could get them now. But, they were still pretty magical. They’d sometimes come with a backpack or a toy, and they’d always come with books. We’d get the Disney kit, the Dr. Seuss kit, the Little Bear kit.

the importance of books in the house for kids

Our mom always made sure we had lots of books in the house, and these activity packs were the easiest way to build our own book collections. It was her sneaky way of always ensuring all of us kids would always be 4.0 students, with college educations. By making sure we had loads of books to read at home, we were already ahead of the game.

What’s Included in a Disney Monthly Book Subscription?

So apart from getting super smart kids as a result of the Disney Monthly Subscription Box showing up at your house each month, what other magic and miracles could you expect? Our best bet would be happiness and joy! The thrill of getting mail as a small child is priceless. The fact that someone besides your parents knows your name and can put it on a package that they send to your house is mind-boggling as a 7-year-old. Ok, ok, but what do you really get in this kit? Is it worth the cost? Is it going to be a hassle to cancel? Ahhh, so many questions!

What do you get in the Disney Premier Pack? 

Every month you receive a themed package featuring a beloved Disney character. Check out the sign-up page for the Disney Reading Boxes you can look forward to three hard cover books, after you pick your welcome kit! 

Is this Disney Monthly Book Kit worth the cost?

No hidden charges on this one, you pay $9.95 for your first pack and 19.99 +5.99 shipping and handling for every subsequent shipment. You can peruse your theme options ahead of time and cancel or skip shipments at any time. For us, we’d say yes- this is worth it. Here’s some of our best reasons.

  1. Access to new books every single month. Every shipment comes with three books. That means a full year would get 36 books into your child’s book collection. Books at home improve academic achievement and can improve a child’s ability to understand even math and science better as a result. ( Seriously I could preach this truth all day.) So in addition to your weekly visits to the library, the sporadic book purchase from Barnes and Noble, and the once-a-year book gift from relatives or Santa, your child can depend on new exciting books to read about Disney characters they already know and love every month.
  2. A Sticker Book and Stickers. While stickers may do nothing to improve academic achievement, they sure do inspire creativity, teach spatial awareness, and give kids a mindful activity that doesn’t involve a piece of technology. Further, the act of having a sticker book helps children identify patterns, and learn organization skills and the value of regular habits. This could easily translate to interest in creative or analytical careers and help children with discipline, time management, and more. Can stickers really do all that? Actually, any form of activity that supports and promotes time with an activity is beneficial. Plus it can also help with fine motor skills. Here are 10 reasons to include stickers in your child’s play routine.
  3. Activity Item and Instruction Card. Another opportunity for kids to create, learn and understand, any  activities that include instruction will prime children for school tasks. Plus get them comfortable with learning how to learn. The activities in the kits match the theme and characters so you can expect something new and fun every month. What’s more is that it will bring kids outside of their comfort zone. Some activities may include nature, baking, game play, and scavenger hunts they never would have tackled without the prompt of the kit. The importance of play in a child’s development is essential. We love the Disney Premier Pack as a way to set aside special play time each month. This can be beneficial for whatever child is in your life at the moment.
  4.  Collectible Tsum Tsum Figurine. We love that even collecting something as a child has benefits.  Kids can learn many things from collecting and what better way to introduce something fun and child-safe like little tsums tsums to introduce the habit. Kids can play with them as toys and then line them up on a shelf. That way the set builds and grows each month they receive the kit. In addition to having something to look forward to every month, collecting teaches children personal responsibility, budget smarts, social skills and more.

So long answer to a short question. Yes, we totally think it’s worth the cost, if only even for a few months. It’s important to give children as many new experiences as possible. And something like this that will arrive at your home once a month is sure cheaper and easier to manage than world travel ( which is also beneficial to a child’s learning).

Is it going to be a hassle to cancel?

You can see upcoming shipments, skip shipments or cancel at any time. So easy peasy, if you change your mind.

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The Disney Monthly Book Subscription Kit Review

Hopefully, you can see why we’d totally recommend this Disney book kit as a way to engage your child, help them learn and give you a reason to spend some extra fun playtime and reading time together. If you take a step back and think of all the things you’ve spent money on for your kids and all the things that they actually still own you’d be amazed at how many of those things have probably already made their way to goodwill.

Whether you’re committed to a child’s education, helping them develop their creativity, or just being mindful of their need to learn, play and discover, this kit can really check all those boxes for you. It may not seem like it, but I know in our family we were always getting kits like this to help expand our knowledge, skills, and imagination. As a family that values education, creativity and travel, we love that something like this exists as a way to get kids, parents, and grandparents to think differently about learning. Get your kids started with the Disney Reading Boxes to help them improve their reading skills. 

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