Disney Villains Book and Tarot A Portrait of Evil Review

Disney Villains Book and Tarot A Portrait of Evil Review

We are fans of Disney Villains of all kinds and empathetic listeners to their questionable backstories. As a result, we’re always looking for ways to incorporate a little more Disney Villians into our lives. So when we learned that a new Disney Villians-focused cookbook, profile book, and tarot card set were coming out, we just had to snag copies! Gifted from Insight Editions, here’s a sneak peek of this new Disney Villains Book and Tarot Deck! 

Disney Villains Portrait of Evil. A Hisotry's Wickedest Luminaries

Disney Villains A Portrait of Evil History’s Wickedest Luminaries

While this Disney book is geared towards kids ages 8-12, we think it’s a Must-Have Book for any Disney Bookshelf. As a book, it reminds us of those encyclopedic guides you read as a kid when you’re super into a topic. You know the ones! Like an everything Greek Gods book. Or a book entirely about Egypt. What about one filled with all the Constellations? Well, this one just happens to tell you all about Disney Villains. Perfect for rainy Sundays when all you want to do is cuddle up and read.

Which Villains are included in Disney Villains A Portrait of Evil?

“This gruesome grimoire collects the deepest secrets and darkest spells of dastardly Disney villains. Like Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Mother Gothel, and Prince Hans.”

But there are so many more villains you can learn about in this book! Take a look at the table of contents to see if your favorite Villain is included. In this book, you will discover the Villian’s origin story and a sneak peek into why they are so dastardly evil! Beautiful lavish illustrations cover this guide. And it’s so much better than just the Disney art we see taken directly from the films. 

Disney Villians A Portrait of Evil Book Contents

Get to Know the Lesser-Known Disney Villians

Broken up into the sections like Inhuman Terror and Mortal Peril, you knew there would be some villains here that you simply need to know better. Even Prince Hans from Frozen gets his own spread in this new Disney Villains Book. 

Prince Hans Disney Villains Book

Dr. Faciliar Disney Villains Book

Disney Villains Book and Tarot 

“Packed with interactive elements and keepsakes from their most devilish plots, Disney Villains: A Portrait of Evil puts the evidence of their wicked deeds right in the palm of your hand. Look behind doors and lift secret flaps to uncover the Villains’ personal keepsakes and collectibles. Including the incantation, the Queen summoned to poison Snow White’s apple and Doctor Facilier’s tarot cards.”

One of the coolest things about this new book is that many of the Disney Villains pages have little secrets and “hidden panels” that give you a little more insight into their evil deeds. The Captain Hook page comes with a Neverland Map that unfolds from the Jolly Roger flag. 

Captain Hook Disney Villians Book

Captain Hook disney Villains Wickedest Luminaries

Disney Villains Tarot Desk

Disney Villains Tarot Deck and Guidebook

As part of this new Disney Villains release, which also includes a Disney Villians Cookbook, you can also grab a Disney Villians Tarot Card set.  Even if you don’t know much about Tarot spreads and determining your fate through the cards, you will LOVE this set! With beautiful illustrations, this set comes with a guide to show you what each card means. The book also includes basic divination spreads so that you can get started with a Tarot reading in a fun way! 

“Disney’s most iconic Villains have taken over tarot in this dastardly take on a traditional 78-card deck. Featuring the notorious ne’er-do-wells from classic animated films like 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more, this tarot deck reimagines Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, and the whole motley crew in original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography.”

Which Cards are included in the Disney Villains Tarot Deck?

“Including both the Major and Minor Arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook with explanations of each card’s meaning, as well as simple spreads for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, this devious deck of tarot cards is the perfect gift for Disney fans and tarot enthusiasts.”

A deck of 78 cards, this Tarot deck has all the cards you need for a fun Tarot reading. From your basic four-card spread to choosing a card to guide your day. This Disney Villians Tarot deck offers an inside look at some beautiful artwork, lesser-known films, villains, and a deeper insight to the evilest personalities. 

Disney Villains Tarot Desk

Which Disney Villians are Included in the Disney Villains Tarot Deck?

There are SO MANY! Frankly, if you like Disney Villains, chances of you finding a favorite villain among the card is good! We love that the Tarot arcana matches some of the villains so perfectly! Maleficent as the High Priestess, the Queen of Hearts as Judgement, and Kronk as The Fool! You can also find Doctor Facilier as The Magician. Snow White’s Evil Queen is Queen of Wands, and Scar is King of Swords. And Gaston as the Knight of Cups. Plus many more! 

Grab the Disney Villains A Portrait of Evil History’s Wickedest Luminaries book. And the Disney Villians Tarot Card set for yourself or a fellow Disney fan. And deep dive into everything that makes a Disney Villain. 

Disney Villains Portrait of Evil Book and Tarot Set Review!

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