Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: A Beginner’s Guide

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: A Beginner’s Guide

Planning to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but not really sure where to start? We hear ya, we’ve been there too! The cost of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party alone can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve created this beginner’s guide to help you understand all things Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.MVMCP, Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party, Disney Christmas, Disney Christmas Party, disney holiday, disney christmas, disney holidays, disney snow, disney vacation

Best Time to Visit Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party happens every year from the 2nd week in November to the 3rd week in December, the week right before Christmas, at Magic Kingdom.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 runs Nov 8th- Dec 21, 2019

Much like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, this is an evening party. We recommend trying to attend the party before December if you want to avoid the crowds. The week right before Thanksgiving is usually less crowded and is a great way to kick off the season before the holiday chaos starts at WDW. If attending this party in December, know that this is the busiest time of year at Walt Disney World, all the way through New Years Day. So be okay with the crowds and the nuances of visiting Walt Disney World during the holidays.  Also, be aware that the weather can get pretty chilly at night in Orlando, so be sure to dress accordingly.MVMCP, Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party, Disney Christmas, Disney Christmas Party, disney holiday, disney christmas, disney holidays, disney snow, disney vacation

Cost of Attending this Disney Christmas Party

Unfortunately the prices for the hard ticketed events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are going up every year. Tickets this year are over 100 dollars a person. For this reason we recommend not buying or using a Park Ticket that day. Plan to show up at Magic Kingdom around 4pm, which is typically when they start letting guests check in for the party. Since it will likely be a late night for you, this is a good day to spend the day at the resorts, or head over Disney Springs to explore the Christmas Tree Trail and try a new restaurant!

mickeys very merry christmas party snacks

Treats at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Cookies, cocoa, apple cider, egg nog and more are available throughout the Magic Kingdom during the Christmas Party. Each location has a specific cookie/drink combination and you can hunt down your favorites as you like. They’re all included in the price of the Christmas Party ticket so they’re technically “free”. 

Lines for these cookie stations can get pretty long and you likely won’t want to spend all of your time waiting in line for cookies. And, honestly you probably won’t need or want all of the cookies available. We recommend choosing your favorites rather than waiting in line for every cookie station.  You can also find some favorite treats throughout the Magic Kingdom for purchase that are Christmas Party specific as well.

Complimentary Cookies and Treats

A major perk of your Christmas party ticket is that you get Free Cookies and Cocoa throughout the park “for free”. Here are the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Complimentary Cookies and Treats for 2019, exclusive to the party.

  • Snickerdoodle Cookie, Hot Chocolate, and Fanta | Pinocchio Village Haus
  • Snowman Pretzel | Storybook Snacks Car
  • Peppermint Cookie | Miner’s Cove
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie| Friar’s Nook
  • Ginger Molasses Cookie and Apple Cider | Lunching Pad
  • Peppermint Cookie, Hot Chocolate, and Apple Cider | Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
  • Ginger Molasses Cookie | Jungle Cruise
  • Snowman Pretzel and Fanta | Tortuga Tavern
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie | Golden Oak Outpost
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie and Eggnog | Diamond Horseshoe

Specialty Holiday Disney Snacks and Treats 

Available for purchase these party exclusive snacks and treats are only available to party guests during the party. 

Carved Turkey Sandwich |Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe 

This hearty snack is an oven-roasted turkey sandwich stuffed with turkey, applewood smoked bacon, smoked gouda, chipotle garlic aïoli, lettuce, and tomato on a roll.

Gaston’s Cheese Dip | Gaston’s Tavern

No surprise here, Gaston’s dip is a beer cheese dip served with smoked bacon bits and breadstick antlers.

An Orange Bird Christmas | Sunshine Tree Terrace

Our favorite Florida mascot is featured on this orange-scented white chocolate mousse filled with orange curd and a citrus almond cream cake. With buttercream leaves, and a white chocolate.

Kakamora Float | Aloha Isle

This cool coconut soft-serve is served on top of pineapple juice and non-alcoholic blue curaçao syrup topped with a chocolate Kakamora cake pop.

Sven’s Carrot Cake | Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

A reindeer-approved carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing, sugar carrots, and a chocolate Sven.

Jolly Tamale Christmas | Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

A selection of house-made tamales, the Jolly Tamales come filled with shredded chicken and your choice of toppings from the complimentary fixings bar.

Tis the Season| Cool Ship

A chilled Fanta Orange soda is mixed with cranberry juice and green apple popping pearls for a fizzy, festive drink.

To Be Jolly Float | Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

If you love a peppermint mocha, this one is for you. This is peppermint iced coffee topped with vanilla ice cream, crushed peppermint, and a chocolate Minnie Mouse bow.

Specialty Holiday Disney Souvenirs 

All souvenirs are available for purchase and only while supplies last.

  • Happy Holidays Popcorn Bucket | Magic Kingdom Castle Popcorn Cart
  • Mickey Jingle Bell Sipper| Sleepy Hollow and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
  • Mickey Gingerbread Straw Clip| Quick-service restaurants throughout the park

Specialty Holiday Disney Souvenirs Party Exclusives*

  • Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket* | Popcorn Carts Magic Kingdom
  • Sven Sipper*| Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café and Gaston’s Tavern

walt disney world dream lights a frozen wish

Shows and Fireworks at the Christmas Party

If you’ve ever wondered how magical it would be to have snow on Main Street USA, it’s pretty magical and only happens at the Christmas Party. In addition to the snow on Main Street, you can see Elsa light the castle in A Frozen Holiday Wish, Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Castle Show and Santa Claus in the Once a Christmas Time Parade. You can also see the new fireworks show for the holidays! Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Show debuts in 2019 and includes classic holiday music, curated by Minnie Mouse herself! 

very merry christmas parade wdw

Once Upon A Christmastime Parade 

A major perk of attending the Christmas party is seeing the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. You can also see this parade the week of Christmas after the party dates have finished, but up until that holiday week, the only place to see this parade is at the party.

Character Meet and Greets at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

There are oh so many character opportunities at the Christmas party! Scrooge McDuck and Sandy Claws are the main attractions so be in line super early for those characters if interested or plan to catch them near the end of the evening when lines are shorter. You can also meet a variety of other characters dressed in their holiday best for the occasion. You can find these meet and greet locations on the Party map, however characters are not specified on the map, so if you have a particular character you’re hoping to meet, just ask a cast member where you can find them!

disney holiday christmas decorationsMickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Merchandise

One of the best parts of visiting Disney during the holidays is seeing all the amazing Christmas merchandise. There is special merchandise for the party, for annual passholders, and for the holidays in general. You can also grab almost all of it, except party-specific merchandise, at Disney Springs at World of Disney if you don’t attend the party.

very merry christmas parade disney world

Best Tips for Visiting Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

  1. Watch the Parade on Main Street, with a spot right in front of the Christmas Tree in Town Square. The view of Cinderella Castle really can’t be beat! You’ll have to camp out and wait to have a spot here, so plan some time for that if you’re looking to grab that spot for the parade.
  2. The second Parade is always less crowded, so if you don’t need to watch both, aim for watching the second one to get a better parade viewing spot .
  3. If you’re not planning to watch both parades and want to ride rides, the wait times during the parades will be some of the lowest wait times during the Christmas Party.
  4. If you’re committed to meeting a special character, get in the line to see them as soon as you arrive. We’ve seen these Character Meet and Greet lines last over two hours at times, so be prepared for these and plan wait time into your night. You can start lining up before the Party even starts and some of the more popular characters actually will start meeting as early as 5:30.
  5. Have a plan! While Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party does not have as much to do as the Halloween Party, you are paying a premium price for these tickets. Know what you want to do and decide what is worth your time while there. There is no right or wrong answer here and the time will always go faster than you realize, so having a plan will help maximize your time at the Party.
  6. Grab a map! It should be the first thing you do when you enter the Party. A map will be super helpful during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to help you find the special offerings and also makes for a cute and FREE souvenir!

santa clause at the very merry christmas parade walt disney worldIs Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Worth it?

This is probably the biggest question most people ask and the answer is really up to you!  If you use the strategy to swap out a park ticket day for a party ticket instead, you’ll end up budgeting about the same. If you’re not concerned about budget and prioritize special Character Meet and Greets, the Very Merry Christmas Parade and snow on Main Street, then you might feel it is worth the cost. If you’re on a budget or traveling with a large party that could really break the bank buying Party tickets for, then we say there is enough to do at Walt Disney World during the holidays without attending such a high priced ticketed event.  Check out all our posts on the holidays at Disney World.

Everything happening at Walt Disney World during the Holidays.

Either way, there is so much magic at Walt Disney World during the holidays that you’re sure to experience plenty of holiday cheer with out without Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. And we hope you love it there as much as we do!

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PArty A beginners Guide to the snacks, shows, food at Disney at Christmas #disneyatchristmas #disneyparty #mvmcp

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