5 Must Dos at Toy Story Land Hollywood Studios

5 Must Dos at Toy Story Land Hollywood Studios

We just got back from Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World, and had such a fun time playing big in Andy’s backyard! Adding two new rides, a counter service restaurant and a sidewalk show to Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land is the new family-friendly destination for kids and adults of all ages. Upon entering the new land, you are shrunk down to the size of a toy, ready to enjoy the wonders of Andy’s backyard, complete with Roller Coaster playset, building blocks and toys that light up. Check out our top 5 Must Dos at Toy Story Land.

If you’re planning to visit Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, but only have few hours to spend, here is our Must-Do list to help you make the most of your trip.

5 Must Do's at Walt Disney World at Toy Story Land


Slinky Dog Dash at Night

While the Slinky Dog Dash rollercoaster is just as fun during the light of day, nothing beats the experience of seeing Toy Story Land all lit up at night from the seat of this fast-moving, smooth-riding coaster. With dips, twists and turns, the Slinky Dog Dash wraps around most of the park, giving you a bird’s-eye view of Alien Swirling Saucers, Rex and Woody building up their Jenga tower, and the Army Men on the lookout high above Woody’s Lunch Box. Tip: This coaster is fast, between 45-50 mph, so if you’re looking to grab pictures from the ride, strap on a GoPro.

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Grab a Raspberry Lunch Box Tart

Whether you choose to eat at Woody’s Lunch Box or not, be sure to grab a Raspberry Lunch Box Tart during your visit. This childhood treat is a raspberry-filled soft pop-tart, topped with icing that will bring you back to the good old days. Tip: Grab this budget-friendly treat as a snack and head to the Alien Swirling Saucers to watch the Green Army Patrol Boot Camp Show, which happens throughout the day. Check the times guide when you arrive at Hollywood Studios for show times.

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Notice the Details

Toy Story Land is filled with everything you’ll remember from the films, but as a new toy in Andy’s backyard, you’ll also see Andy’s giant footprints embedded in the concrete, large straws and pencils holding up Christmas lights and benches near the restrooms made of dominos.  Some of the seats at Woody’s Lunchbox are made of Babybel cheeses, and the lunchbox itself is being held open with a thermos. You’ll also see pieces of tape holding together some of the umbrellas at the tables. Tip: Plan to arrive early if possible. The details are easier to spot with lower crowds, and you’ll be able to snap a photo at the color-changing popsicle benches before they fill up with guests.

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Photo Ops

If you’re looking for cute photo backdrops, Toy Story Land has several! You can check out the red and black checkerboard wall and the pastel popsicle stick wall, located opposite each other at the end of the Midway Mania ride exit. You’ll also find the classic giant Pixar Ball, perfect for a group photo, opposite the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster. And be sure to grab a pose at the color block wall right outside the restrooms, across from Alien Swirling Saucers. Tip: Ask a cast member to share their favorite photo spot. This new land is bursting with details that only cast members know.

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Arrive at Rope Drop

We highly recommend you be at Hollywood Studios when the park opens. This will ensure you get into Toy Story Land before the crowds arrive. The Slinky Dog Dash is super popular and as a result has long waits. We recommend either arriving when the park opens or aiming for the 12-2pm slot of the day when people are either eating lunch, or park hopping to the next park. 

Whatever your Walt Disney World vacation plans, Toy Story Land is a must-do for those with kids or those who have a soft spot for Toy Story films. Be sure to add Toy Story Land to your itinerary, and grab some slinky dog ears on your visit! Hopefully these 5 Must Dos at Toy Story Land can help you streamline your trip and maximize your time! 

Our top 5 things to do in Toy Story Land Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

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