Park Hopper Ticket at Walt Disney World: do you really need it?

Park Hopper Ticket at Walt Disney World: do you really need it?

Let’s be honest. Disney can be very expensive. And with Disney ticket prices rising a few times every year it’s important to save where you can. While we have the best post on planning Disney on a budget, there is one simple extra that people often question. And that my friends, is the Park Hopper

We are currently Walt Disney World Platinum Annual Passholders, so the Park Hopper ticket for us is already built in. But, when we used to do only one long trip a year and were not passholders, we NEVER, EVER got the Park Hopper Ticket because it really wouldn’t have been worth it.

Now some people might say that’s crazy, because there are people who insist the Park Hopper is a must. We are not those people. We know how to plan and how to save money. And those are really your only qualifications for not needing the Park Hopper ticket. 

With so much to do at Disney at the resorts and at Disney Springs, why spend 55+ dollars per person per day for a park hopper ticket?

Now keep in mind, the more days you purchase on your ticket, the cheaper both the ticket and the Park Hopper will be. On a 3 day ticket, the Park Hopper prices decreases to about $22 per ticket per day, which isn’t really that expensive, but keep in mind, that’s per person, per day. A family of four visiting Walt Disney World with a 3 day ticket would save over $250(depending on the ages of the children) by choosing not to have the Park Hopper.

Now, are we saying the Park Hopper is a definite no? Of course not. I think there are many times when a Park Hopper is very useful and worth the convenience. Honestly, not having one will require a little more thought out planning.Thankfully we have lots of posts on planning.

www.polkadotsandpixiedust.comThe Park Hopper is perfect for those who

  • Have a shorter trip and want to experience the Parks as much as possible
  • Don’t want to plan out as much
  • Want or need a lot more flexibility
  • Are traveling in a large group who may want to split up

You probably don’t need a Park Hopper if you

  • are traveling on a budget
  • enjoy exploring Disney Springs or the Resorts and want to spend time there
  • plan on spending a lot of time at your own resort
  • have a longer trip and don’t need to fit everything in a short amount of time

If you’re depending solely on Disney Transportation, keep in mind that during busy times, waiting for buses, boats and the monorail can take up a lot of your day, whereas if you are driving or staying at a resort within walking distance of a Park, transportation is not as much of an issue.

There are definitely times a Park Hopper is worth it. Each family and each trip is going to be different. We love the freedom that the Park Hopper gives us, however we also really love saving money when we can.

Do you have to have the Park Hopper or do you think its not necessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Is the Walt disney World Park Hopper Ticket really worth the Extra Cost? AT 55 dollars a ticket per day, here are 4 reasons to say yes... and 4 reasons to say no! #polkadotpixies #disneyworld #parkhopper #disneytips

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