How to Start a Blog From Scratch Course Day Six


Finally, Day Six has arrived.

But first, grab something cozy to sip for today. Today is about a little self-care, so maybe a chai latte, or golden milk or head to Starbucks for a celebratory “I’m done with this 6-day course” drink. Ok, how are you feeling? If overwhelm, doubt, and “should I even bother” are creeping into the picture, let us remind you of a few things. You have the power at this moment to change your life. If you want to leave the rat race, work remotely, travel more often, own a house, be a stay-at-home mom, turn your passion into profit, and have control over how much you make, then this is the path for you. You can begin taking steps now.

You can make this ANYTHING you want.

You can use your new blog to share who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old or 60 years old, you can start now, from where you are. Create something amazing that gains you financial freedom. And in 5 years if you decide you just want to blog about puppies instead, you will have the tools to make that successful too. This career grows with you, when you are ready. With full control over your schedule and your life, you get to decide! It’s truly the most amazing thing. You deserve the chance to experience it.

Today’s task will take about 30 minutes, but you can journal it for another 30 if you want. Here’s the outline.

  1. The Mindset Shift
  2. How to Manage your Overwhelm
  3. How to Keep Going with Your Blog
  4. What to Do After You Finish this Course

Mindset Shift for Blogging


Starting a Blog | The Mindset Shift

You are not only starting a blog, but you are also creating a new life for yourself and your family. Let that sink in. What do you want this new life as a blogger to include? And how easy will it be for you to say “oh, no that’s ok, we didn’t need that anyway.” You can’t make it too easy for you to quit. A growth mindset is about moving forward and overcoming hurdles, that’s what you will be doing as you embark on this path. A mindset shift is about Claiming what you want and Getting Rid of what you don’t. You can do a few things now that move you in the right direction.


Removing What No Longer Serves You

Remove the things that no longer serve you. Harnessing a little Marie Kondo here, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. When I decided to become a blogger, I cleared my closet of “business clothes” and gave them away. I had decided I was never going back into a workplace that required those kinds of clothes, so why would I keep them in my closet? This move helped me remove the safety net of turning back. And it felt amazing to make this mental and physical step toward the new me.


Claiming What You Want

Set meaningful goals. For You and/or Your Family. Make them specific. And have a deadline. We like travel goals as they’re something we look forward to and something we like working towards. Maybe consider booking that vacation for a year from now and spending between now and then building your blog to pay for it.


Starting a Blog | How to Manage your Overwhelm

If you didn’t do the tasks through the last few days, that is OK! It’s better to take 3 months to get all this in place than give it up completely because you couldn’t tackle it in a week. Take it slow. Do something small each week that gets you closer.

  1. We’ve broken this course down into 6 days, but you can break them down much more if you need to.  Just do what you can, when you can. Baby steps.
  2. Create a Ritual. Get a planner, grab a soundtrack, and buy a candle or a new box of tea. Matching a happy set of things with your “blog time” will keep you focused, and train your mind, body, and soul. This is much like you’ve trained yourself to get up and shower before work or sit in daily traffic on the way to your job. Thankfully a set of happy things means you will be training yourself to look forward to these little blog tasks. Once you get over the initial hurdles, you will settle into being excited to share your stories, and products and connect with your followers.
  3. Establish a space. Having a place to sit down and commit time to this new blog project, signals that you’re serious. You’re ready to receive something new. Even if it’s just the same chair at the dining room table. Again you’re training not only your mind but also your body to associate things with your new life goals.


Starting a Blog | How to Keep Going with Your Blog

Write it Down. Research shows that when you write down your goals you have a better chance of meeting them. Grab a pen and a notebook. Preferably your business notebook will be by your side as you tackle ideas. Within the first few pages of your notebook write down 5 Reasons you need this money-making blog. Here are a few examples from us.

  • So that we can leave our jobs and work 100% remote
  • In order to travel more, anywhere at any time.
  • And take the holiday months completely off to bake like crazy
  • But still, buy a vacation home for our family

Write down your goals and remind yourself of them often. Daily, if possible.

Starting a Blog | What to Do After You Finish this Course

Okay, so now that we’re completely DONE, what’s next?

Let’s do a quick review Of everything you learned over the last 6 days.

  1. You Started a Blog. 
    1. Chose your name
    2. Set up hosting with Bluehost
  2. Learned how to Get Noticed 
    1. Brainstormed your brand
    2. Installed your blog theme
  3. Thought about Blog Ideas
    1. Thought about blog posts to write
    2. Identified keywords
    3. Learned how blogs make money
  4. Using Email for connection and profit
    1. Set up your Email Marketing account with Mailchimp
    2. Learned how to add contacts, and forms, design email, and send campaigns
  5. How to Get Traffic
    1. Strategies for Writing and Marketing
    2. Pinterest Traffic Strategies 
    3. Social Account Setup
    4. Building community
  6. Mindset and Motivation
    1. How to start a mindset shift
    2. Manage Overwhelm
    3. Stay Motivated with Goals


You Have Finished the How to Start a Blog from Scratch 6-Day Course

We have given you all the tools to get started. You take it from here. Go at your own pace and Be Excited! Just getting through this course is a HUGE accomplishment! It was a ton of work. Take a minute and celebrate this moment. Congratulations. 

We are so grateful to be part of your blogging journey. And super excited about everything you’re about to create. Creating a blog and shop and places to creatively contribute everything we love has been magical for us. Have fun with this. Make sure Joy is part of the process. Thank you so much for taking this course. We hope it has been helpful. May your path ahead include Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust.–Xoxo, Rochelle and Melanie


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