Sunshine Flyer Bus Review Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World

Sunshine Flyer Bus Review Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World

Wondering how you can get to and from the Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World? As Disney no longer provides free transportation, we wanted to share another option if you’re trying to avoid rideshare, and don’t want to rent a car. Yet, still want to have a magical time! Because, let’s be honest, starting your vacation should happen as soon as you step off the plane, not after the 45-minute drive through the greater Orlando area. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sunshine Flyer Bus transportation options to and from the airport to Walt Disney World Resorts. 

UPDATE! Sunshine Flyer and Mears Connect have joined forces to provide exceptions Disney Shuttle Service from the Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. 24/7 service is available starting August 1, 2023. Book your Disney Transportation from the Airport to Walt Disney World at Mears Connect Driven By Sunshine.

Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation 

You’ve heard us talk before about how to get to Walt Disney World from the airport. First, there was news of the Magical Express retirement, then there was the Brightline Railway speculation, then Mears Connect stepped in to provide a similar airport-to-resort experience. Now, we’d like to share another way for you to start your vacation as soon as you arrive at the airport, without the worry of finding a ride to your resort. Say hello to Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation. This bus service in Orlando, Florida can get you TO and FROM the Orlando International Airport ( MCO) to Walt Disney World Resort with ease.

Sunshine Flyer Bus at Orlando Airport

Sunshine Flyer Bus Theme and Experience

What is the Sunshine Flyer? 

The Sunshine Flyer Bus is a shuttle service that takes guests to and from the Orlando International Airport ( MCO). Themed as a 1920’s locomotive, honoring rail travel, each bus is a different color and style “train”. Each bus also has a name; The Armadillo, The Starfish, The Grasshopper, The Python, and Manatee are just a few of the buses in the #TheSunshineFlyer Bus fleet. 

How does the Sunshine Flyer Work?

If you’re ready to book shuttle service on the Sunshine Flyer here are a couple of things to know before you go. 

  • Sunshine Flyer Bus location is in Terminal B Ground Transportation area of the airport, near the rental ar desks. 
  • The bus staff load your bags at the airport and unload them at your destination
  • Reservations are accepted up to 4 days before service
  • Sunshine Flyer starts at 4 am and services flights beginning at 7 am
  • The last bus to leave the airport departs at 11 pm

Sunshine flyer at Orlando airport

Which Disney Resorts Do the Sunshine Flyer Service?

Service to all of the Walt Disney World resorts is currently included. This includes Shades of Green, and the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. Not included are Good Neighbor Hotels, which may have their own shuttles to and from the airport. 

Sunshine Flyer Pick up at Disney MCO Airport

Where Do You Board the Sunshine Flyer at the Orlando International Airport?

At the Orlando International Airport, you can head to Terminal B Level 1 Ground Transportation. We were able to early get to this area of the airport, and if you’ve ever taken Disney’s Magical Express, then you’re familiar with Terminal B Level 1 Floor. You can get to floor 1 either by escalator or by elevator. Once on the first floor on the left, you’ll find Starbucks and Mears Transportation. On the right, you can find the Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation area. Just be on the lookout for a staff member with the Sunshine Flyer sign, and head to the Bus Loading area. Check out the Sunshine Flyer What to Expect Page for all the details. And check out the Sunshine Flyer Location at Orlando International Airport Map to help you find your way. 

How Long Does the Sunshine Flyer Bus take to get to Walt Disney World?

A technology-driven approach offers transportation to Walt Disney World Resort in under 65 minutes. In our own personal experience, we found that it took about 25 minutes from the Orlando International Airport to the entrance of Walt Disney World and about 30 minutes from the airport to the first resort on our route. And our return route to the airport from Disney’s Port Orlean’s Riverside Resort was also only about 30 minutes. 

One of the best things about the way that Sunshine Flyer sets up its route is that area resorts are all boarded together, so there’s no extra driving. By far one of the easiest transportation services, we’ve experienced both to and from Orlando airport. 

How Much does Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation Cost?

The Sunshine Flyer costs $19.50 per Adult one way or $39 per Adult round trip. And $11 per Child one way or $22 per Child round trip. Children’s rates are for children ages 3-12 years. Children 2 years of age and under can travel on the lap of an adult for free.

How to Book the Sunshine Flyer Bus

Wondering How to Book the Sunshine Flyer Transportation for your Walt Disney World Vacation? Head to the Sunshine Flyer Website and click “Book Now.”

  • Collect your Booking Details & Flight Info
    Have your resort, airline, flight number, and arrival and departure times ready
  • Select Your Tickets 
    Book your outbound tickets from Orlando International Airport to your resort. Then, book your tickets from your resort to Orlando International Airport.

Sunshine Flyer Bus at Disney World Orlando Airport

What Does a Sunshine Flyer Bus Look Like?

The Sunshine Flyer is equipped with luxury seats, cup holders, overhead storage, and televisions. Everything you’d expect from a modern motor coach. We didn’t see USB ports on our bus, but with such a short trip it wasn’t needed. 

Sunshine Flyer Bus

Do they Show Cartoons on the Sunshine Flyer Bus?

As former travelers on Disney’s Magical Express, we LOVE the cartoons that helped get us into vacation mode for our Disney trip. While the Sunshine Flyer doesn’t show Disney cartoons, they do show Disney-related Trivia and Max Fleischer cartoons. These cute cartoons from the ’20s and 30’s feature Felix the Cat, fairytales, and Train-themed cartoons. Everything to help keep you happily preoccupied during your trip through Orlando to your resort. For us, this was the closest thing we’ve seen to Disney’s Magical Express so far. 

Bus from Orlando Airport to disney Resort

Is the Sunshine Flyer Bus Good For Kids?

While we weren’t traveling with children, the fact that the Sunshine Flyer Bus experience was so easy seemed perfect for families with children. The bus driver can easily load a variety of luggage, including strollers and car seats. Cartoons are playing throughout the trip to help keep kids’ attention. And the short travel time was such a bonus that families would have no trouble traveling on the Sunshine Flyer. 

Sunshine Flyer Bus Review 

All in all, we have to say that our experience on the Sunshine Flyer was wonderful. Cheaper than rideshare to and from the Orlando International Airport, the cost was budget-friendly and the trip was easy to book. We felt safe and taken care of. Our luggage was stored carefully, and the travel time was excellent. We truly appreciated the little touches, like the Train and Disney trivia, and old-time cartoons. And the bus check-in process was simple and easy to find within the airport. We’d highly recommend this bus service for your next Disney Vacation if you’re looking for something easy, pre-planned, and budget-friendly. 

Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation Review

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