Sanaa at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sanaa at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge

We can pinpoint our discovery of Sanaa to one fateful afternoon early in our Disney adventures, on the Wild Africa Trek. While out at lunch on the African Savanna with our fellow trekkers drinking our absolute favorite Disney drink, POG, someone asked if we had tried Sanaa yet. Clueless, we said no. Wait, the resorts had restaurants? What? Like not just the cafeteria? Then someone said, “You have to try the Bread Service!” In fact everyone seemed to agree. So not only were we going to venture out to a resort restaurant, but apparently we were also ordering the bread. Sanaa at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge can be found in Kidani Village. Once you get there, this is where you start. 

Sanaa at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge Atmosphere

Nestled on the ground floor of the Kidani Village main building, this restaurant offers views of the savanna, tea service, bread service, the sweetest desserts and authentic potjie. Just trust us on this. No matter what you order, you will love it here. 

Sanaa Bread Service at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Sanaa Bread Service

Sanaa at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge is KNOWN for its Bread Service. Mind you this is just comprised of a variety of Naan breads and Dipping Sauces. But it all feels a little different at Sanaa. You get one of each flavor of the Naan and we only got three sauces this time around, but you can get all nine sauces if it strikes your fancy. This appetizer is something you will inhale and make you forget you have “real food” coming. It is really really good. And the flavors are varied enough to appease everyone. The kids will love the mango chutney and those more daring should definitely be trying the pickles and jalapeno.

Sanaa Lounge at Animal Kingdo Lodge

Dinner at Sanaa

The menu is African themed, so there will definitely be things you cannot pronounce, but no worries, just ask your server. They know the stuff by heart and can make recommendations if you don’t know where to start. This dish is the African Inspired Biryani with vegetables. Topped with herbs and almonds and crisps, this dish is amazing and one I will continue to order just because I would make it everyday if I could figure out how.

The Potjie-Inspired dishes are the ones you will see on everyone’s tables in little stainless steel bowls. You get your pick of different meats, veggies, rice and a sauce. The servers will tell you the best way to eat this meal is by layering the rice, vegetables, meat and sauce, like a little tower on your plate. And yes they even have some butter chicken for the picky eaters.

Desserts at Sanaa change from the regular menu based on the season. They are sophisticated and pretty. The triple Mousse with Strawberries is sweet and bitter with darker chocolate. And we also got a banana almond toffee cake. The mousse was a little too banana-y but still really good. The children’s desserts are our favorite simply because they tend to be brownies in cute animal shapes.  Always fun.

Sanaa at Walt Disney World Tips

How to get there.

Sanaa is found on the ground floor of the main house at Kidani Village, ( not Jambo House), Animal Kingdom Lodge. If taking the Disney bus grab the Animal Kingdom Lodge bus and then it’s the first stop, not the second. However if you accidentally end up at Jambo House, there is an internal shuttle that can tote you back and forth. It makes the rounds every 10 minutes.

Is Sanaa Kid-Friendly?

There is a basic kids menu if the menu feels a little too grown up, but don’t worry the most magical thing about the kids menu is the dessert. The kids will still get a pretty special experience.

Dining Plan?

Yes, you can use the Dining Plan. Sanaa offers table-service for lunch and dinner and it’s worth one credit

Breakfast is available but set up as quick service from 7am-10am.


Yes. It’s recommended you make a reservation.

Extra Perks.

You can order a pot of loose leaf tea. The other place you get special tea like this is at the garden view tea room at the Grand Victorian, but there it’s 35 dollars a person, so grab it here if you can.

If it’s the summer months with a late sunset, you can watch the animals roam the savanna outside.

If you arrive early for your dining reservation, you can meander around the resort, check out the rocking chairs on the porches or the small rooms adjacent to the lobby with fireplaces and African art.

Sanaa has become one our favorite Disney restaurants and one we try to frequent whenever we know we’re going to need to get away from the parks for a bit. If you’re travelling during a busy time at the parks take a break and stop by Animal Kingdom Lodge for llunch or dinner, we’re quite sure you’ll quickly fall in love with it as much as we have.

Sanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge combines African dining and Savanna views! Here's everything we love about Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge and why it's become one of our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World. #polkadotpixies #animalkingdomlodge #sanaa


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