Disney Halloween at home

Can't make it to the happiest place on Earth during the Halloween season? Never fear, there are plenty of ways to have a Disney Halloween at home!


Host a Disney Movie Night

We love movie night around here! So why not get cozy, make some drinks and some treats and have a Disney movie night at home? We love theming our movie night around whatever movie we are watching, but that's the beauty of having it at home: you can do whatever you want! Click below for some of our movie night ideas. 


Decorate for a Disney Halloween

Just because you can't make it to Disney, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some decorations! Whether you want subtle Disney touches or more prominent Disney decor, there's plenty of options to add a little magic!


Make a Fall Themed Brunch Board

Who doesn't love brunch? We love making brunch boards, so we created this Disney inspired fall brunch board. Complete with Mickey waffles, this board is sure to add a bit of fall fun to your morning. 

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Have a Disney Halloween Party at home   

Dress up as your favorite Disney character, make Disney inspired treats, put on a Disney playlist or watch every Disney Halloween special on Disney+! 

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