A Disney Halloween Party At Home

A Disney Halloween Party At Home

Halloween is almost here! We love Halloween and everything it entails; costumes, food, games and fun drinks. It’s especially fun at Walt Disney World, but sometimes you just can’t get away! Consider this our Disney Halloween Roundup of all the things you can do to make it feel like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at home. In a time crunch to pull a party together, we got that too with some last minute tips. From Disney party food, pumpkins, costumes, music lists and movies you’ll have everything you need to make it magical. 

Disney Halloween Food

Last Minute: We love the oreos dipped in orange frosting. Tip: Microwave store bought frosting until its just a little softer and you can dip the oreo in the jar. Once dipped, place the cookie on wax paper to set. Meanwhile you can grab dark chocolate chocolate chips ( which are a little bigger than normal chips) and flip them over so the flat side is up and glue them onto the oreos as mickey ears with frosting. You can also use chocolate melts if you have them on hand for the mickey ears.

If you have a little more time, explore the pins below. Just click through the image to our Holiday parties pinterest  page to see them all. Also grab this copycat recipe for pumpkin spice latte , we always think the holidays get a whole lot better when you have a special coffee in one hand:)

Halloween Monster Cupcakes

We also love the idea of just grabbing some cake mix for monster cupcakes of all kinds! This little green monster was found at Pop century Resort at walt disney world. But you can make your own at home with some cake mix, frosting, sprinkles and candy eyes. 

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Disney Halloween Music

Last Minute: Try out our favorite Spotify Playlist for Disney Halloween Songs

We love the music at the Boo To You Halloween Parade  but sometimes you need something a little more scary, fun or non-repetitive. Take a look at the This is Halloween Music Lineup below if you got time to pull something together on your own.


Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute: We love this idea from designdazzle just because it’s so easy to get our hands on a tshirt during last minute party shopping and she has a free printable so you can pull it off.

We already let you in on what we wore this year , inspired by the Haunted Mansion, but we’re always looking for good quick, last minute throw together ideas. Here were a few other favorites. Lauren Conrad’s Cruella costume  took a little more work than we had time to do, but chances are you have a black dress somewhere that could make this work.


Disney Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Last Minute: Make it simple. Some paint, some cardboard cut into mickey ears and you’re all set.

Sometimes we get lazy. Mainly because sometimes… we just go to parties for the food. That said, we don’t necessarily always want to get all ambitious when it comes to pumpkin carving time with loads of seed and large knives. We do however still want to impress people… so sometimes we’ll paint our pumpkins instead. You can do this with paint pens, nailpolish or whatever paint you have laying around the house.


Disney Halloween Decorations

Last Minute: Set up your Disney mugs as vases for orange flowers or as little stands for mini pumpkins.

Trying to figure out all the ways we can cut corners so we have enough money left over for Christmas gifts later on, we many times will make our own decorations. Mind you, they usually look stellar, but still – they are homemade and cheap. We really liked the printed Disney Villain Wanted posters, and taking any ol’ christmas balls, and a mickey hat from the parks for this wreath. Click through the pic to our pinterest page, where all these ideas and instructions live.


Disney Halloween Games

Last Minute: Print the Bingo card pdf set below. Use candy as bingo markers and just call out the characters like standard Bingo. If you’re venturing out for trick or treat you can use these as they’re intended as Disney Halloween costume scavenger hunt checklist. Either way its a great way to infuse a little Disney into your party.

Got a little more time, check out this Haunted Mansion trivia and myth info graphic. Use it as a trivia game and award winners candy.



Disney Halloween Movies ( and other creepy fun flicks)

Last Minute: Watch The Corpse Bride on Netflix or rent/buy Haunted Mansion on Amazon

Got time? Compile your favorites from the list here. We find all of these flicks are somewhat kid safe and grandma friendly. Some are found right on YouTube, and you can always pick up the others at your local library.


Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe for Halloween Party at Home

We couldn’t rightfully say it was fall without trying a billion recipes for pumpkin spice latte to get us through the busy holiday season and all those parties! We love this one best. 

Whatever your plans for Halloween we hope you have the best time and find ways to make it a little more magical:)

Disney Halloween Party Ideas for a last minute party include foods, music, quick costumes and decor! See all our favorite halloween party ideas you can pull together at the last minute. #disneyhalloween #disneyparty #polkadotpixies #disney