Why you Should Use a Disney Travel Agent for Your Trip

Why you Should Use a Disney Travel Agent for Your Trip
On most of our Walt Disney World trips, we usually find ourselves surrounded by people who didn’t know they needed a Park Reservation to enter the Park, people who are trying to park hop at noon, and people wondering where they can find the “Harry Potter castle”. Sorry friends, you’re in the wrong Park. So, if you’re a little weary about tackling it all on your own, then using a Disney Travel Agent can help sort out all of these issues and make your vacation life much easier. Here is why you should use a Travel Agent for your Disney Vacation. 

We have been going to Walt Disney World consistently for over a decade. Our job running this blog requires that we stay up to date on all of the Disney news. That said, there’s no shame in asking for help planning your Disney Vacation. If it’s your first trip, your only trip, your honeymoon trip, or just a trip you would like to enjoy a little more, you should be working through the process with a Disney Travel Specialist.
After years of writing this blog, we are now happy to announce that we now offer Disney Travel Planning services! So, here are just a few reasons we think you should consider using a Disney Travel Agent. 
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Why You Should Work with a Disney Travel Agent

If you’ve been to Disney in recent years, you know how crazy and overwhelming the planning process can get. The reservations, the transportation, the app, the new parking rules, the dining, the park passes, everything! It’s a monumental task to plan a practically perfect Disney vacation. So why not let an expert guide you through the process? Travel Agents are there to make your life easier. They can make your dining reservations for you, help you navigate the process of everything that needs to be done prior to your trip and can make expert recommendations as well. And if you’re a more hands-on planner, they can do as much or as little as you’d like them to.  This is great because they can do those annoying little things, like calling Disney and waiting on hold, and you don’t have to worry about that. 

You’re already paying for a Disney Travel Agent whether you use one or not

Read that again. Yep, you’re paying for a Disney Travel Agent even if you choose not to use one.  Whether you book directly with Disney or through a travel agent, you will pay the same price. That’s because the commission is built into the price of your Walt Disney World vacation.  A Disney Travel Agent’s services are completely free! So, you might as well use one! If you don’t use a Disney Travel agent, Disney just keeps the commission themselves. 

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Walt Disney World Is Confusing 

Disney trips have become confusing to plan. Not only are they changing policies constantly, especially on a Disney trip like Disney Cruise Line, but the process has become daunting even for more frequent visitors. Genie+ and Lightning Lane are always changing. And many guests who frequented Disney Parks before covid are now even more confused because a lot has changed since before the pandemic. Magical Express no longer exists…so how do you get from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World? What is a Park Reservation and why do you need it? When can you park hop? Can you still get a Magic Band? There have been so many changes in the last few years, a Disney Travel Agent can help navigate the process so that things can run smoothly on your vacation. Disney Travel Agents are also up to date on the latest Disney news, so you don’t have to be. 

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Disney Travel Agents Know The Best Time To Visit

I recently booked a client during one of the busiest weekends of the year. Not ideal, but she wasn’t able to attend any other time and really wanted to make a trip work for her family. It’s not something I’d generally recommend because I know when the best times to go are. An experienced agent can help you plan the best time to go whether you want to attend certain events, see holiday decorations, or avoid the biggest crowds. And if you do end up traveling during a busier time, a Disney Travel agent can help you figure out the best way to deal with the crowds. Check out our tips on the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World

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Help With Your Disney Advanced Dining Reservations

 Whether you’re utilizing the Disney Dining Plan or not, your Disney Travel Agent can help you get your dining reservations lined up. Dining reservations open up at 6 am EST, do you really want to get up that early for your dining reservation? With a travel agent, you don’t have to! They can also make recommendations based on your family’s tastes and preferences, so you don’t have to go searching all over the internet for info. And if you’re trying to get a hard-to-get reservation, your agent can keep an eye on cancellations for you, so you don’t have to. 

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Help Choosing and Making Disney Lightning Lane Reservations

Everything is getting more expensive at Walt Disney World. So how do you know which rides you really need that Genie+ or Lightning Lane for? A Disney Travel Planner can help you figure that out.  They can also help you figure out how to use this new system because again, it can be confusing even for seasoned Disney goers. 

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A Disney Travel Agent Can Help You Feel Like You Are On Vacation!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. A Disney Travel Agent can help make your life easier! By nature, a Disney vacation can be stressful. This is with the exception of a Disney Cruise, which should be nothing but relaxing. But a trip to the Parks can be stressful to plan, and sometimes stressful to participate in. Your Disney Travel Agent can make sure you are set up for success with your Disney trip, answer questions along the way, and even answer questions while you’re on your trip.  Check out how to make your Disney vacation less stressful. 

Disney Travel Agents don’t get paid until after you travel, so they want to make sure everything goes smoothly for you to ensure you have a good experience and keep coming back!

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Disney Travel Agents Can Help With A Vacation Emergency

Hopefully, this isn’t something you need. But no one plans to have an emergency! A Disney Travel Agent is your lifeline while you’re on vacation.  They can usually be easily reached via phone or text and can start taking care of issues for you while you enjoy your vacation.

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Disney Travel Agents can Save you Money

Not only are Disney Travel Agents free to use, but they can often save you money. Disney Travel Agents search for the best deals. Whether you qualify for a Disney Plus discount or an Annual Passholder discount, they will make sure you get the best deal possible.  Even if you’ve already booked your trip with your agent, they can have future discounts applied to your reservation. Plus a Disney Travel Agent can help you decide if certain expenditures are really necessary. Do you really need a Park Hopper? If it’s your first Disney trip, then probably not. Is Genie+ and Lightning Lane worth it? That depends. But a Disney Travel Agent can help you decide if it is. Need a list of budget-friendly dining options? Disney Travel Agents got you covered. Going on a Disney Cruise? A Disney Travel Agent can help you find the best price and recommend the best seasons to save you money. 

A Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise can be expensive. Why not get the most for your money? A Disney Travel Agent can help you do that. 

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A Disney Travel Agent Can Help with Hard-to-Get Resort Reservations

Want to stay at Walt Disney World during Thanksgiving? Yea so does everyone else. Trying to find a reservation at Fort Wilderness Campground during the holiday season? You’ll have to reserve that, well, pretty far in advance. A Disney Travel Agent can help you find hard-to-find resort reservations. Because people cancel all the time! But you have to know when to look, and much like a hard-to-get dining reservation that you missed out on at the 60-day mark, you have to check the site very frequently.  Reservations pop up all the time, but if you’re at work, or say, asleep, when they become available, having a Disney Travel Agent help you can be a huge help. They can even help you with those last-minute Disney Dining Reservations too! 

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A Disney Travel Planner can help you Plan your Disney Days

There is so much to see and do at Disney, it’s impossible to do it all. Especially in one, or even two trips. A Disney Travel Planner can help you prioritize your days and make the most of your time. Are rides your priority? Characters? Relaxing? Let your Disney Travel Agent help you plan your days so it’s one less thing to worry about when you get there. We also have a printable Disney planner here to help you get organized

Hopefully, this post has helped you see why using a Disney Travel Agent can benefit you! Ready to plan your next Disney trip? Click here for a free, no-obligation quote to help you get started!

Why you should use a travel agent for your Walt Disney World Vacation

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