Is Disney Plus Worth It?

Is Disney Plus Worth It?

With a variety of streaming services at the ready, and all the shows you could ever want to watch at your fingertips, how are you making the decision on which streaming services to keep and which ones to skip? Is Disney Plus on your list? Is Disney Plus Worth It?

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In a world where serial binge-watching has become the norm, chances are your watchlists on the services you already pay for, are limitless. From Netflix to Hulu, to Amazon Prime Video, to HBO Max, how could you possibly get through all that programming? Ever? So, why would you want to add Disney Plus to your streaming catalog? Do you really “need” to see the Mandalorian? Or do need to revisit the old-school Ducktales? For our money, the answer is YES. But let’s walk you through why you may or may not want Disney Plus Streaming to your lineup. 

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

How much does Disney Plus Cost? This is by far the most important question in the “Is Disney Plus Worth It?” topic. When considering whether or not you should add Disney Plus to your streaming service lineup, and monthly bills, here are a few things to know upfront. The cost is $7.99/ $79.99 monthly/ annually for Disney Plus alone. If you wanted to add Hulu and ESPN, then you’d be getting the “Bundle” at $14/ mo. And then of course there are a variety of Live options available which could add even more to Disney Plus Streaming Cost. 

That said, much like taking on any other streaming service, it’s sometimes about more than just the cost. In fact, it tends to be closer to this; What do I get on Disney Plus that I can’t get anywhere else?

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Exclusive Premiere Access

Never mind that some films will always release in theaters first, or simultaneously. The fact that Disney property comes back to Disney Plus is a bonus. And Disney Plus Premier Access often means you get to see a new Disney Film at the same time it’s in theaters, for an extra fee of $29.99 of course. Mulan, Cruella, Jungle Cruise Black Widow, and Encanto were all released on Disney Plus, some required a charge, and some were free to subscribers. And Pixar’s Turning Red releases EXCLUSIVELY on Disney Plus. Just like both Soul and Luca before it, it’s FREE to subscribers and is unable to be seen anywhere else.  In addition to that, Disney Plus opens most releases to subscribers, about 70 days after a theater release.  If you’re a Disney Fan, or a Disney Family, looking to save on the per person price tag at the movie theater, then Disney Plus will quickly pay for itself. Even with the $30 dollar upcharge on these films. 

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Loki, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, WandVision… need we say more. If you have any investment in the MCU at all, then you will need to add Disney Plus to your streaming lineup. Less about “Is Disney Plus Worth it?” and more about, can I let Marvel Cinematic Universe storytelling happen without me, CRITICAL pieces of the Marvel story are only happening on Disney Plus. So, if you’re hoping to have a complete picture when the theater-worthy films release like Thor: Love and Thunder, it would benefit you to get Disney Plus, so you can stay up to date in the interim. 

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Star Wars

A cornerstone of the Disney Plus universe is a plethora of Star Wars-related content. Both original and new. While housing all the Star Wars films, animated series, The Mandalorian, and now the Book of Boba Fett, there is more than enough content here for the Star Wars fan. Ewen McGregor will be reprising his role as Obi-Wan in a new series and there are likely huge developments in the works for this franchise.  

Disney Channel Original Series

While the fan base for Disney Channel Original content may be smaller than Star Wars and Marvel, it’s definitely just as powerful. Classics like Wizards of Waverly Place, Even Stevens, and Shake it Up, along with Disney XD programming are just a few things included spanning this catalog beginning with Disney Channel’s inception in 1983. 

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a show with a cult following if ever there was one. And if you’re looking for the complete catalog of this series you can find all of it on Disney Plus! Complete with its own collection in the Disney Plus platform, you can find any episode you need at any time. 

Schoolhouse Rock!

This vintage television show was alive and well in the good old days, teaching kids everything they needed to know about grammar, math, science, and history. a one-stop-shop if you’re looking for educational resources for the kids, Schoolhouse Rock! in its entirety can only be seen on Disney Plus. 

Muppets Haunted Mansion Disney Plus Halloween Shows

The Muppets 

Another fan favorite, all things Muppets can be found on Disney Plus and include The Muppet Movie, Muppet Show, Muppets Now, and a variety of Muppets holiday specials. In addition, you can also see original Muppet content, like Muppets Haunted Mansion, AND classic Muppet content like The Great Muppet Caper. 

Disney Easter Movies on Disney Plus

What Shows does Disney Plus Have?

You can peruse the Disney Plus Catalog for every title available. Keeping in mind that Disney owns practically everything, chances are there is more than you realize! 

Once Upon a Time

Is Once Upon a Time on Disney Plus? Yes. Yes, it is. To OUAT fans this is a godsend. Mainly because as one of the best shows produced by ABC in the 2000s, watching this entire series on Disney Plus is a must. For us, when we considered ” Is Disney Plus Worth It?” this was the show that sealed the deal since it wasn’t being shown anywhere else. If you’re up for a massive soap opera fairytale drama featuring Snow White and Prince Charming, Emma Swan and Captain Hook, and an evil queen with a heart, don’t miss this one. 

Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World

If you’ve heard of the ’90s, you’ve heard about this show. Boy Meets World that is. Featuring Cory and Shawn and television’s most endearing friendship, between two guys. And then, of course, Girl Meets World gives us the girl-version, set in the 2010s. Both shows come with all the highs and lows of middle school. Both shows come with their own devoted followings, for the instructions given about friendship, family, and growing up. 

And if you’re looking for more “grown-up” content you can head to the other streaming service under Disney’s umbrella, Hulu. Hulu also has original programming and most of the Fox catalog. Plus, Hillary Duff’s new comedic vehicle, How I Met Your Father is on the way and is also home to Elle Fanning’s The Great, 

Disney Movies

While Disney Plus may not have ALL the movies Disney has ever made, they have a lot of them! This includes Disney animated films like Cinderella and classic live-action films like That Darn Cat. Chances are if you’re looking for a Disney movie, it’s on Disney Plus. Check out the Disney Plus Catalog for every title available.

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Disney Plus Original Programming

High School Musical the Musical the Series

Without intention, High School Musical, The Musical, The Series became the star vehicle for breakout star Olivia Rodrigo. And a favorite among anyone and everyone adoring musical theater. With Broadway Stars touting its brilliance and more talent than you can imagine, HSMTMTS, has begun to garner a following almost as strong as the original High School Musical. 

Welcome to Earth

Will Smith highlights all of Earth’s wonders in this National Geographic Original series. And even with majestic nature in full view, we still can’t get enough of Will’s anecdotes and stories. The combination of the two in this six-part series makes learning about and exploring the planet fun. 

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

The awesome show features Jeff Goldblum in all his glory with each episode exploring a topic to have with. Fireworks, monsters, and more await the curious. Fans of learning, documentaries, heck- even Bill Nye the Science Guy, will love this fun take on topics we should know more about. 

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Mickey Mouse Shorts (2013) and the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and friends show up in this fun Emmy-Award Winning animated series, for adventures, and mishaps. This is one of our favorite shows to watch. These mini cartoons are about 5-6 minutes long and offer fun snapshots into the world of Mickey Mouse! The original series started in 2013 and is available on Disney Plus, and features the original voice actress for Minnie Mouse. After her passing, the show closed out the run and reopened a new run as the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. All in all both series are the same animation. And definitely worth the watch. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society

This Mysterious Benedict Society is a book series by Trenton Lee Stewart. Magic on the page and screen, this series on Disney Plus follows a group of orphans all with special, but normal, skills tasked with saving the world. We LOVE this show. It’s family-friendly and fun. And light-hearted and easy enough to watch that you can just enjoy it! 

Classic Disney Saturday Morning Cartoons

Ok, so let’s get down to brass tax here. When we ask ourselves, Is Disney Plus Worth It, it’s the Saturday Morning Cartoons that we simply can’t give up. You know the ones. Ducktales, Gummi Bears, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh join newbie favorites like Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. All are ONLY available on Disney Plus. 

Santa Clause movie night

What Christmas Movies are on Disney Plus?

We pretty much live for the holidays. And having the BEST Holiday movies at our fingertips with a streaming service like Disney Plus is a godsend. This past Christmas we didn’t even ask “Is Disney Plus Worth It.” Mainly because the number of times we watched the Santa Clause trilogy alone completely justified the cost. We have a list of the Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus and all the Disney Channel Christmas Episodes you can watch, for a reason. 

And many more! For those looking for Christmas Rom Coms on Disney Plus, you can find also12 Dates of Christmas, Snowglobe, and While you Were Sleeping.

Should I get the Disney Plus Bundle?

If you’ve decided to fully commit to the Disney catalog, you can grab the Disney Bundle, which includes Hulu, ESPN, and Disney Plus. This is 14.99/ month for the base package. While we do have Hulu and Disney Plus, we absolutely have no need for ESPN. That said, for some, having access to sports, without having to figure out local tv, is a perk! 

Hopefully, this post has given you a quick snapshot of what you get when you get the Disney Plus streaming service. And if you’ve been asking “Is Disney Plus worth It,” perhaps this post has cleared up a few of your questions. Let us know if you have questions we need to cover! And happy streaming. 


Is Disney Plus Worth it? Here is everything you can watch and what it costs on Disney Plus.