Animal Kingdom Earth Day with Disney 2023

Animal Kingdom Earth Day with Disney 2023

How can you celebrate Earth Month with a little help from Disney’s Animal Kingdom? An Animal Kingdom Earth Day with Disney includes activities happening in the parks, and on Disney Plus.  And there is a ton to be grateful for on Planet Earth thanks to Disney’s Conservation Fund. Here are all the ways to celebrate Earth Day ( And Earth Month) this year. 

When does Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Celebrate Earth Day?

Animal Kingdom celebrates Earth Month at Disney in April and activites happen all month long! 

Animal Kingdom 50th Anniversary Statues

Animal Kingdom Activities for Earth Day

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World this year, there is plenty to do if you want to celebrate Earth Month at the most magical place on Earth. Here is everything happening at Animal Kingdom for Earth Day!

Earth Day at Disney’s Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom

Head to the Animation Experience at Conservation Station to watch Disney Artists bring their favorite characters to life by using animals for inspiration. For the Earth Day Celebration and the month of April, you can learn to draw characters – including our favorite Disney animals, while learning about conservation efforts underway across the planet to save this amazing wildlife. Learn to draw Dumbo, Terk, Squirt, Shere Khan, Simba, and Scar! 

pocahontas character cavalcade at disney animal kingdom

Character Cavalcades on Discovery River

Keep an eye out for your favorite Animal Kingdom characters making their way down the river in style! With Disney sidekicks in tow and loads of waves to be had, be sure to snap a pic! Check out all the Disney characters you can see at Animal Kingdom. 

Disney Animal Kingdom Earth Day Snacks

Be sure to check out all the new Disney snacks for Earth Day at Animal Kingdom. You can grab limited-time specialty cupcakes for Earth Day and fancy frozen drinks. Here’s everything to try this Earth Month. These are the 2022 Disney Earth Day Snacks. 

Honey Bee Cupcake | Creature Comforts

This Bee Cupcake is an Orange Cake, Honey Bavarian Filling, Honey Frosting with White Chocolate Honeycomb Celebrate Bees all 20,000 species!

Strawberry Flamingo Cupcake | Flame Tree Barbecue

This sweet treat is an Earth Day Cupcake is a Flamingo Cupcake Strawberry Cake filled with Strawberry Compote, Guava Frosting, and Strawberry Crispy Pearls.

Sea Turtle Graham Cracker Cupcake | Restaurantosaurus Lounge

Honor our favorite friends at sea with this Sea Turtle Cupcake is a Graham Cracker Cupcake, Key Lime Pie Filling, Guava Gelée with Vanilla Buttercream.

Animal Kingdom Earth Day Alcoholic Drinks

Looking for some Earth Day libations? Check out the newest Earth Day Drinks across Animal Kingdom for the month of April for grown-ups! Across the best Animal Kingdom bars and restaurants in Africa, Asia and Pandora. 

Tiger Tail Pale Ale | Restaurantosaurus and Dawa Bar

Tiger Tail Pale Ale: Celebrating Florida’s tiger swallowtail butterfly, this pale ale features notes of passionfruit, strawberry, and grapefruit (available through April 28) 

Crave the Wave Cocktail | Restaurantosaurus Lounge

Sure to be a crowd favorite this drink combines Vodka, Blue Curacao and Odwalla® Lemonade.

Lions Fury | Dawa Bar

If you’re looking for something with a little more roar, then this Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon, Jungle Juice and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Floater should do the trick. ( Thru April 28)

Kiwi Margarita | Satu’li Canteen

Of course we can always count on Pandora to serve up something fresh! This margarita is made with Kiwi Monin with Lime, Sour and Tequila. Found at Satu’li Canteen. 

YETI Sunset | Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks

If you’re looking for a classic, you can’t go wrong with this spring drink. This combines Jack Daniels, Strawberry, and Lychee Lemonade.

Animal Kingdom Earth Day Non-Alcoholic Drinks

We love our Kid-Friendly Drinks to Beat the Heat and the newest Animal Kingdom Earth Day drinks make the list! Check out all the slushies, iced drinks and frozen coke for delicious fun treats great for kids and adults. 

Sea Turtle | Dino Diner

Sea Turtle: Frozen blue raspberry and frozen lemonade with a wave of blue cotton candy on top

Red-Crowned Crane | Isle of Java

This drink is a Frozen Coke topped with Frozen Cherry Coke and a Crown of Strawberry Cotton Candy. You can also grab this in an alcoholic version with Rum.

Loggerhead | Terra Treats 

Loggerhead: Sprite and Granny Smith apple syrup over ice with a gummy worm, sugar lime rim, and souvenir glow cube (non-alcoholic) 

Chocolate Boot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge Snacks

Plant (Based) in Boot: Chocolate Spice Cake with Coconut Ganache in a Chocolate Boot (Plant-based) (New) (available on April 22) 

Garden Cupcake at Disney's BoardWalk

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Garden Cupcake: Lemon cupcake with a lemon curd filling topped with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate ladybug (New) (available on Mobile Order from April 18 through 22) 

wilderness explorers at walt disney world

Animal Kingdom Earth Day Games

Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers Earth Day Nature Badge

Add another specialty game to our Fun and Free Disney Games List! Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom is a self-guided nature challenge. And this year for Earth Day you can earn a special Wilderness Explorer limited-time Earth Day Nature badge. Add it to the 25 badges you can collect regularly as part of this Disney game at Animal Kingdom. 

Animal Kingdom Earth Day Merchandise 2023

Help support the Disney Conservation Fund by heading to any gift shop at Animal Kingdom to peruse all there is to offer for Earth Month! Specialty Earth Day merchandise, limited editions, and in limited quantities. Grab them while they last! 

  • Animal Kingdom Earth Day 2023 limited-edition trading pin.
  • Earth Day Tumblers, Eco-Friendly Water Bottles, and Reusable Bags. 
  • Disney Conservation Animals Plushies

Animal Kingdom Wildlife Babies

New babies in Animal Kingdom mean that wildlife conservation lives on! Keep an eye out for animal babies on the savanna which can be seen on Disney’s Kilamnnajaro Safari! And new babies across the park, just in time for Spring. 

New Disney PhotoPass Offerings for Earth Week at Disney's Animal Kingom

Photo Pass Earth Day Photo Opportunities

Get ready for Earth Day backdrops, screen savers, and Zoom backgrounds perfect for Earth Day! The Disney PhotoPass Service is offering special in-park Earth Day backgrounds and Magic Shots for Earth Month.

Disney Earth Day at Home

National Geographic and Disneynature have teamed up for a brand new lineup of Disney Earth Day documentaries to celebrate Earth Month. 

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This Disney Plus Original, “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”  is narrated by Josh Gad and honors all things Animal Kingdom. Produced by National Geographic this feature brings you on a journey through Disney’s Animal Kingdom and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT. Meet animal caretakers, and get a close-up look at conservation happening across the world. This 8 episode series is the perfect way to ring in Earth Month. Watch on Disney Plus. 

Disney Parks Wild Sights

If you can’t get to Animal Kingdom this year, check out this mini-series found in the free My Disney Experience app! Just log into the app to meet the keepers and the animals at Animal Kingdom! New episodes are released all the time, so be sure to check it out! 

Dolphin Reef

Narrated by Natalie Portman this is the story of a young dolphin named Echo, who is more curious about his new home in the corals, than learning how to survive in it. Beauty and danger await. 

Disney Nature Natalie Portman


Narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Elephant is the story of a herd of elephants as they travel hundreds of miles across the Kalahari desert and everything they experience along the journey. 

Disney Nature Meghan Markle


Join Steve, an amazing little penguin on a quest to find a mate, build a nest and start a family. Get ready for cuteness and edge-of-your-seat entertainment in the Antarctic spring months as Steve wards off predators on his journey. 

disney nature earth day

Disney Earth Day Lesson Plans

Want to really dive in this month to all things Nature? Grab Disneynatures Educator Guide complete with tons of activities and lessons for kids at home. And check out Disneynature for more educator details and activities. 

Earth Day at Walt Disney World

With so many activities at Animal Kingdom, why would you celebrate Earth Day anywhere else? Be sure to take a break and head to Walt Disney World this spring. 

Animal Kingdom Earth Day Plans


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