Animal Kingdom Earth Day 50th Anniversary Events

Animal Kingdom Earth Day 50th Anniversary Events

How can you celebrate both the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 25th Anniversary of Disney’s Conservation Fund with Disney? With Disney+ streaming both Disneynature and National Geographic films, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. Here’s the lineup of everything at Animal Kingdom for Earth Day.

Disney Earth Day at Home

While Walt Disney World had massive plans to celebrate both the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 25th Anniversary of Disney’s Conservation Fund at Walt Disney World this year, we figure virtual options are now in the works. Thankfully Disneynature has a brand new lineup to share for Earth Month. 

 Dolphin Reef

Narrated by Natalie Portman this is the story of a young dolphin named Echo, who is more curious about his new home in the corals, than learning how to survive in it. Beauty and danger awaits. 

Disney Nature Natalie Portman


Narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Elephant is the story of a herd of elephants as they travel hundreds of miles across the Kalahari desert and everything they experience along the journey. 

Disney Nature Meghan Markle


Join Steve, an amazing little penguin on a quest to find to find a mate, build a nest and start a family. Get ready for cuteness and edge of your seat entertainment in the Antarctic spring months as Steve wards off predators on his journey. 

disney nature earth day

Disney Earth Day Lesson Plans

Want to really dive in this month to all things Nature? Grab Disneynatures Educator Guide complete with tons of activities and lessons for kids at home. And check out Disneynature for more educator details and activities. 

Animal Kingdom Earth Day at Walt Disney World

April 22nd is Earth Day. With that comes all things honoring Planet Earth. We take time from April 18- 22nd to marvel at nature, wildlife, and conservation efforts worldwide. Here’s everything Disney has lined up in 2020 for Earth Day. 

Wild by Nature Speaker Series

Disney has been a global leader in conservation efforts for decades . In the Wild by Nature speaker series you can hear from Disney’s Animal Kingdom experts, educators and conservationists helping to save the planet. You’re sure to walk away inspired. So keep an eye on the times guide for details about this series. 

Theater in the Wild

If you’re excited to learn more about how Disney is helping to save the planet, head to the Theater in the Wild. Home to the Finding Nemo show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can listen to special guests share experiences from the field, saving wildlife and the planet.

Hear from National Geographic Explorers and Photographers

Listen to stories from the team at National Geographic. Do you love all those amazing never-before-seen images and video footage? Learn a little more about what it takes to do wildlife photography and video from the masters. Nat Geo Explorers and photographers will be on stage and part of the Wild by Nature Speaker Series. 

Earth Day Merchandise and Disney Snacks

Special Disney Earth Day Merchandise and snacks are also available during this special week-long celebration. And if you’re committed to the Explorer life, you can find exclusive National Geographic merchandise at Animal Kingdom! Plan to check out all the latest shirts, backpacks, water bottles and more. 

Tiffin Talks 

Walt Disney Imagineer, Joe Rohde, is part of a new special dining experience at Tiffin’s for Earth Day. He’ll share stories about his research trips and exhibitions while guests enjoy a 4 course meal. Registration for this experience is now open, so grab your place at the table before it’s too late! 

Disneynature films 

Join Roy Conli who will be part of the speaker lineup to discuss his work on award winning Disneynature films. And get ready for the Disney+ debut of two new films, Elephant and Dolphin Reef. If you’re into fantastic filmography, nature up close and personal, you’ll want to tune in.

25th Anniversary of the Disney Conservation Fund Book

2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Disney Conservation Fund. As a global conservation leader, “the Walt Disney Company is committed to ensuring a world where wildlife thrives and nature is treasured.” As part of the festivities to honor this milestone, Disney is showcasing 25 global wildlife heroes and their stories. Learn more about how the Walt Disney Company is working to save wildlife around the world. You’ll be able to get an inside look at the new special edition 25th anniversary book, Disney Conservation Legacy. Available for purchase in the park during the Earth Day Celebrations.

Animation Experience at Conservation Station

Using real life animals as inspiration, Disney animators will be creating characters and bringing them to life! With a host of special Disney characters on hand for the Earth Day Celebration, you’re sure to be inspired to create your own piece of art! Head to the Conservation Station for this interactive experience.  

Earth Day at Walt Disney World

With so many activities at Animal Kingdom, why would you celebrate Earth Day anywhere else? Be sure to take a break and head to Walt Disney World this spring. 

Earth Day at Walt Disney World may look different now that the parks are closed, but you can be sure there will still be celebrations for the Anniversary's of Earth Day and the Disney Conservation Fund. Here is everything planned for Earth Day with Disney. Plus new Disneynature shows to watch! #disneynature #disneyearthday #earthday #savetheplanet #polkadotpixies

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