8 Fun and Free Games at Walt Disney World

8 Fun and Free Games at Walt Disney World

Are you visiting Walt Disney World this year and looking for some unique things to do in the Parks? We’ve got Free Disney Games at Walt Disney World if you need to kill the time in between rides and food and parades. Since these fun free Disney games sometimes come with a free souvenir, you can play without your budget falling through the floor.

Fun and Free Disney Games at Disney Parks

Walt Disney World has some pretty cool FREE games that you can play within the parks. Especially, if you’re in search of some downtime. Or if you just need a break from the lines or crowds or both. We play these games often as they’re perfect for kids, adults, and the whole family. We also love that sometimes there is a free Fastpass, treasure map, and other Free Disney Souvenirs just for playing. 


orcerers of the magic kingdom at disney

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Magic Kingdom Main Street

UPDATE: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom has been temporarily paused at Magic Kingdom.

While this is probably one of the more complicated games, it’s really fun once you get the hang of it. Check out our guide on how to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  You can head to the Magic Kingdom Firehouse on Main St. to get cards and a map. There you will be given a mission, a map, and a pack of cards. The cast member will let you know where you are to begin. Once you decide where to start, you just find the MK symbol on the ground and touch your magic band to the keyhole lock in front of you.

Use your magic band will open different “portals” throughout the Magic Kingdom where you will be presented with a villain. Your sorcerer’s cards then help you defeat that villain. As you walk through the parks you’ll start to notice how many of these little televisions have actually been right in front of you the whole time!

After your mission is complete, you have the choice of beginning a new one or just calling it quits for the day. The best part is that overtime you visit you can ask for more cards and take on another game. It’s a great game to play, and you get free collectible cards, and maps every time you do. Overtime, you build up quite an arsenal of challenge cards. All to help fight off those Disney villains. Be sure to check it out at the Magic Kingdom fire station when you next visit.

Walt Disney World Sorcerers of the magic Kingdom

A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasure of the Seven Seas at Magic Kingdom

UPDATE: A Pirates Adventure: Treasure of the Seven Seas has been temporarily paused at Magic Kingdom.

You can find this Pirates of the Caribbean treasure hunt in the Magic Kingdom. Get started by visiting the tiny orange building right between Adventureland and Frontierland. This is a short walk from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride towards Splash Mountain. Once you enter the hut, you will be given the choice of which map you’d like to start. Your MagicBand activates the game, so it will keep track of which maps you’ve already completed. For the game you will be given a landmark, somewhere throughout Adventureland and will be given instructions to unlock treasures that have been hidden there. And in the true fashion of a treasure map, you will then be directed to another landmark until you have finally found the treasure. You can even earn a Pirates of the Caribbean Fastpass for playing through 3 maps 

We love this game; not only does it take you to some more hidden areas of the Kingdom you may not have noticed, but you can also make some pretty awesome stuff happen. Hello, firing a canon? Seriously awesome. Each map takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on the crowds and how easily you are able to find your landmarks. At the end of each map, you return to the hut and will collect a card for finding your treasure. You can then choose to do another or abandon ship.

pirate game at walt disney world


free games at disney world

Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom

This Hidden Pascal game is relatively new and super easy. Basically, Pascal (you know that sneaky little chameleon friend of Rapunzel’s) is hidden in 10 different places near the Tangled restrooms in Fantasyland. The goal is to find all 10. Keep in mind, he is a chameleon, which means he generally blends in with his environment. This game is actually a lot harder than it sounds! We actually were playing the game with a cast member at one point and he said he has yet to find all 10 and there may be more. This is a great game to play with the kids during a recharge your phone break at the recharging stations right across from the restrooms.  Check our our post on Hidden Pascals to get more hints! Good luck and Happy Hunting!

hidden pascals at walt disney world tangled bathrooms

ducktales 50th Anniversary Plans at Walt Disney World

Ducktales World Showcase Adventure at Epcot

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is getting re-branded, Ducktales style. Either way we’re sure it’s going to be amazing. We love this game and have been playing it ever since we started visiting Walt Disney World. The game is fully accessible from your phone, so just type in the website and you’re off. This Adventure game is a little like a spy mission. In it’s current form, you’re given a mission and alongside Perry the Platypus, from Phineas and Ferb, so you can save the world from the diabolical Dr. Doofenshmirtz. This game can be started by visiting this site. http://www.agentpwsa.com/. Not all countries can be saved as they do not all have missions. But the ones that do offer neat little glimpses of magic you wouldn’t see if you weren’t playing the game.  This game is similar to the previously mentioned Pirates game in that you can make pretty cool stuff happen, like make steins sing in Germany, or a chase in the clock tower or trigger Agent P’s boat to cross the moat in Japan. We are sure the Ducktales world showcase adventure will be just as cool!

Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom

The Wilderness must be explored! Remember Russell from Up? Well your kids, or just you, can join in on Russell’s wilderness enthusiasm by signing up in Animal Kingdom to be a Wilderness Explorer. While this game requires a little more effort, its actually completely fascinating. To earn “badges.” Mind you badges are really just stickers for your Wilderness Explorer book. To earn them you have to visit the Wilderness Explorer stations to learn about the animals featured at each station. There are also other activities throughout the book that will require some interaction with cast members, like in Maharajah Jungle Trek, in order to complete them. This is a great activity for kids who love animals and makes another great, free, souvenir!

wilderness explorers at walt disney world

The Mirror de los Muertos in Epcot Mexico

With the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot World Showcase in Walt Disney World slowly becoming overtaken by all things Coco, it’s no surprise that the newest addition is an interactive digital game featuring characters from Coco. The game, Mirror de los Muertos can be found on the wall in the pavilion right before you enter the open-air market. It is perfect for one or several players. In the game, you’re given the opportunity to dress up a digital skeleton and make him dance. Towards the end of the game, your skeleton will ask you to dance. As you dance together, the mirror captures the image, and at the end, you have a digital picture of yourself and the skeleton projected on the screen. Very cool. While there is no takeaway or free souvenir from this game, it’s a super cute game you can play in the air-conditioned Mexico pavilion. Always a treat in Florida.

The Mirror de los Muertos at Epcot Mexico in Walt disney World, is a fun, free game at Disney. You dress up your skeleton, dance and get a picture together on the screen. #disneyfreegames #freedisney #disneyepcot #coco #cocoatwaltdisneyworld

Kidcot FunStops in Epcot 

While not necessarily a “game”, this Passport Sticker and postcard collecting extravaganza come complete with a little ziplock bag suitcase. Collect the cards, color them, grab a sticker and learn how to say hello in a foreign language! A perfect Free Disney Souvenir, this game helps you make sure you don’t miss a single country while at Epcot and fuels a little bit of that “collector” in all of us. 

kidcot at walt disney world free souvenir

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Interactive Game in Hollywood Studios

Oh my gosh guys! With the arrival of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge comes a brand new game you can access in the Disney Play app. If you’re in My Disney Experience for Walt Disney World or Disneyland you can click the “learn more” button under the Galaxy’s Edge pic in the app. OR you can download Disney Play for iPhone  or Android. Once in the app, you can Hack the lock panels. Or scan the barcodes you find around the land and play puzzle games that earn you swag for your avatar. We’ll be writing a post all about this new game, so stay tuned! Read our Guide on How to Play the Galaxy’s Edge Game.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge game in the disney Play app

Disney Games to Play in the Parks

Hopefully, this list has helped you learn about some of the little extras that are available to you, and at no extra cost within Walt Disney World. Next time you see someone summoning a pirate from the water or opening a portal in Liberty Square, you’ll know what they’re doing. What did we leave out? What do you love to do in the Parks when you’re not riding rides or meeting Princesses? Let us know!

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