The Best Apps to help you Save Money or Make Money

The Best Apps to help you Save Money or Make Money

Whether you’re staying at home, still working, being really careful with your finances or saving for a future Walt Disney World vacation, or any other big purchase for that matter, saving a little extra money never hurt anyone. Over the years we’ve found a few really great apps that can help you save, or even make a little extra cash and wanted to share them with you. If you follow us on Instagram, this is something we talk about a lot in our stories; so we wanted to put it all in one place to keep things tidy and organized here.

save money and make money with apps

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Rakuten which is formerly known as Ebates, is probably one of my favorite apps to save money with because it’s so much more than an app. Download the app on your phone and shop through the app before making online purchases; but also know that Rakuten can be installed on your laptop or desktop to activate cashback that way as well. Additionally, Rakuten offers cashback at certain retailers in-store when you link your credit card to the site. Rakuten pays out with their Big Fat Check every quarter, so as long as you’re active and earning cashback, you can expect a check four times a year. We’ve been using this for years and have earned over $2000 cashback since signing up. It’s one of the Best Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation

Sign up here to earn a $10 bonus with your first $25 purchase!

save money and make money with apps


Swagbucks is a little bit more of an earning platform as well as a saving platform. You can earn Swagbucks when shopping online, but you can also earn them by taking surveys, watching videos and “discovering” new products. And you can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks or even for cash via Paypal!

Sign up here to start earning Swagbucks

save money and make money with apps


Until recently, Shopkick was really an app that could only be used in stores and occasionally online. The basic idea behind it is that you walk into a store, open the app and earn “kicks” which will later help you earn cash or gift cards. You could also scan items in-store or earn extra kicks by making specific purchases as specified within the app. 

However, recently, Shopkick has really stepped up to the current situation by offering all kinds of ways to earn kicks at home. Finally, deciding to get the Hulu Subscription? That will earn you kicks! Want to find some inspiration for things to do if you’re staying at home? Watch a few videos for extra kicks. And you can earn kicks by shopping online too!

And most importantly, we love seeing companies do good during a time like this and they’re doing exactly that. Refer friends and they’ll donate to Feeding America. Or, donate to Feeding America and they’ll match your donation!

Download Shopkick and sign up here!


Ibotta is another cashback earning app that has stepped up its game lately. If you are making a grocery store run, you can clip cash back offers on specific products at participation stores. But recently, they’ve added a whole slew of online offers as well as cash back on food delivery or takeout services. So it’s easy to earn cash back while staying at home and supporting local businesses! 

You can sign up for Ibotta here!

We will continue to update this post as we find more apps to help you earn and save money. We hope you have found this helpful! 

Need some extra money? Make every time on your phone or shopping trip in store and Online count! You can earn money from scans, surveys, store visits and more. And get a cash back check! #savemoney #onabudget #moneysavingtips #budgetplanning

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