Fun Facts We Love about the Disney Wonder

Fun Facts We Love about the Disney Wonder

We love the Disney Wonder. We love the smaller size, the theming and welcoming feel. Learning about the ships on our cruises is always a fun experience. You can do this by attending tours, trivia’s and just talking to the Cast Members. Here are five fun facts about the Disney Wonder!

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Fun Facts about the Disney Wonder 

Not only do we love the Disney Wonder, but we also love trivia! If there’s a trivia on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator schedule, you can bet we will be there. So whenever we see an opportunity to learn trivia or fun facts, we are all about it. On our last Disney Cruise on the Disney Wonder to Alaska, we took an Art of the Theme Tour. This is a free tour. And it’s usually offered on sea days of your Disney Cruise. On longer cruises, you can expect to find this offered several times. And during shorter ones, you may only have one opportunity. Just look for the times in your Navigator app!

Here are some fun facts we learned about the Disney Wonder on our most recent Art of the Theme tour.

Disney Wonder atrium

Disney Wonder Fun Facts

The theme on the Disney Wonder is all about The Little Mermaid 

The Little Mermaid is the statue that graces the atrium. And much of deck 3 revolves around here! If you look at the carpet in the atrium, it’s meant to represent bubbles and being under the sea. The colors are also representative of her tail. The imagineers used the Art Nouveau style to create flowing lines and add some whimsy.

As you follow the lines up towards the ceiling, you’ll notice the railings on the upper decks are wavy and can be tied the ocean waves and represent her tail. And all of this leads you to the flower chandelier, which is inspired by her hair piece. It’s a very beautiful way to subtly portray Ariel and we just love how they did this! 

The main restaurant with an entrance from the atrium is called Triton’s. And while this one may be obvious, it’s still fun to see how it all ties together with the main theme. Be sure to look for lots of Little Mermaid detailing when you’re in the restaurant!

If you continue to the forward of deck 3, you’ll see more of this influence there. In the bar and lounge section, you’ll find blue walls, with waves along the walls, carpet that looks like it’s wet and chandeliers that look like anemone. And the names of the lounges, Azure and Crown and Fin fit perfectly into the theme of The Little Mermaid.

Disney Wonder Carpets, Fun Facts about the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder Carpets, Fun Facts about the Disney Wonder

The carpets on the Disney Wonder can help you find your way

Navigating a cruise ship can be hard! But the carpets on the Disney Wonder can help you find your way around. When you’re navigating the hallways where the staterooms are located, just look at the floor. If the stars look right side up and are pointing forward, that means you are heading towards the forward. If they look upside down to you, then you are headed toward the aft. Alternatively, when you come to a map on the floor, look at the compass. “North” will point you to the forward. 

In addition to this, many areas of the Disney Wonder have the same carpet from deck to deck. If you remember seeing a pink flower on the carpet midship, whenever you come to an area of the ship with that same carpet, you’re in midship. Navigating is easy once you get the hang of it! But those are a few tricks you can use to learn your way around. 

Disney Wonder Kid's Club Toy Story

Deck 5 on the Disney Wonder is designed to make you feel taller

The kids’ clubs on the Disney Wonder are located on deck 5. So, Deck 5 is made to make kids feel like it’s their domain. To do this, Deck 5 is designed to make you feel taller. The ceilings are lower and the portholes are positioned closer to the floor. At just 5 ft 3, I can touch the ceiling when standing on my tippy toes. 

Aside from the fact that this is a fun fact, it’s also good information to know if you’re a taller guest. I’ve seen guests who are over 6ft tall on this deck have to duck as they walk through doorways, so if you’re a taller passenger, it might be a better idea to choose a different deck when possible.

Palo Brunch Disney Wonder

Deck 10 aft is designed to make kids feel like they shouldn’t be there

Palo is the only adult-only dining experience onboard the Disney Wonder. And it can be found on Deck 10 in the aft. In contrast to the welcoming atmosphere for children on Deck5, Deck 10 aft is designed to keep kids away. Immediately upon arriving in this area, you’ll see breakables pretty much everywhere. With Italian glass pieces displayed in a very grown-up looking case, it’s easy to understand why any child might want to turn around and head back downstairs. The artwork is also more adult like, with no Disney to be found. And the carpet is also fancier than other areas of the ship.

Dr Facilier Tianas Place Disney Wonder Cruise

French Quarter Lounge is designed to be the prelude to Tiana’s Place

When the Disney Wonder went into a dry dock in 2019, they revamped the Promenade Lounge into French Quarter Lounge. This lounge is located immediately before Tiana’s Place, which is the ship’s dinner and a show restaurant and one of the three main dining rooms on the Disney Wonder. It’s the perfect prelude to Tiana’s Place.

And actually, makes us feel like Disney really missed the mark when revamping the Wonder’s sister ship, the Disney Magic. With the Magic being home to Rapunzel’s Royal Table, I feel like a Snuggly Duckling would have made more sense and would have been a very welcome addition rather than their current Soul Cat Lounge. But that’s just me.

There you have it, five fun facts about the Disney Wonder! We hope you enjoyed learning about this adorable ship.

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