Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Seeing how Magic Kingdom is our favorite park, we tend to spend a lot of time there, mostly snacking. While Magic Kingdom does seem to have the most “temporary” snacks, many of which you can find in our New Snacks at Walt Disney World post, we have found some of our favorites that we will go back to again and again.

Magic Kingdom snacks are some of the most creative at Walt Disney World, with the exception of snacks at Disney Springs. They also have some of the cheapest snacks at Disney World, which is an absolute blessing. Because chances of you finding yourself at Magic Kingdom for at least two days, and more than any other park are good. And surely, you will need things to eat. At Magic Kingdom, you can get snacks almost anywhere. From the little carts along the midway to the Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants. You’ll have fun whether you’re hunting down the newest caramel apple at Big Top Souvenirs or the newest cake pop. From the Confectionery to random carts in Adventureland. Here’s where to find the best snacks in Magic Kingdom. 

Apple Hand Pie at Magic Kingdom

Apple Hand Pie at Friar Nooks Magic Kingdom

Apple Hand Pie | The Friars Nook

By far one of the BEST snacks at Magic Kingdom, this Apple Hand Pie combines flaky pastry crust and gooey apple pie filling. Perfect for sharing, but we also love it aside some ice cream, you can grab at the same spot. Traditional street food, this Apple Pie can be eaten while walking, but we say, sit down and savor it! 

best snacks in magic kingdom- sleepy hollow

waffle sandwich at magic kingdom sleepy hollow

Chocolate Hazelnut Waffle Sleepy Hollow | Liberty Square

If you haven’t tried this Waffle from Sleepy Hollow, well you’re missing out. Sleepy Hollow is known for its waffle sandwiches and we can’t get enough of this one. Filled with strawberries, bananas, and Nutella, this waffle sandwich is big enough for a meal AND is served with one of the best views in Magic Kingdom.

spring rolls at magic kingdom pizza cheeseburger magic kingdom snacks




















Spring Rolls Snack Cart | Adventureland

These spring rolls come in a variety of flavors! And truthfully, they’re always fantastic! Crispy on the outside and flavorful and delicious on the inside, these easily made their way to the top of our snack list. The cart that sells them often has different flavors, like veggie and buffalo chicken, cheeseburger, pepperoni pizza and more so keep your eye out for those if you happen to be in the area.

gastons tavern magic kingdom

Cinnamon Roll Gaston’s Tavern | FantasyLand

The cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern is what dreams are made of. Big enough to share, with loads of warm ooey-gooey cinnamon filling and topped with plenty of icing, this may be the best cinnamon roll we have found on Disney property. If you’re tempted to grab one at Main Street Bakery during your morning coffee run, fight the temptation, skip it, and head to Gaston’s. Your tastebuds will thank you. 

story book treats magic kingdom

Soft Serve Cone Storybook Treats| Fantasyland

Serving up themed treats at Storybook Treats, this treat changes often. In the past, there have been the Peter Pan cone, snow white, and the seven dwarfs, and the current run includes both Aurora and Rapunzel cones. All delicious, and all a great deal of fun. Be sure to check out the New Snacks at Disney World post for the latest additions to this menu. 

Dole Whip float at Magic Kingdom Snacks

Dole Whip & Dole Whip Float Aloha Isle| Adventureland

Ahhh dole whip. The original classic treat. Dole Whip is our go-to, whether it’s hot or cold. It’s light and delicious and you can get it in a few different varieties. This pineapple soft serve is delicious in any form, whether it’s plain, swirled with vanilla, or in the form of a float with pineapple juice. They’re all delicious and just taste like a vacation somewhere in a tropical hideaway. In fact, we love this so much, we’ve done recipes incorporating this flavor. Check out our Dole Whip Tea Latte, and Dole Whip Nachos Recipes.

Loaded Buffalo chicken Tator Tots in Magic kingdom Best Snacks at Disney

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots Friar’s Nook | Fantasyland

If you love Buffalo Chicken, then this is the snack for you. Enough tater tots to constitute a meal or a very shareable snack, these tater tots are loaded with spicy buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, and celery. So good and I mean, who doesn’t love tater tots? This is also a staple on our Best Non-Dessert Snacks at Disney post. Because who doesn’t love snacks that could also be lunch?

Best snacks at magic kingdom cheshire cat tail disney world snacks

Cheshire Tail Cheshire Café | Fantasyland

We would consider the Cheshire Cat Tail the best snack in Magic Kingdom. Served warm, this pastry is filled with chocolate and topped with icing. It’s warm and gooey and the pastry is golden and flaky. Perfect for breakfast or to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is one treat we will likely be getting again and again.

Pie at Disney World for Pi Day, Key Lime Pie at Pinocchio Village Haus

Key Lime Pie | Pinocchio’s Village Haus

A staple at everyone’s favorite place for flatbreads in Magic Kingdom, this Key Lime Pie is fresh and bright and perfect for sharing. We loved that it was a departure from the regular snacks you find around the park, and the fact that you can mobile it, is icing on the cake… or pie. As one of our favorite pies at Disney World, be sure to try this one on your next trip. 

Goofy Glaciers at Magic Kingdom

Goofy Glaciers Big Top Souvenirs | Fantasyland

While these kid-friendly drinks at Walt Disney World may look like your basic slushy, they’re so much more! You can mix, match, and get a blast of slushy ice, perfectly flavored to help you get through any hot afternoon in the parks. 

Halloween snacks at Disney World

Mickey Caramel Apples | The Confectionery

And if you’re looking for the Best Treats in at Magic Kingdom, look no further. Just head to The Confectionery on Main Street U.S.A. This shop has multiple counters filled with both packaged and made-to-go treats. From Mickey Caramel Apples to Rice Krispie Treats to Brownies, Cookies, and specialty snacks for the holidays. Be sure to browse the shop for all the best Magic Kingdom snacks. 

Best Magic Kingdom Snacks

So there you have it, some of the best treats at Magic Kingdom! If you’re looking for the grey stuff, it’s delicious you can find that featured in our Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants, and be sure to check out Top 10 Things to do in Magic Kingdom. This is an ever-growing list for us, so feel free to let us know what we need to try next! We’ll be adding our favorites as we find them!

The best snacks at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World are more than just dole whip! See all our favorite Disney snacks you can find at Magic Kingdom #disneysnacks #polkadotpixies #magickingdom


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