Disney+ Top 10 Things To Watch

Disney+ Top 10 Things To Watch

We wanted to share our list of favorites on Disney+ Top 10 things to Watch, and it’s proved rather difficult! Know this is more about personal preferences than anything else. Some of our favorites are based in nostalgia, obsession, and some just because we like them. No other reason needed. Also keep in mind that we are girls. So while we absolutely think The Clone Wars should be on this top 10 list, we’re not emotionally committed to it enough to bump a favorite. Mind you, this list did have about 50 things on it, before we whittled it down to just these 10. Either way, take a look at our favorite Disney+ shows and see if any catch your fancy! 

best shows on disney plus Disney+ Top Shows to Watch


Take Scrooge McDuck, a reluctant family-man/ billionaire and add in crazy nephew Donald Duck with Huey, Dewey and Louie in tow. What you get is a nonstop clash of personalities (present in every family) an understanding of how to work with money (something we can all learn), and a penchant for adventure ( and who doesn’t need more of that!) Seriously though, from this cartoon we learn how to be a family, love each other, take risks, believe in magic, the importance of friendship. The classic and the remake are filled with stories of adventure, family and mystery. Its a cartoon we watch over and over again. 

best shows on disney plus Disney+ Top Shows to Watch

Waking Sleeping Beauty

If you have any passion for Disney films, you will be amazed by this documentary, giving you an inside look at the Animation department at Walt Disney Studios. And even more shocked at the faces and personalities you get to see here; Tim Burton, Howard Ashman, Glen Keane, Ron Clements, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas and all the powers that be. Struggles of the iconic CEO Michael Eisner, and news of Roy Disney’s resignation from the Board. Disney vs. Spielberg’s American Tail and The Land Before Time during a time of rebuilding. And the decision to refocus the company back on animated film and what that meant for the animators.

This is a 2010 documentary that covers 1984-1994 at Disney, and all the things that led that team to a boiling point, but not before creating the most fantastic, iconic Disney films. From the team that came up with The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King…completely worth the watch, and re-watch. Definitely worth Roger Ebert’s 4.5 Stars.

The Gummi Bears

Ok guys, so not sure we can actually identify life lessons in the Gummi Bears, but give us enough time and we’re sure to come with something. Frankly, it’s Disney Animation Gold from the 80’s and deserves your respect. It’s basically all about these bears that have the ability to bounce when they drink Gummi berry juice. Of course they’re always outrunning the bad guy and his trolls. And saving the kingdom. So there’s that. With the absolute catchiest theme song ever and 6 seasons of super fun stories, this is another one we can just play on repeat. It’s very addictive.

With Lorenzo Music, of Garfield fame, voicing Tummi, you’ll find yourself subconsciously concerned about where his next meal is coming from. And with Jim Cummings, also known as Tigger, playing Zummi you’ll be hoping he masters that magic book before the bad guys show up. ( We admit the character names could have been craftier in this one.)

best shows on disney plus Disney+ Top Shows to Watch

High School Musical The Musical The Series

This cheeky Disney+ Original Series is all about high schoolers putting on the dramatic production of High School Musical. Queue love triangle, dance competition, quirky video shots and adorable love songs. We love love love this cast. The talent and drama. Much like the original High School Musical we know and love. This one has a whole lot of heart and tunes you’ll sing and re-sing during your next house cleaning. give it a chance. At 10 episodes, you’ll be thankful that binge watch can simply happen overnight so you can still go to work the next morning. 

The Mandalorian

By far the most hyped of all shows on Disney+, this Disney Plus Original follows the bounty hunter, the Mandalorian, in his search for the galaxy’s ultimate prize, a 50 year old alien. The Child, is a member of the Yoda species, and absolutely to adorable ( and powerful) to harm. The bond between these is wonderful to watch. Apart from the amazing score, intricate storyline, and gorgeous set and costume design, we really are just in it for Baby Yoda! Quintessentially all things Star Wars, this is a must-see. definitely on our Disney+ Top 10 things to Watch

best shows on disney plus Disney+ Top Shows to Watch

That Darn Cat

A Disney Classic. If you need a throwback Disney flick and want to make sure you pick a good one, make it That Darn Cat. Starring Dean Jones and Hayley Mills, this film is about a bank robbery in a small town that leaves the bank teller in the hands of the thieves/ potential murders. Thankfully D.C. ( Darn Cat) is getting in his nightly stroll and wanders into the kitchen of the thieves. Giving Ms. Miller just enough time to etch the word HELP, kinda, onto the back of her watch. From there, hilarity ensues. An allergic FBI agent, a determined teen, an old maid sister, the surf crazy friend, and nosey neighbor all have a hand in how the story unfolds. An absolute gem for both kids and adults. And like all old movies, you need to listen to every line of this film. They’re all good.

best shows on disney plus Disney+ Top Shows to Watch

Mickey Shorts

Emmy-Award winning cartoons starring Mickey and friends. What’s not to like? In the classic Mickey cartoon style, you can count on finding favorites in these short cartoons. You’ll want to watch these over and over. Even more fun, is finding the easter eggs throughout the series. If you’re traveling to Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World be sure to stop by the Mickey Shorts theater. The new attraction features Vacation Fun, a whole new Mickey cartoon with a round-up of classic shorts you can watch at home on Disney+

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Twins Zack and Cody live the suite life at the Tipton Hotel with their lounge singer mother, getting into scrapes and annoying the hotel manager. Add in Ashley Tisdale, a rambunctious Brenda Song, and you have the makings of classic Disney Channel TV. Tisdale was actually working two other Disney roles at this time- Candace on Phineas and Ferb, and Sharpay on High School Musical. Thankfully, after you wrap up the 3 seasons of Suite Life, you can head over to another 3 seasons of Zack and Cody on Deck! Thank goodness they made more!

Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl

Captain Jack Sparrow in all his glory. A Johnny Depp comeback is always appreciated. We love this historical flick for the music, fancy costumes, mystery, and swashbuckling swordplay. Nothing beats Johnny, Orlando and Kiera working together. We love love love that the sword fight choreographer was Bob Anderson, also known for his work on The Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings! We adore that there’s a great love story and that Captain Jack seems half drunk most of the time and can still put one over on the King’s men. Fingers crossed that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 isn’t horrible!

The Rocketeer

A Disney+ Top 10 things to watch classic film if ever there was one. Set in the good old days of WWII, this film stars Jennifer Connelly fresh off her Labyrinth with David Bowie days. With former James Bond, Timothy Dalton, in the role of bad guy Nazi secret agent Sinclair, and Bill Campbell as the boy next door with a rocket pack. This movie brings to life some of that behind the scenes movie magic and off the comic book page storytelling. With a cozy love story and a hero to save the day. They just don’t make them like this anymore. 

Disney+ Top 10 Things to Watch

And really, if you’re seeing a pattern here. We love almost everything in the Disney plus catalog, without much rhyme or reason. Which was why we decided to just pick 10. Let us know your absolute favorite shows on Disney plus and we’ll add em to the list!

Our favorite Disney+ shows. Here's our Disney+ Top Shows to Watch. Just fun, interesting, happy and adventurous. #disneyplus #disneyathome #disneymovies #disneymovienight






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