Discounted Disney Gift Card Deals and How to Get Them

Discounted Disney Gift Card Deals and How to Get Them

Hoping to surprise your family with a Disney Vacation and need ways to save money on your Disney Vacation Package? From using Gift Cards to pay for your vacation to using Gift Cards to pay for food once you’re there, here are all the Discounted Disney Gift Card Deals, that can help you save money on your next Disney Trip. 

Whether you’re going on a Disney Cruise, heading to Disneyland, or flying a magic carpet into Walt Disney World, you can use  Disney Gift Cards to get discounts on all of it. You can even use Discount Disney Gift Cards on As such, there’s no reason to pay full price. Whether you’re paying for a Disney Vacation Package, buying new Disney merchandise or eating at a restaurant in the parks, here’s all the ways you can get discounted Disney Gift Cards.

Where to Buy Disney Gift Cards

What can you use a Disney Gift Card For?

Disney gift cards can be used to pay for almost anything associated with Disney, even Disney Plus+! You can easily save hundreds of dollars throughout the year, with Disney Gift Cards! Especially if you’re planning for a Disney vacation. 

  • A Disney Vacation Package: A Disney Vacation Package to Any Disney Theme Park. This includes Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disney Tokyo, Disney Hong Kong and Disney Shanghai. 
  • A Disney Cruise
  • Disney Tickets
  • A Disney Resort Stay
  • Parking at Walt Disney World
  • Disney Merchandise
  • Disney Food and Snacks at Kiosks
  • Disney Restaurants
  • Disney Mobile Order in the app
  • Disney Self Check Out at Disney Gift Shops
  • Disney Gift Shops
  • Disney Plus: You can use Disney+ Gift Cards and Disney Gift Cards toward the cost of your Disney+ or Disney Bundle subscription, or to gift to recipients

Can you Use a Disney Gift Card to Pay for a Disney Cruise?

Yes. You can buy Disney gift cards to pay for some or all of your Disney Cruise. From using it for a down payment on your cruise package, to paying for the trip, to buying alcohol and paying gratuities. Disney Gift Cards can be used for all of it. 

Disney Gift Card Deals for a Disney Vacation

Where to Buy Discount Disney Gift Cards

As one of our favorite ways to pay for a Disney Vacation, knowing where to get Discount Disney Gift Cards is key to saving money on a Disney Vacation. Many places offer Disney Gift Cards for Sale. You can buy Disney Gift Cards at most retailers, including your local grocery store, gas station, Target, Wal-Mart,  and more.  The best place to buy Disney gift cards

In this post, we’ll share where to get the best Disney Gift Card Deals and the best places to buy Disney Gift Cards. Keep in mind that since certain retailers are only in certain areas of the country, you may have even more places to buy Disney gift cards near you. 

You can get Disney Gift Card Deals online and in-store. Retail locations like Target, Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale are best for discount Disney gift cards. But we’ll share some tried and true tactics to make sure you’re getting the best Disney gift card deals. 

Can you Combine Disney Gift Cards?

Yes! So, let’s say you’ve been buying Disney Gift Cards throughout the year, and got some gift cards from friends and family. Suddenly, you have tons of Disney Gift Cards! Do you have to individually add them all on the Disney website to pay for your trip? Not necessarily! You can combine Disney Gift Cards on the Disney’s Gift Card Check Balance site. While you can only combine up to $1000 on one gift card, it makes all the difference when you’re paying off your vacation online. 

Use Disney Gift Cards to Save For Your Vacation

Planning a Disney Vacation any time of year, should give you enough time to save! And what better way to save for a Disney Vacation that to collect Disney Gift Cards throughout the year. 

Disney Gift Cards for Vacation

Save 5 % on Disney Gift Cards with the Target Red Card 

You can save 5% on Disney Gift Cards all year long with the Target Red Card. We most like the Target Red Card Debit Card, which simply connects to your bank account, so that you’re not racking up extra credit card fees or interest. All you need to do to save 5% and get discount Disney gift cards is use your Target Red Card at Checkout. A REDCard can save 5% on not only the Disney gift cards but also all gift cards in-store. This means you can also save 5% on airline gift cards, car rental gift cards, uber, and Starbucks. All the things you need when traveling with Disney. 

You can even buy discount Disney Gift Cards online at Simply add Disney Gift Cards to your cart, and pay with a REDcard at checkout to save 5%. Check out the Disney Gift Cards at Target so you can save 5% on your next Disney Trip. Incidentally, if you’re visiting Disneyland, Target also offers discount Disneyland Tickets on their website! 

disney gift cards

Grab Sam’s Club Disney Gift Cards on Sale and Save 4%

If you’re already a Sam’s Club member then you can get a $50 Disney Gift Card for about $48 dollars. While this isn’t as good as the Target offer. But, if you’re staring down a 2000 dollar vacation, you can save about 80 dollars with this offer. 

Get 10% Off Disney Gift Cards using Cash Back with Rakuten and DOSH

True savers, and discount seekers already know about Rakuten, but did you know you can Get 10% Cash Back with Rakuten at a variety of retailers? And many of them sell Disney Gift Cards. Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart are all included. The money-saving app DOSH is similar and gives you cash back for purchases made through the app when you visit retailers online. Check out our 5 Best Apps to Save Money for even more options. 

Disney gift Cards with Cash Back

Get 5% Off Disney Giftcards with a Discover Card

If you’re a Discover card holder then you can take advantage of the Discover Rewards throughout the year! 

You can earn 5% CASH BACK on a variety of retailers that sell giftcards! Including Disney Gift Cards. This means you can get Discount Disney Gift Cards, and get Cash Back at the same time! Retailers typically in the Discover Card Rewards program include, Target, Wal-Mart, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, etc. And they ALL carry Disney Gift Cards that you get 5% Cash Back on through Discover! Just be sure to activate your reward on the Discover Website, or in the Discover App as the reward periods arrive. 

Get Cash Back on Disney Gift Cards with Capital One

If you’re going to have credit cards, might as well maximize the rewards, right? And Capital One has not only cash back, but also it’s shopping extension, which you can access from the computer or in the app. This option is also super flexible, because you can buy Disney gift cards anywhere that you would get Cash Back! 

BJ’s Disney Gift Card Sales

You can grab a BJ’s One Day Pass to get access to a 24 hour window in which you can buy all the the discount Disney gift cards you’d like! You can typically get 3% off Disney Gift Cards at Bj’s. Making a 100 dollar giftcard about $96.99 instead. Again while 4 dollars off may not seem like the biggest Disney Gift Card Sale, it beats paying full price! 

Disney Gift Cards on Sale

Stack Discounts for the Best Deals on Disney Gift Cards and get 10% Off.

No matter where you’re shopping, be sure to consider buying Disney gift cards with a Credit Card that earns Rewards or Cash Back! For instance, if you’re shopping at BJ’s or Walmart, or Sam’s Club, you can take advantage of the discount Disney Gift Cards AND stack your Cash Back or Rewards by using a Credit Card to pay for it. Adding even more savings. 

An example is if you head to Sam’s Club and get 4% Off, then buy those gift cards with a 5% Cash Back Rewards Deal, you’d get a total of 9% off! That’s huge when you’re paying so much for a Disney trip! 

Purchase Disney Gift Cards at a Grocery Store with Fuel Perks

One of our favorite Disney gift card hacks is to buy Disney Gift Cards at our local grocery store with gas station perks. In the north we have Giant Eagle, but there are many grocery chains, like Kroger, that are nationwide and offer discounts on fuel too. This means that you can get a Disney Gift Card on Sale and then also gets discounts on fuel while you’re there!  

Discounted Disney Gift Cards

There are so many ways to Save Money at Disney, that buying Disney Gift Cards at a Discount just makes sense. And since Disney just gets more and more expensive, why not save some money while you’re at it! No matter where you buy Disney Gift Cards, hopefully this post has helped you find your best way to get Disney Gift Cards at a discount. 
Discounted Disney Gift Cards and how to get them

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