Best Disney Snacks at Disney World and Where to Find Them

Best Disney Snacks at Disney World and Where to Find Them

If you’re looking for Disney Snacks look no further! As one of the biggest parts of any great Disney Vacation hunting down the Best Disney Snacks is just as important as riding the Best Disney Rides and meeting your favorite Disney Characters. But, with so many choices, how can you possibly choose where your Disney Budget is best spent? Here are the Best Snacks at Walt Disney World, which you can find across all four Disney Parks and Disney Springs.

gastons tavern magic kingdom

Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Snacks are some of the best. If you’re looking for just a few tried and true favorites, scroll the post. If you want the complete list of great treats at Magic Kingdom, check out our Best Magic Kingdom Snacks post, for all the ones we’ve rounded up so far. 

Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll-Gaston’s Tavern | Magic Kingdom

Nothing says cozy like Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. This staple Disney Snack is all about luscious cream cheese icing, layers of warm dough, and cinnamon swirl. Definitely an indulgence this is a great snack if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World in the colder months. Wanna try this recipe yourself? Check out the Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe to make at home! 

snacks at walt disney world

Spring Rolls | Magic Kingdom

There is nothing like the Spring Rolls at Magic Kingdom. You can grab these at the Jungle Cruise cart in Adventureland. While the flavors change throughout the year, we’ve had the cheeseburger, veggie, and pizza so far! These are great and a staple on our non-dessert Disney Snack list

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Cheshire Cat Tail | Magic Kingdom

Currently found at Cosmic Rays, the Cheshire Cat Tail is a chocolate-filled pastry with pink and purple icing stripes. Light, flaky and sweet this is one of the BEST Snacks at Magic Kingdom and one we love to have with coffee as a second breakfast. 

Kakamora Float- Aloha Isle | Magic Kingdom

This fun float at Aloha Isle combines coconut soft-serve, pineapple juice, and blue curacao syrup. Topped with a chocolate Kakamora cake pop you’ll feel like your beachside in the Polynesian Tropics somewhere. 

Dole Whip at Walt Disney World

Dole Whip- Aloha Isle | Magic Kingdom

Dole Whip is by far one of the Best Disney Snacks. Pineapple soft-serve you can have on its own or in a float with extra pineapple juice. Both are delicious and exactly what you ( and we!) need on a hot day in Magic Kingdom. Light, refreshing, and budget-friendly, Dole whip will always be on our Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom list. Plus it’s famous the world over! You can even visit the Dole Plantation in Oahu, Hawaii on your next visit to Disney’s Aulani Resort.

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Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich- Sleepy Hollow | Magic Kingdom

Okay, we’ll be honest. Any waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow will do. There’s a chicken one we love, and sometimes seasonal variations; but no matter what they’re always good. This Nutella Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow though is always top of our Best Disney Snacks at Magic Kingdom list. It’s a light and fluffy waffle that fills the plate is smothered in Nutella, and covered in blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. And yes, this can double as a lunch! 

Goofy Glaciers- Big Top Souvenirs | Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite kid-friendly drinks at Walt Disney World is Goofy Glaciers from Big Top Souvenirs in the Dumbo area of Magic Kingdom. These slushy drinks come in fun flavors like raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, PLUS you can request they swirl two flavors! This just makes this such a super fun drink to grab any ‘ol time you’re feeling the heat at Walt Disney World. 

Trilo Bites Dino Land Nachos Disney Snacks

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Snacks are some of the best. If you’re looking for just a few tried and true favorites, scroll the post. If you want the complete list of great treats at Animal Kingdom, check out our Best Animal Kingdom Snacks post, for all the ones we’ve rounded up so far. 

Buffalo Chicken Chips –Trilo Bites Cart | Animal Kingdom

A staple on our Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom post, these have freshly fried potato chips as a base and are considered a major treat to be shared by at least two people! Prepare to get messy. These will, however, definitely hold you over until your next meal.

Night Blossom- Pongu Pongu| Animal Kingdom

Found in Pandora at the quick-serve window near the gift shop, the Night Blossom drink is Pandora’s signature beverage. This frozen drink is a mixture of limeade with apple and desert pear flavors topped with passion fruit boba balls! And if you want an alcoholic version, they have that too! 

Colossal Cinnamon Roll- Creature Comforts | Animal Kingdom

If you’re in Animal Kingdom and looking for something more substantial than just a quick breakfast sandwich, then head to Kusafiri Bakery or Creature Comforts for the Colossal Cinnamon Roll. This plate-sized cinnamon roll is in no way supposed to be eaten by a single person, but we won’t stop you! Frankly, there are days when the Disney crowds, screaming kiddies, and sweltering are too much to take. And on those days- you may just find us somewhere eating this Disney snack in all its ooey-gooey glory. 

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Pongu Lumpia- Pongu Pongu | Animal Kingdom

Found in Pandora World of Avatar, this Disney Snack is a spring roll filled with pineapple and cream cheese. Sweet and tangy, this little treat can keep you full until your next meal. You get two of these little rolls, but it’s not necessarily big enough to share. So be sure to get enough for everyone! 

Best Snacks at EPCOT

EPCOT Snacks at Walt Disney World are some of the best. If you’re looking for just a few tried and true favorites, scroll the post. If you want the complete list of great treats at EPCOT, check out our Best EPCOT Snacks post, for all the ones we’ve rounded up so far. 

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich- L’Artisan des Glaces | EPCOT

We love macarons on their own but add ice cream on a theme and we’re there! If you’re looking for something light and decadent, that still satisfies that sweet tooth, then grab a macaron Ice Cream Sandwich in France at EPCOT. The L’Artisan des Glaces shop has ice creams in different flavors and often seasonal treats as well! Definitely worth the stop! 

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Kakigori- Kabuki Café | Japan EPCOT

If you’re ready for a gorgeous Disney Snack grab a Kaki-Gori. This treat combines shaved ice with fruit flavor syrups! Perfect for hot days you can grab this at the Japan kiosk in Epcot’s World Showcase. As a delectable and light treat, Kaki-Gori is sometimes made with milk, or a milk alternative to give it that light ice cream flavor. Also delicious if you’re looking for something to hold you over, but isn’t too heavy. Definitely one of the best snacks at EPCOT.

Caramel Popcorn- Karamell-Kuche | EPCOT Germany

On our EPCOT day during any vacation grabbing a bag of freshly made caramel popcorn from Karamell- Kuche is one of our favorite Disney Trip traditions. Be sure to grab a bag of this caramel popcorn at Disney World at the beginning of your Disney Vacation. So that you can enjoy this Disney Snack in the evenings back at your resort throughout your vacation. However, we’ll share a word of caution here. While these are amazingly fresh if you plan to bring them back home to the family- grab the already bagged variety, as they will “keep” better than the freshly covered kernels.

American Dream- Fife and Drum | EPCOT America

One of the first Disney Snacks we ever tried was the American Dream at Fife and Drum. It was then that we knew we’d be writing up our New Snacks at Walt Disney World post because it was soooo good, we just wanted to tell everyone about it! The American Dream is swirled strawberry and raspberry slush ( usually made with Fanta) and vanilla soft serve. It’s seriously like every Fourth of July party you ever went to as a child. Luscious, sweet, not too heavy. Perfect for any hot day at Walt Disney World. 

Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Snacks offers a unique variety of flavors. From pop tarts to blue milk, you can find loads of unique treats at Hollywood Studios. If you’re looking for just a few tried and true favorites, scroll the post. If you want the complete list of great treats at Hollywood Studios, check out our Best Hollywood Studios Snacks post, for all the ones we’ve rounded up so far. 

Carrot Cake Cookie- Trolley Car Café | Hollywood Studios

Ahhh, the Carrot Cake Cookie at Hollywood Studios may sound like a healthy treat in disguise, but trust us, it’s not. This cookie is GIANT and easily shared. It’s two spiced carrot cake slices with cream frosting in the middle. Now, you’ll have to be discerning about which carrot cake cookie you choose from the case at Trolley Car Cafe, because not all of them have a ton of frosting. Which may or may not be good news to you. 

Wookie Cookie- Backlot Express Hollywood Studios

This Chewbacca cookie comes with a cult following. It’s two oatmeal cookies filled with whoopie-pie filling. Yum! And the top cookie is decorated with a chocolate belt from our favorite rebel Wookie- Chewbacca. If you’re looking for something, not chocolate or too filling, this is a sweet treat to sink your teeth into. 

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Butterfinger Cupcake- Rosie’s All American Café | Hollywood Studios

So, the Butterfinger Cupcake at Hollywood Studios is totally WORTH the HYPE! This chocolate cupcake is filled with Butterfinger and chocolate, then frosted, and then covered in Butterfingers again. The ultimate in chocolate decadence, this dessert totally warrants a sit-down break with a dark coffee and like 30 minutes. Because it’s totally worth savoring. 

best snacks at hollywood studios, nom nom cookie, disney cookies, incredibles cookies, what nsacks to eat at hollywood studios

Jack Jack Num Num Cookie- The Market | Hollywood Studios

This deep-dish chocolate chip cookie should be eaten with a spoon for full effect and will remind you of home-baked cookies from your childhood. One of the Best Disney Snacks if you’re looking for something familiar and happy to add to your day. Grab the Jack-Jack Cookie at Hollywood Studios. Found at the The Market just before you enter Toy Story Land. 

Cream Cheese Pretzel- Rockin Rollercoaster Stand  | Hollywood Studios

This tried and true Disney Snack is at Hollywood Studios near Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This is a cream-cheese stuffed Mickey pretzel and has previously popped up in many places across Disney Parks. If this is a favorite snack at Disney or you just want to see what the fuss is about, these sell out daily. Usually by 5 pm. So grab them while they’re available. 

Churros- Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Cart | Hollywood Studios

Churros at Disney are a tradition for many! And at Hollywood Studio, Churros come in classic and specialty flavors to try. If you’re a churro fanatic you can even head to Disney Springs where they have a whole food truck. And we also love the mini churros at Nomad’s Lounge in Animal Kingdom. This fried dough tube covered in cinnamon and sugar is usually just what you need to hold out until your next meal. 

ronto wrap star wars galaxy's edge best hollywood studios snacks

Ronto Wrap- Ronto’s Roasters Galaxy’s Edge | Hollywood Studios

The Ronto Wrap shows up in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland and is our go-to snack when we don’t have time for breakfast or lunch. This delicious pita is filled with Roasted Pork, Grilled Pork Sausage, Peppercorn Sauce, and Tangy Slaw. We also love the breakfast version with Egg! Definitely able to be substituted for lunch, this is one Disney Snack that has made our Non-Dessert Disney Snack list for good reason! 

ohana bread pudding

Best Snacks at Disney Resorts

Served at both table service and Disney Quick Service Resort Restaurants, the best snacks are often found first at Disney Resorts. From seasonal snacks at counters and carts to the Best Desserts at Walt Disney World. The Disney Resorts usually have them all! 

Ohana Bread Pudding- The Polynesian Resort

If you need a reason to venture out of the parks, going to the Ohana Restaurant at The Polynesian Resort is well worth your while. Home of the famous Ohana Bread Pudding, this delectable treat is a soft bread with bananas, rum, sugars, and cream. Definitely a Disney Must-do on all of our lists, This is one of the Best Snacks at Walt Disney World.

Zebra Domes | Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

If you’re looking for something light, with a little kick, then try one of the most Grownup Snacks at Walt Disney World- Zebra Domes. You can find these at Boma restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Mara, and in Kidani Village’s Johari Treasures. This treat is a white chocolate-covered Amarula Cream Liquor mousse and vanilla cake, coated with chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips. 

Beignets- Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory | Port Orleans French Quarter

We LOVE beignets! Like really love them. If you want to make them at home, we have a Disney Beignet Recipe for that. But, if you’re at Walt Disney World and need a break, head to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. You can get there by ferry from Disney Springs, or by bus. These beignets are made fresh daily, covered in powdered sugar, and a pillow of soft dough that you can even get with dipping sauce. If you have not had these yet, make the trip! They are a staple Disney Snack. 

Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae- Beaches and Cream | Yacht Club

The Original Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae can be found at The Yacht Club. But if you’re looking for the mini version, you can grab that at The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. This ice cream treat combines ice cream and 27 other ingredients to form the Kitchen Sink Sundae. Syrups, Fruits, Cake, Toppings, Nuts… you name it! Check out the official Disney Recipe for this sweet treat to get an inside look!

Gideon's Bakhouse at Disney Springs

Best Snacks at Disney Springs

Disney Springs has some of the most elegant snacks at Walt Disney World. Places like The Ganachery and Amorettes Patisserie, routinely offer up seasonal snacks, unique flavors, and beautiful options. Of course, we also love the simple things in life. A milkshake, cupcake, dole whip; you can get them all at Disney Springs. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes | Disney Springs

Okay. So we’re not limiting this to just one Sprinkles Cupcake. Mainly because they have SO MANY, but also because the seasonal flavors are usually just as good as the regular flavors. Plus you can buy your Sprinkles Cupcake from the Cupcake ATM out front. ATM? Yes, you read that right. Simply place your order at the ATM machine right outside Sprinkles and wait a minute while your cupcake is delivered to you through the slot. Easy Peasy! 

Dole Whip Nachos- Marketplace Snacks | Disney Springs

A twist on our favorite snack at Disney, this dish combines waffle nachos with dole whip, whipped cream, and sprinkles! What’s not to like. Extra sharable, this Disney Snack is a favorite and can be found at Marketplace Snacks across from the World of Disney shop. 

Original Chocolate Chip Cookie- Gideon’s Bakehouse | Disney Springs

The newest Disney Snack darling to show up at Walt Disney World sells cookies. GIANT cookies in fact. The original chocolate chip is all you need. But beware, you’re only allowed 6 cookies per person.  

Giant Pink Donut- Joffrey’s Coffee Carts 

This extremely large donut at Walt Disney World can be found at almost any Joffrey’s Coffee Cart at Disney World.  It’s a yeast donut, covered in pink icing and sprinkles, and such a classic Disney treat that it rightly deserves a place on our Best Snacks at Disney list. What’s more, is this treat has a bit of a cult following! Be sure to find the closest Instagram Wall of Disney and snap a pic! 

Best Snacks at Walt Disney World

There you have it! The Best Snacks at Walt Disney World you can find in each park! If you’re looking for even more snacks in each Walt Disney World park check out our other Disney Snacks posts! 

The Best Snacks at Walt Disney World in each park. From Cheshire Cat Tails to Pongu Lumpia. Here's Disney Snacks that are worth your Disney dollar.



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