Disney Books For Tweens and Teens

Disney Books For Tweens and Teens

If you’re looking for the best Disney books for tweens and teens, we have a lineup of books filled with fun and adventure. Nothing beats travelling to distant lands, saving the world and finding the best places to call home. With a few books that are just fun and others that will have them obsessed, it’s a good thing our some of our favorite books come in a series! Add these fun titles to the reading list.

Disney Books For Tweens and Teens

Sometimes it’s hard to find books that you will absolutely love. Thankfully, the ones we’ve chosen here are fairly addictive and well worth owning or gifting!

I’d Tell You I Love You, but then i’d Have to Kill You

This spy series by Ally Carter is all about discovering who you are. Also known as the The Gallagher Girls Series, Disney optioned this story, so we’re excited to see if they take to the theaters or Disney+. This story follows Cammie through all the trials and tribulations of going to spy school, speaking multiple languages and boys. This series is lighthearted and fun, and weaves a secret too big to believe through all the books in this series. We also love Ally’s Heist Society if you speed through the series and need another fix. 

best disney books for teens

The Twisted Tale Series

We love a good Twisted Fairy Tale. The Twisted Tale series is all about new stories with familiar characters. We’ve written about the Frozen Twisted Tale and the Peter Pan Twisted Tale but there’s a whole series with all your favorite characters. Check them all out here. 

disney books for tweens and teens

Timmy Failure

Seriously. Timmy Failure is super fun. For both chapter book readers and adults. You just can’t help loving this mistake-making kid-detective. Add in his sidekick polar bear companion- Total, their own detective agency Failure Inc. and a lot of mysteries to solve around town and you have one good story. Thankfully you can dive into the whole series. And watch the movie version on Disney+.

timmy failure disney books for tweens




Artemis Fowl Series

If Artemis Fowl sounds like a crazy ride, you wouldn’t be wrong. This 12 year old criminal mastermind- head of the Fowl criminal empire- kidnaps a fairy in exchange for a large ransom. This is an absolutely gripping series even if you never thought you’d believe in fairies. Artemis plays a hero-criminal battling greed, good and evil. This is a 9-book series, so you’ll have plenty to read, once you get hooked. The Disney film adaptation of this book did get postponed to Summer 2020.  But check out the trailer for an inside look.



Kingdom Keepers

Can’t go to Walt Disney World in real life? Get up close and personal with every Walt Disney World park in Ridley Pearson’s series about the bad guys coming out at night. The keys to the kingdom are held by a group of 5 kids that must protect the parks.

disney books for teens

The Isle of the Lost Descendants Series

We love Descendants! Check out the book series that started it all. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see these Disney Channel Original Movies, catch up on Disney+ or read all about the Disney Villains descendants before you watch. Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella have some pretty amazing kids, and they’re about to leave the Isle of the Lost. Heading to Auradon Prep our descendants arrive at the boarding school for the children of heroes and princesses. Get ready to clash. 

disney books descendants series


Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

P.L. Travers held pretty tight to her illustrious nanny Mary Poppins, known world wide, as we learn in the film Saving Mr. Banks. And once you read the actual books you’ll see why. These are perfect Read-Aloud books for kids 8 and up. Take turn reading chapters before bed, and work through the series together. While these are digestible for younger children, the lessons held within are more relevant for the 8-12 crowd.

mary poppins disney book set

Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

There is nothing so homey as Winnie the Pooh. While practically everyone has been raised with this silly old bear, how many have actually read the books? Let us tell you they’re cozy and comforting. Perfect for a rainy Sunday, anxious kids or anyone needing to revisit the safety of childhood. 

disney books winnie the pooh

Disney Classic Fairytales

And if you’re looking for something beautiful to add to your bookshelves, grab these gorgeous illustrated hardcover versions of your favorite classic fairytales. These make great Disney gift books and share some of the best stories of all time. 

disney illustrated gift books


Disney books for Tweens and Teens are all about Disney adventures. Saving the parks from the bad guys, taking down mastermind criminals, twisted fairytales and even the Descendants get a place in thsi list! #disneybooks #disneyteen #disneygifts #disneyathome

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