Outdoor Movies At Resorts Disney Movie Under The Stars Guide

Outdoor Movies At Resorts Disney Movie Under The Stars Guide

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, then you get a slew of perks for staying on Disney property. One of our favorite Disney perks is the chance to relax with the Disney Movies Under the Stars. Offered in the evenings at every Disney Resort, you can count on classic and new Disney films to help you wind down the evening during your Disney Vacation. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Movie Under the Stars at Walt Disney World.

The Reel Spot Movie under the Stars

Disney Movie Under the Stars

As one of the Best Free Things to do at Walt Disney World, Disney’s Movie Under the Stars is offered at all Disney Resorts. This outdoor movie night can be found at all the Disney resorts and includes a large patch of grass and a projector screen playing favorite Disney films. So, if you’re looking for activities to do at your Disney Resort that will give you an excuse to just relax, then this is it! Grab snacks, a blanket, and set aside about 2 hours to watch a movie. Chances are this will be the most relaxing thing you do on vacation. Enjoy it!

What Time is Disney’s Movie Under the Stars at my Disney Resort?

Disney World Movies Under the Stars at Disney Resorts begin anywhere between 5:45 pm and 8:30 pm. If you’re planning your vacation and hoping to set aside a few evenings for movies on the lawn at your resort, check your Disney Resort Activities Schedule for the time and location. As these could vary throughout the year, depending on weather, season, and staffing. You can get your Disney Resort phone number from the My Disney Experience App, online or call (407) 939-2273 for times and movies during your stay. Or just grab your resort activities schedule at the front desk when you arrive.

Disney Movies Under the Stars Essentials

In addition to the excitement of heading to a fun outdoor movie at your Disney Resort, don’t forget to bring everything you’ll need to make the most of your night. Without the comfort found in your resort room, you’ll want to be prepared! Thankfully, almost all the Disney Movie Under the Stars locations are located close to the central commissaries, or restrooms.

What Should you Bring for Movie Under the Stars?

Anything you want! Especially if you’re traveling with children. Everything from a favorite stuffed animal to snacks, to a cozy blanket, pillow, and more are welcome on whatever patch of grass you claim. Here is our Disney Movie under the Stars Essentials List.

Disney's 50th Anniversary Refillable Mug

Disney Refillable Mug

We are devotees of the Disney Refillable Mug. Mainly, because nothing beats unlimited refills of hot cocoa, coffees, tea, water, and soda fountain drinks. And if you’re staying at Disney Resort, we highly recommend getting this souvenir for everyone in your family. Especially if you plan to spend any time at the resort. Ranging from $14.99-$19.99 the Disney Refillable Mug gets you “free” refills of drinks at EVERY Disney Resort commissary. And are a godsend if you’re planning to buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the resort- as almost all drinks, including coffee, are $4 dollars each. If you don’t have a refillable mug, be sure to bring water bottles, or bottled drinks. And enough for about a 2-hour movie.

Blanket or Chairs

Since Disney Movies Under the Stars typically take place on the lawn, plan to bring a blanket or chairs for your and the family. We recommend sleeping bags, or a thick blanket if you’re adding evening movies to your Disney itinerary.

If you’d rather have everyone sit in chairs, be prepared to sit at the back of the group. For comfort, we’d recommend foldable sherpa-covered chairs. Of course, this suggestion really only works if you’re driving to Walt Disney World and don’t have to worry about airline baggage fees.

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Sweatshirt or Jacket

Staying at Walt Disney World often means you get to contend with sporadic Florida Weather. While Florida is typically warm all the time, in the evenings temperatures can drop significantly. Especially if you’re traveling in the winter months. Either way, every movie should include something cozy to wear. Feel free to bring a cozy shirt, or jacket to cuddle up in for your movie viewing.

Disney Snacks

Like anyone, we LOVE the wide array of Disney Snacks at Walt Disney World. But, only some of them make good Movie Under the Stars Snacks. you can grab loads of movie snacks at your Resort Commissary. You can grab Mickey Bars, fruit, bags of chips, and soft pretzels. All of which make excellent snacks for your Movie under the Stars. If you’re staying at one of our favorite resorts, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds, then you even get access to the nearby food truck quick service restaurant, that sits adjacent to the outdoor movie theater.

monsters inc. popcorn bucket


For our money, nothing meets just refilling your Disney Popcorn bucket before you leave the parks, for instant movie snacks. And if you’re spending your park day at EPCOT, nothing is better than the Werthers popcorn at Karamell Kuche in World Showcase Germany. Meanwhile, if you’re just settling in at your resort, then check out the commissary and pool bar for popcorn too. Many commissaries have bakery cases that often include other snacks perfect for a night at the movies.

Chip n Dale Disney Fort Wilderness Campfire sing a long

Where do you sit for Movies Under the Stars?

While some Disney Resorts have “official locations” for their outdoor movies, almost all of them just claim a patch of grass and pop up a movie screen. The exception here is at Fort Wilderness Resort, where actual bleachers and a movie screen are installed. This is part of their Chip and Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long which takes place just before the movie each night.

Otherwise, you can sit most anywhere you like at the location provided. Many families just have blankets and sprawl on the lawn, but if you choose to bring lawn chairs, plan to sit at the back of the group.

Disney Resorts Movies Under the Stars Schedule

Each Disney Resort has a different movie schedule lineup. Be sure to check your Disney Resort Activities schedule for the movie and times schedule during your vacation weeks.

What is the Schedule for Movies Under the Stars at Walt Disney World Resorts?

Movies are shown nightly. And the Movies Under the Stars Schedule comes out on a monthly basis and can be found on your Disney Resort’s Recreation schedule. Since many families vacation from 1-2 weeks at Walt Disney World, you can plan on seeing at least a few of your favorite movies if you’re adding this free activity to your schedule.

What Movies are Shown at Disney’s Movie Under the Stars?

Movies on the lawn shown at Disney Resorts are rated G and PG and perfect for the whole family. Often in the movie lineup are all the Disney and Pixar movies you can hope for. The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, Cars, and more are often part of the lineup. Plus during the holidays’ Movies Under the Stars feature holiday favorites like the Santa Clause and Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

What Disney Movies are Showing at My Resort?

For movie schedules, please check with the Front Desk at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, or call
(407) 939-2273. Movies and entertainment are subject to cancellation or change without notice.

Where is the Disney Resorts Movie Under the Stars Located at Each Resort?

All locations can vary, so be sure to check with your concierge at the front desk for a current resort activities schedule.

  • Disney’s All-Star Movies
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney All-Star Movies? The Reel Spot just outside the Cinema Hall Food Court
  • Disney’s All-Star Music
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney All-Star Music? Calypso Pool
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney All-Star Sports? Surfboard Bay Pool
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House, and Kidani Village
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Poolside at both Jambo House and Kadani Village
  • Disney’s Art of Animation
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Art of Animation?  Big Blue Pool Deck
  • Disney’s Beach Club and Villas
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Beach Club Resort? On the front lawn, near the beach.
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and Villas
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Boardwalk Inn Resort? On the Front Lawn, facing the BoardWalk.
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Caribbean Beach? Next to the Banana Cabana
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel and Bay Lake Tower
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Contemporary Resort? On the lawn near the Sky Way Bridge
  • Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Coronado Resort? The Lost City of Cibola Feature Pool at the Dig Site
  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds? At the Meadow Recreation Area Outdoor Theater near the Meadow Trading Post
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Villas
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at the Grand Floridian Resort?On the Courtyard Lawn
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Old Key West Resort? Next to Family Tree.
  • Disney’s Polynesian Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Polynesian Resort? On the lawn near the Pool.
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney Pop Century? Hippy Dippy Pool Deck
  • Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Port Orleans French Quarter? At the French Quarter Green between Buildings 5 & 6
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Port Orlean’s Riverside?  in the Courtyard at Building 90/Oak Manor
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Riviera Resort? On the courtyard lawn.
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Villas
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge? By the shores of Bay Lake
  • Disney’s Yacht Club
    • Movie Under the Stars Location at Yacht Club Resort? By the Beach.

Disney Movie Under the Stars FAQ

Do Disney Movies on the Lawn Take Place when it’s Raining?

Yes, but not outdoors. If the rain is forecasted, and the cast members have had time to make adjustments often the movie will simply be moved indoors. Some resorts have special activity rooms for this. Others simply partition a section of the resort commissary. Either way, if an evening movie is in your plans and rain is on the horizon, double-check with the front desk at your resort for updates on time or location. Sometimes, however, rain is not forecasted and can happen mid-movie, at which point everyone just picks up their things and returns to their rooms. It is Florida after all.

Can you go to Other Disney Resorts to Watch the Movie on the Lawn?

As a Disney Resort guest, you’re welcome to attend any of them! A major perk of Disney Resort Hopping, staying for the evening movie works best if you’re visiting a resort with an early movie time. Since Disney Resort buses don’t transport between resorts, you would need to head to a theme park, and catch your home resort bus there. That said, if you’re staying at a resort that shares special transportation with your own resort, then you’d be able to stay out till about 10 pm without issue. This would include Monorail Resorts, sharing the monorail, and Disney Skyliner Resorts sharing the Skyliner. Typically, Disney Transportation runs one hour after the latest park closing and would give you time to get back to your own resort. As always check times, and plan accordingly.

Making time for Disney Movies Under the Stars

Walt Disney World Vacations can be rushed, and stressful. As a result, we highly recommend you add at least one movie night to your vacation. Having an early night back at the resort means ease and pajama time. On your Disney Movie night, plan to leave the parks around 4 pm. This will give you enough time to get back to the resort, decompress, grab dinner, and get cozy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you plan for your next fun and easy evening at your Disney Resort.

Disney's Movie Under the Stars is FREE activity to do at Disney Resorts each evening. Here's everything to know!

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