Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds Review

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds Review

Looking for a laid-back Walt Disney World vacation and not really sure where to start? Trust us, we totally get that! There is a lot of that rushing-around mentality on a Disney Vacation that is a little hard to escape when you’re at Walt Disney World. That is, until recently, when we stayed at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds and found a whole new way to do Walt Disney World! From campsite types to cost, transportation, and golf carts. Here is everything you need to know about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World

Believe it or not, Disney’s fort Wilderness Resort is an actual campground, inside the Walt Disney World property! That’s right! Instead of heading to any KOA campground in Orlando, Florida for camping or RV parking, you can just head to Disney World instead. With campsites that range in price from $78- $200/ per night depending on when you visit and what kind of campsite you want, there are a lot of options here. 

Fort Wilderness includes 4 types of Campsites. All of them come with a parking pad. You can choose from 1. Tent or Pop Up Campsite, Full Hookup Campsite, Preferred Campsite, and a Premium Campsite. We’ll dive into more details on cost below! 

No matter which type of campsite you book you still get access to all the Disney amenities you’re used to! Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground includes access to Disney Complimentary boat and bus transportation, a central playground, restaurants, a gift shop, golf carts and even a dog park! You can even get some extra Disney magic here, like the Chip and Dale Sing A Long at the campfire, s’mores, Movies Under the Stars, canoeing and more! 

Fort Wilderness Resort Atmosphere

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground boasts a classic American frontier theme, with all the beauty of nature tied into one. This resort is an expansive 750 acres of pine and cypress forests reminiscent of the backcountry of the U.S.  With beautiful woodland trails, lakes, and wildlife abound. The atmosphere at Fort Wilderness resort is probably one of the calmest and quietest we’ve seen at a Walt Disney World. And those who are used to campground settings will feel right at home here. We grew up camping and we immediately felt the serenity rush over us as we stepped out into nature, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells. We loved that our mornings were quiet and relaxing and that we never felt rushed. The pace is a little slower at Fort Wilderness Resort and we think that is one of its best qualities! This nature retreat will feel worlds away from Walt Disney World, all while being surrounded by its magic and conveniently located near Magic Kingdom. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Map and Grounds

Fort Wilderness Resort is the largest Walt Disney World property, so it’s good to get a lay of the land for exploring purposes. There are several main areas across the resort to know; The Reception Outpost ( at the entrance), The Settlement ( at the marina) and The Meadows ( at the center of the resort). In addition to those areas, there are 21 loops at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and it can be a little confusing about where you should stay. So where is everything?

What Types of Camping Does Fort Wilderness Have?

First of all, it’s important to know what kind of accommodations are available at Fort Wilderness.  Campsites for traditional tents, fully equipped sites for RVs, and Cabins for a more glamping type of experience. As you can see, the grounds at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground are pretty vast. Use this map to help you get acquainted with the layout of the resort! And no worries, if you haven’t rented a golf cart, you can visit everywhere across the resort via the internal shuttle bus. 

fort wildreness resort map disney world

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost

The main building at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is located in an area of the resort known as The Outpost. The outpost is where guests can check-in and check out. This is also the location where you rent golf carts and receive food delivery if they are dropping it at the main building.  The Outpost is also right next to the main bus stop for guests at Fort Wilderness. And from here you can catch Disney buses anywhere. 

disney fort wilderness resort and campgrounds

Fort Wilderness Meadows Outpost

The Meadows Area is central to the entire Fort Wilderness Resort and one of the best places to camp near if you can score a site. The Meadows includes a gift shop called the Meadows Trading Post and has souvenirs and supplies. This is also the location where you will find the central main pool, refillable mug drink stations, canoe, and kayak rentals, archery lessons, and the Chip and Dale Sing-A-Long. Movies under the stars are shown in the theater here as well. 

Tri-Circle D Ranch at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness Settlement Area

The Fort Wilderness Settlement Area is located on the opposite end of the resort. This area of the resort includes the marina and is where you catch the boat to Magic Kingdom. This is also where you’ll find the main gift shop, Trading Post, for all your souvenirs, and shopping needs. They do have things like eggs, milk, bread, and anything you may need for a camping vacation.

This is also the location of all the Fort Wilderness Restaurants and Dining Options. P&J’s Southern Takeout, Trails End, and Crockett’s Tavern are all in this area. The Settlement additionally has golf cart parking, beaches, lounge chairs and the marina. This area also houses the Tri-Circle D Ranch for horse rides and activities at the stables. You can also see the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show from this area. 

Fort Wilderness Campsite Types and Costs

The Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds have a variety of options when it comes to where to stay. Whether you want to stay in a tent, in a cabin, or even an RV there are options for you! Here are the 5 types of campsites currently available at Fort Wilderness. All of them have nearby restrooms. Prices vary depending on which you choose, check Mousesavers for the most complete range of prices. 

  • Tent or Pop-Up Site, which has room for pop-up camper or camper van type vehicle and up to 2 tents. These will be your least expensive option and can sleep up to 10 adults. $78- $198. 
  • Full Hookup Campsite, which has room for an RV plus a tent. This type of site also comes with a hookup for sewage and can sleep up to 10 adults. $132- $223.
  • Preferred Campsite, which has room for an RV plus a tent, along with hookup for sewage. This type of site is close to the marina and also sleeps up to 10 adults $135- $286.
  • Premium Campsite, which has room for a larger style RV, hook up for sewage and sleeps up to 10 adults. The difference between this and a preferred site is that the concrete pad for equipment is considerably larger than a Preferred or Full Hookup $154- $296
  • Premium Meadow Campsite, which has room for a larger style RV, hookup for sewage, with the larger concrete pad for equipment, and also sleeps up to 10 adults. This type of campsite is actually a newer option and generally the most expensive. However, this type of site is also one of the most convenient as it is located near The Meadow Trading Post, Recreation area, Bike Barn, and Campfire area in Fort Wilderness. $154- $296

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

The Best Sites to Stay in at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

One of the biggest things we heard about was the importance of choosing the best sites. As it’s a huge property, location can be everything! Thankfully, we stayed in the Premium Meadow Campsite and found it to be super convenient to everything we needed. The best loops we were told are found between the numbers below. 

  • 900-1100’s- these loops are close to the Meadows Area and are very convenient to where all the action is in the middle of the resort
  • 100-200’s- these loops are near the Marina, Pioneer Hall, and most of the food options

And of course, if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, we love the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort. They are located near check-in, the Ranch, and The Outpost Bus Stop. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort sleep 6, with one queen bed, two bunk beds, and a pull-out sofa in the living room. With an eat-in kitchen, full-sized bathroom, and large deck, this is a great choice for families looking for a room to spread out. Be sure to read our review of the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for more info and pictures.

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

RV Rental and RV Sites at Fort Wilderness

One of the best ways to stay at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds is by renting an RV! You can do this through a variety of RV rental sites, but our favorites are RVshare and Escape RV Rental. Both offer complete setup and tear down at Fort Wilderness Resort, so you don’t have to worry about anything if you’ve never driven an RV before. This option is pricier than basic tent camping but cheaper than the cabins. Check out our latest review of Renting an RV at Fort Wilderness Resort.

Renting an RV for Walt Disney World

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

disney fort wilderness resort and campgrounds

Fort Wilderness Restaurants and Dining

Most restaurants and dining options can be found in the Settlement Area of Fort Wilderness, in Pioneer Hall. This is located right near the boat launch and beach for easy access to those traveling from Magic Kingdom just to eat. Fort Wilderness Resort has several dining options, all of which fit perfectly with its American Frontier theme. 

Trails End

Trail’s End is the main restaurant on the property and offers Breakfast, Brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and Dinner. We tried brunch while we were there and we have to say, it is quite possibly one of the best brunch values on Walt Disney World property. 

P&J’s Southern Takeout

P&J’s Southern Takeout offers southern comfort food with the convenience of takeout. This is the resort’s quick-serve restaurant and while there is no seating here, you can take your food back to your site, eat at the picnic tables near Pioneer Hall or have a picnic at the beach.

Crocket’s Tavern

Crocket’s Tavern is also available at Pioneer Hall and offers pizza, beer, nachos, appetizers, beer, and more. This frontier-themed bar has rocking chairs available on the porch so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness. 

Food Truck Round-Up at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness Offers up a variety of Food Trucks too! And on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM, you get even MORE Food Truck Options at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. Every Tuesday and Wednesday you can check food brought straight to the campgrounds via local Food Trucks! Some we experienced here during the Tuesday and Wednesday night experience were the SMAC Food Truck, serving up South Carolina Mac, and Cheese dishes. Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery Food Truck, serving non-dairy soft-serve treats. The Apps Food Truck serving up Latin foods, wings, and burgers. And the El Cactus Azul Food Truck offers a variety of Mexican dishes and vegetarian options too. These trucks all show up at the settlement during nights when Trails End isn’t available and it’s a great way to diversify your meals while you’re on your staycation! We don’t know how long this additional perk at the campground will last, so catch it while you can. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

The Marina and Beach

Located in The Settlement Area of the Resort, The Marina Boat Launch is where you’ll catch the boat to Wilderness Lodge or Magic Kingdom. It’s also where you can sign up for fishing excursions, grab a table for a beach lunch or lounger for relaxing. You can listen to the fireworks show over the loud speakers. And it’s also where you’ll be able to see the Electrical Water Pageant Parade in the evenings! There is golf cart parking here, so if you want to drive up to the marina, and catch the boat for a day at Magic Kingdom, you can! 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Amenities at Fort Wilderness Resort 

The amenities at Fort Wilderness are pretty extensive and one of the reasons we love it so much! Check out the Walt Disney World website for a full list of amenities at Fort Wilderness Resort.  And grab our Fort Wilderness Bucket List to get you started! Here are the basics

Free Parking

All guests have space to park their car at their campsite with Complimentary Standard Parking.  If you’re familiar with having a car at Walt Disney World, then you’ll know free parking is a treat! Don’t forget you can also Park for Free at Disney Theme Parks too, since you’re an official Disney resort guest. 

Complimentary Internet

All Walt Disney World resorts offer free high-speed internet, but we weren’t entirely sure how that would work in a camp setting. Never fear, the internet is still free and pretty reliable even in the wilderness! 

On-Site Laundry

 Self-Service Laundry rooms are located in Comfort Stations throughout Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, so whether you’re staying a week or a month, you have the convenience of home!


All Disney Resorts have pools, and Fort Wilderness is no different, with a main pool located at the central part of the resort, The Meadows, you can play on the waterslide, and refill your refillable mug here too! 


Home to several restaurants, you can plan on getting any meal here, or if you’d rather head to the main gift shop for things like eggs, milk, bread and more. Restaurants include the Hoop Dee Doo Review, featuring a classic down home American meal and a show. Crockett’s Tavern is the bar at Trails End. And Trails End offers a sit down meal with buffet food options. Or head to P&J’s Southern Takeout for quick service foods on the go. 

Dog Park

Fort Wilderness also has a Dog Park. As one of the Disney Resorts that  Allow Pets, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds, offers ample trails, spaces and an exclusive park for your pup. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Resort Transportation Options

Transportation at Fort Wilderness is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it! All transportation at Fort Wilderness is via the buses. The exception here is if you’re going to Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge, or The Contemporary. Since Fort Wilderness is a Disney Resort with Boat Transportation, Magic Kingdom is a quick 10-15 minute boat ride from Fort Wilderness, and Wilderness Lodge and The Contemporary are about the same amount as well.

Disney Buses to the Parks, Water Parks and Disney Springs

There are two main bus stops at Fort Wilderness. The Outpost is located near the main entrance. And The Settlement is located near the beach, boat launch, and restaurants. The buses at these two stops will take you outside of the resort to the Parks, Wilderness Lodge, and Disney Springs.  Thankfully, the bus drivers can clarify any questions you have if you find yourself turned around. 

Internal Shuttles at Fort Wilderness

Stopping at several stops throughout the resort,  you can hop an internal shuttle from the main areas of The Outpost, The Meadows, and The Settlement. This can get you closer to any of the camping loops across the resort property. 

Disney Boat to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

You can also catch a Disney Boat to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, giving you easy access to some of the best restaurants at Disney World, including the Geyser Point Bar and Grill, and Storybook Dining with Snow White! 

Disney Boat to Magic Kingdom

If you’re hoping to be close to Magic Kingdom, then Fort Wilderness is one of the closest resorts to Magic Kingdom, with boat transportation. Boats are leisurely and start running from about 8:30 AM to about 60-90 minutes after the Park Close. But, we do love that you don’t have to battle the bus crowds to get home in the evenings!

Do You Need a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness Resort?

You don’t need a golf cart at Fort Wilderness, but they are fun to have during your stay! There is internal bussing that will take you to any of the 21 loops at the campground, so if you don’t have a golf cart, this is the next best option. We highly recommend having a golf cart to get around. But they can be expensive and are often sold out if you don’t reserve one ahead of time. So just know that if you are unable to get a golf cart, the buses can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. Rent a Golf Cart for Fort Wilderness.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Campground Recreation Activities

Fort Wilderness is really a destination all its own and part of that is due to the fact that it just has so much to do! Whether you’re looking for free activities or some extra fun to budget during this trip, there are tons of activities to enjoy whether you’re traveling as a couple, a family, or on a girl’s trip!

Chip N Dale Campfire Sing Along and S’mores

S’mores, a campfire, corny jokes, Chip and Dale… what more could you want? The Chip N Dale Campfire Singalong is fun for the whole family. With a guitar-playing cowboy leading the show and Chip and Dale being, well, Chip and Dale, this free event at Fort Wilderness is sure to be fun for everyone. It’s located in the theater with stadium-style seating, so be sure to bring a cushion to make this jamboree a little comfier! You can plan on a 40 minute show and s’mores extravaganza before the movie. The Campfire Sing-Along with Chip & Dale takes place at 7 p.m. during the fall and winter months. And at 8 p.m. through the spring and summer. Be sure to check the Fort Wilderness Resort Recreation Guide for details.

Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show from the beach!

Did you know that you can hear the Magic Kingdom fireworks show over the speakers at the Fort Wilderness Marina and Beach? Plus, guests at Fort Wilderness are also able to see the fireworks from the beach. Without the crowds and chaos of the Parks! That way you can sing along with Happily Ever After from the ease of your own lounger in the sand. And then simply walk back to your campsite, instead of waiting for the buses or boat to bring you home. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

See the Disney Electrical Water Pageant from the Beach

If you’ve never seen the electrical water pageant, we think you should! Even if you just watch it once, it’s super simple but very nostalgic and reminds us a lot of the Main Street Electrical Parade. This Water Pageant visits all the lagoon resorts around Magic Kingdom including the Monorail Resorts, the nearby Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. Starting earlier in the evening this water parade visits each resort for a little 15-minute show, and can be viewed from the beach at Fort Wilderness every night at 10:15 pm.

Rent a Golf Cart

Whether you rent a Golf Cart from Fort Wilderness, bring your own, or get an RV rental that comes with its own golf cart, exploring the resort by golf cart is an event all by itself! Explore all 21 loops of the resort, check out the stables, drive to the beach or take a trip over to the Meadows area of Fort Wilderness. There’s so much to see and do and a golf cart can take you to it all.

Take a hike!

Pine and Cypress-lined trails are in abundance at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and we love getting a little dose of daily nature every morning before the day is in full swing. Most of the paths are paved, so no need to pack hiking boots, a good pair of tennis shoes should suit you just fine. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Go Horseback Riding at Disney Fort Wilderness Resort

Guests 9 and up can ride horseback on the beautiful trails of Fort Wilderness on a guided tour to see wildlife and the beauty of this nature retreat! Prices start at $55 and you can call to reserve at (407)WDW-PLAY. For more info on horseback riding at Fort Wilderness click here.

Take Archery Lessons

Guests 7 and up can learn to shoot a bow and arrow just like Robin Hood himself with archery lessons at Fort Wilderness. Lessons start at $45 per person and can be booked by calling (407)WDW-PLAY.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Relax on the Beach!

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground has a beautiful expansive beach located near the boat launch. With lots of chairs, umbrellas, and plenty of room to spread, this beach was one of our favorite spots during our stay. Grab a good book and read, take out the sand toys and play with the kids, or just enjoy the sand between your toes.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Take a dip in the pool

If you’re hoping to get in some Disney Pool Time, then you can settle in at The Meadows, where the main pool is located, just behind the gift show. Whether you love the water slide and high energy over at the Meadow Swimmin’ Pool or the laid back peaceful atmosphere of the Wilderness Swimmin’ Pool, Fort Wilderness has you covered for those hot Florida days. There is also a refillable mug station and snack window for quick grab and go foods. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Rent a Canoe, Kayak or Motor Boat

It’s still Florida, so no you can’t swim in the lakes and rivers here, but you can rent a canoe, kayak, or motorized boat and enjoy some of the waterways throughout Walt Disney World. Prices start at $13 and you can find out more information here. And if that doesn’t sound like enough to do, there’s plenty more! For a full list of recreational activities available at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Campsites Cost

The cost of the campsites and cabins of Fort Wilderness can vary greatly depending on the season and availability. We recommend booking a campsite as early as you know you’d like to travel as sites fill up quickly and you can always call to have rates adjusted later should they be offered at a discount after you book. 

How much does it cost to stay at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground?

Campsites start at $60/night, although this is for the smallest site and during the most inexpensive time to travel. For most RV sites, you can expect to pay up to $140/ per night on average, however, don’t be surprised to see rates well over $200 per night during peak season, especially for a premium Meadow site. We’ve noticed these prices around spring break, at Christmastime, and sometimes during the peak of summer. Again, prices vary greatly, so be sure to check the Walt Disney World website to see what price points and sites fit your needs. 

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness similarly vary greatly in price and although you can find deals for Annual Passholders and during promos, these cabins run anywhere from $300-$440/per night.

Why we love Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for families 

After being able to experience all that Fort Wilderness Resort has to offer, we truly believe this may be one of the best resorts for families. Not only does the resort have a ton of family-friendly activities available in a quiet and picturesque natural space, but it also offers space for the most people of any resort at Walt Disney World. All sites allow up to 10 adults, which is perfect for larger families. And if you’re staying in an RV or cabin, you can easily cook meals while staying there which is a great way to save a little extra cash while on vacation. 

RV camping at Walt Disney World

Fort Wilderness at Christmas

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds for the Holidays

We had stayed at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness in November to take advantage of all the holiday fun. But, mainly with the goal to drive around and see the Christmas lights and decorations from the campers there. It was such a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that you just don’t get at Disney during the holidays. 

Whether you’re visiting Fort Wilderness Resort for Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, know that nowhere is more festive! Many camping families decorate their campsites, RV’s, and cabins for the holidays. For us, there is nothing better than renting a golf cart and driving around to see the decorations. What’s more, is you can even head up to the Settlement area to refill your refillable mug before you head out! If you’re thinking of visiting the Fort Wilderness Resort for the holidays, check out our Christmas at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort post for all the details. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation at Walt Disney World, or a cozy place to spend the holidays, Fort Wilderness is a great choice! Overall, we absolutely love Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and are always excited to go back. We highly recommend adding this resort to your Walt Disney World bucket list if you haven’t already!

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds at Walt Disney World offers camping, RV stays and cabins. If you're looking to sprawl out in nature on your next Disney Vacation, get ready for this nature vacation and a little re-wilding, complete with campfires and activities. #fortwilderness #disneyresorts #disneyonabudget #disneyvacation

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