7 Essential Disney Skyliner Tips for Families To Know

7 Essential Disney Skyliner Tips for Families To Know

Walt Disney World has loads of complimentary transportation options, and the Skyliner is one of the best. But, if you have a family there are a few things to consider with this new transportation system. The new Disney Skyliner gondola combines the fun of a high-flying ride, with the practicality of getting you where you need to be. And while everyone can ride the Skyliner, families with children, older adults, or mobility issues could find some challenges. Here are our best Disney Skyliner tips so that you can make this ride a fun one, and less anxiety or worry filled. 

Walt Disney World skyliner

Where Does the Disney Skyliner Go?

The Disney Skyliner connects Art of Animation, Pop Century, The Caribbean Beach Resort, and the Disney Riviera Resort to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot. If you’re staying at these skyliner resorts you can count on easy access to and from EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, with a line  change at the main station at Caribbean Beach. Of course to get a handle on all the details, be sure to check out our Disney Skyliner Guide post if you’re planning to use this as a main form of transportation during your visit. With this extra convenience comes a few things to note. 

The Skyliner Does Not Stop

Much like the Flight of Peter Pan, the Skyliner does not stop. But instead moves very slow for arrival and departure at each station. Be sure to guide children and grandparents that may need help getting on and off the gondola. Thankfully, the Skyliner also can accommodate strollers. Plus, there is no need to fold them up as long as they can fit into the 30-48″ space between bench seats. 

Guests Can Request to Ride Alone

The Skyliner, much like the monorail, is meant to accommodate multiple guests. Up to 10 guests can fit in a gondola, which often means you’ll be traveling with other families. But, as there is only a small space between the benches that face each other, this could prove cumbersome. Especially if you have active children who need more space. If you’re traveling with children or adults who have sensory issues, mobility issues or even anxiety, never feel awkward asking to ride alone. While the Cast Members may be reluctant during busy times, it never hurts to ask. In fact, post pandemic requesting to ride alone is quite common. 

Walt Disney World Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner is ADA Accessible

If you are traveling with a wheelchair or have family in a scooter, they too are able to enjoy the Skyliner. With an accessible gondola off to the side at each Skyliner station, just inform the Cast Member at the station that you will be traveling with your wheelchair or scooter and they can get you set up quite easily. While these gondolas are not as plentiful as those without the accessibility, it’s well worth the wait, since transferring from your scooter/ wheelchair to a bench may take some time. And it’s best if you’re given that time and space to get comfortable. Just be sure to Ask and a Cast Member will help you out. 

There are Announcements But No Background Music

As with any good touring attraction you can expect announcements, but not the kind you are used to. At present, the Skyliner is equipped with a welcome announcement and an announcement that informs you if the Skyliner is stopped, or if there is an emergency. While you are flying over a vast amount of Disney property, you can also hear little tidbits of info about the upcoming stops at the resorts. Know that there is not any background Disney music to listen to. We share this because, for some, the noticeable silence of the ride, and subsequent guest whispering as a result, could cause anxiety if you’re riding with others. 

Joffreys Coffee Caribbean Beach Skyliner

Food and Drink are Allowed

No need to worry about your little one’s cheerios or your teen’s Frappuccino getting discarded before the ride. You can bring all your park gear, including food and drinks on the Skyliner and enjoy them on board. In fact, you can even grab a Skyliner-themed drink at the Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk near the Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Station for the ride onboard. 

You Can Ride at your Leisure

the Disney Skyliner just like the Monorail is a lovely transportation experience. Offering you opportunities to see the parks and resorts from high in the sky. And While you can plan on about 5-7 minutes between stops, the typical trip from a resort to Epcot or Hollywood Studios will be 15 minutes, with the longest ride being close to 30 minutes. If you aren’t bent on returning to the ground, however, you can ride the Skyliner at your leisure and simply disembark when you are ready. 

Walt Disney World Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner is FREE

Like all Disney complimentary transportation, the Disney Skyliner is FREE. This is such a bonus since it does sometimes feel like a ride. And you don’t need any Disney Park Ticket to ride either! It is truly one of the Free Things to Do at Walt Disney World. No park ticket, or money is required. And since the Skyliner Stations are located at Disney’s Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resorts, you can access it without having to step foot in a park. Want to use the Disney Skyliner for your Free Day at Disney World? You can Park for FREE at Disney Springs and grab the bus to any of the Skyliner Resorts. From there, you can simply hop on the skyliner.  

Disney Skyliner Tips for Families

If you’re venturing to Walt Disney World anytime soon be sure to check out the Disney Skyliner. There are over 300 gondola cars and many designed with your Disney characters. This is sure to become a new favorite transportation option between the resorts and parks. Hopefully these tips have helped give you a good idea of what’s in store for you on your next trip. 

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