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Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World : A Quick Guide

Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World : A Quick Guide

The Walt Disney World Skyliner is open! Serving 4 resorts and 2 parks. We’re hoping to see a decrease in bus wait and ride times, as well as crowds as a result of this new transportation fix. Here are all the details about how the new Disney Skyliner gondola system. Where it’s going to run, to which Disney Parks and Resorts and a bunch of details you’ll need to know.

55 gondolas so far have been unwrapped. All featuring different characters from our favorite movies, from Beauty and the Beast to Coco and even the Haunted Mansion’s Hitchhiking Ghosts make an appearance. 

Disney Skyliner Gondola System Must-Know

The skyliner gondolas are supposed to be seen as an enjoyable sky-view experience as an alternative to traditional transportation methods. But here’s a couple things to know up front. 

  • The Disney skyliner gondolas DO NOT have air conditioning
  • There will be more than 300 in the fleet of gondolas
  • While some will be solid colors, many will have character designs
  • Bench Seating
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Holds up 10 People
  • Reflective Windows to combat Florida Sun
  • Cross Ventilation to help air flow
  • The ride will be between 5-15 minutes depending on your departure and arrival destinations
  • They will go about 11 mph, and hit 60 ft above ground level at the highest point of the journey
  • There is Disney Skyliner Opening Merchandise available at shopDisney.com



Which Resorts Will Have the Disney Skyliner System?

The Skyliner is only accessible from certain resorts within the Walt Disney World  property.

  • Art of Animation & Pop Century
  • Caribbean Beach
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort

It’s still unclear if the prices on these resorts will go up as a result of this added convenience or not. Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation and Pop Century always had longer bus ride times, so it will be great to see this fixed. While we’re not really sure how this whole Skyliner thing is going to go, we are happy that the Skyliner will add an extra mode of transportation to these resorts.

Art of Animation and Pop Century Skyliner Gondola Station 

Art of Animation & Pop Century will share a station situated right in the center of Hourglass Lake. The Skyliner will transport guests from both resorts. This is a much smaller station than we’ll see at Caribbean Beach and will only have a single line going out and coming back.

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Caribbean Beach Skyliner Gondola Station

Caribbean Beach: The hub of the Skyliner system, Caribbean Beach will house the main building that receives the lines from all the connected properties. Much like the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC ) this location will probably be the busiest. Travelers who may not have visited these resorts before may get off at this stop to stroll around, shop, watch fireworks from the beach and eat at the newly renovated Shutters restaurant. So we’re expecting a lot of hustle and bustle here near Aruba and the Riviera Resort.

disney riviera construction

Disney’s Riviera Resort Skyliner Gondola Station

The Riviera Resort: Disney’s newest DVC resort is gigantic with over 300 units and hailing te coastal European vibe of old architecture with European grandeur. Disney’s Riviera Resort is set to open December 2019. Those interested in the Disney Vacation Club can select this as their home resort now. This stop will no doubt be a pass through Skyliner station until construction is complete. This resort shares the same lake as Caribbean Beach and will sit right next to Caribbean Beach’s main Skyliner station.

Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World

c/o Disney Parks Blog

Where will the Disney Skyliner Go?

If you’re wondering where the Disney Skyliner will stop, you may be surprised what it doesn’t include. The gondolas will not visit the more remote Animal Kingdom Park, Magic Kingdom or Disney Springs. Guests will still have to depend on boat, bus and monorail transportation to access those locations.

So, where will the Disney Skyliner gondola system visit?

  • Hollywood Studios 
  • Epcot International Gateway

disney gondola skyliner

Epcot International Gateway

Tucked right between France and the United Kingdom in the Epcot World Showcase, the Skyliner will be just outside the International Gateway near the Disney Boardwalk.  We’re sort of nervous at how this station will accommodate the assumed crowds trying to avoid the crowded monorail on the other side of Epcot. Luckily, this station will be primarily used for guests returning to Caribbean Beach, Riviera, Pop or Art of Animation only.

Hollywood Studios Main Gate

Another very small station, this one will accommodate the Skyliner resort guests as well as Hollywood Studio guests that want a quick shortcut to Epcot, instead of walking.

hollywood studios wdw

The Walt Disney World Skyliner Transportation Map

Here’s a quick look at the map layout. Pretty simple. We’ll be sure to update this page as we get more details and there’s already news of expanding the route if this goes well. 

disney gondola skyliner transportation guide spring 2019

What will the inside of the Disney Skyliner Gondola Look Like?

With your basic, easy-to-clean interior you’ll be happy to hear that the inside looks rather nice. Just like one would hope a gondola in the sky would look. Check out the inside tour in this video.


Everything you need to know about the New Walt Disney World Skyliner Gondola System, Where its Going, Where it Stops and all the details. #polkadotpixies #disneyskyliner #disneygondola #waltdisneyworld #disney2019

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  • I’m really looking forward to this! We’re doing a split stay, and the second half will be at Pop Century basically because of the skyliner. I can’t do a lot of walking, so being dropped off at the World Showcase is a gift. That’s where we head to at Epcot, so it will save me a LOT of walking! It’s a walk just from the bus drop off to security then into the park. Then you add in from the entrance to the World Showcase and you’ve put some mileage on your feet before doing anything. Most don’t realize that Epcot is the largest of the four parks and from one end of the World Showcase to the other end is a full mile. My bad knees are going to really appreciate the smaller distance they’ll have to deal with!

  • Sounds like it will be an excellent addition for you then! We haven’t yet experienced the Skyliners, but overall have heard really great things. Hope you love them and the new convenience they bring!

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