Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at Walt Disney World

Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at Walt Disney World

When we are traveling to Walt Disney World, we know there’s going to be coffee involved…. and lots of it! So when we heard that Joffrey’s Coffee Company, the official coffee creators for Walt Disney World and Disneyland, were offering up a series of fun Coffee and Donut pairings for the Festival of the Arts, we put it at the very top of our to-do list.

But why stop there? A coffee crawl can be great any ‘ol time! And when we found out they made a special latte to honor the Disney Skyliner, we knew an even bigger list was in order. We’ll be adding all things regarding Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney here. From favorite seasonal flavors to festival specialty coffees and even Joffrey’s coffees you can make at home! And if you need, even more, check out all the places to find coffee at Walt Disney World

Disney Skyliner Station at CAribbean Beach REsort

Where Can you Find Joffrey’s Coffee at Walt Disney World?

As the official coffee provider across Walt Disney World parks, Joffrey’s can be found across Disney Parks. Check out all locations below and Joffrey’s Coffee options online too. 

  • Disney Springs Store
    • Future World East Test Track Kiosk
    • Showcase Plaza 
    • America Pavilion | World Showcase
    • Canada Pavilion | World Showcase
    • Monorail Station Entrance
  • Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Station
  • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Donut Cart near Singapore Sal’s
    • Coffee Cart near Let’s go Slurpin’
    • Arctic Dots Ice Cream Cart
  • Blizzard Beach
    • Coffee Cart near Lottawatta Lodge
    • Coffee Cart near Polar Pub
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Coffee Cart at Animal Kingdom entrance
    • Royal Anandapur Tea Company | Asia
  • Magic Kingdom
    • Coffee Cart | Tomorrowland 
  • Hollywood Studios 
    • Coffee Cart | Tower of Terror
    • Coffee Cart | Pixar Place Toy Story Land

Joffrey’s Specialty Coffees 

Joffrey’s Toffee Flight Disney Skyliner

This new coffee at Joffrey’s can be found at the Disney Skyliner Station at Caribbean Beach Resort! This is a caramel toffee and dark chocolate coffee topped with cloud foam. Not too sweet and a perfect coffee to sip while floating through the air above Disney Parks to your next destination. We love stopping at this station for a Disney day without tickets on the Skyliner Resort Crawl. Or if we’re heading to Topolino Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort for the Mickey a la Art Breakfast! 

Joffreys Coffee Caribbean Beach Skyliner

Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at EPCOT

While EPCOT has a coffee station at the monorail entrance we tend to reserve that for park hopping days or any time we’re leaving the park and need a pick me up. So for the most part our Coffee Crawl at EPCOT consists of the coffee carts inside the park. Most times throughout the year, the cart selections are the same. The season for Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, or Halloween; you get the idea. BUT, for EPCOT Festivals, the cart selections change across the 4 carts. Hence, the crawl!

How to Do a Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at an EPCOT Festival

Any Joffrey’s Cart Crawl in EPCOT consists of four stops. You can do this in any order, and it will really just depend on where you enter the World Showcase from. You can do a Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at ANY Disney festival and the stops will always be the same, though the coffees will change! 

Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl EPCOT Stops

  • Future World East Test Track Kiosk
  • Showcase Plaza 
  • America Pavilion | World Showcase
  • Canada Pavilion | World Showcase

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of the Arts


Festival of the Arts

Joffrey's Festival of the Arts Copycat

Joffrey's Festival of the Arts Copycat

Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at the Festival of the Arts

Joffrey’s Coffee Company is always sharing fun new coffees for each season over at Walt Disney World. BUT…since we’re staying home and staying safe this year, we decided to host our own little Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at home.  Here are the four coffees that can be found at the Festival of the Arts in 2021

Starry Night Latte | Future World East

Joffrey’s Starry Night Latte is an espresso beverage, with dulce le Leche, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. And it’s topped with whipped cream and milky way candy. Starry Night Latte Recipe

Caramel Canvas Latte | Showcase Plaza

Joffrey’s Caramel Canvas Latte is an Artisan Latte with Peanut Butter Syrup, Caramel and Dark Chocolate, topped with Snickers candy pieces. Caramel Canvas Latte Recipe

Color Me Latte | American Adventure

Joffrey’s Color Me Latte is an Espresso beverage with swiss chocolate syrup and dark chocolate syrup.  It’s topped with whipped cream and M&M’s for a pop of color. Color Me Latte Recipe

Creative Twist Latte | Canada

Joffrey’s Creative Twist latte is a latte with brown butter toffee syrup and swiss chocolate syrup topped with Twix Bar candy pieces and whipped cream. Creative Twist Latte

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of the Arts

Joffrey’s Coffees for Festival of the Arts 2020

The Festival of the Arts is in full swing and we are happy to say it is bigger and better than ever. We just love watching this new festival grow every year. From artwork to entertainment to artfully crafted foods, this festival is really starting to shine and topping the list as many people’s favorite festivals at Epcot. 

Ok, but enough about that and back to the matter at hand. Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl at the Festival of the Arts. Is that what it’s called? Not sure, but that’s what we are calling it, because why not, right? 

Joffrey’s Coffee Future World East

Joffrey’s in Future World East Can be found near Mission Space and Mouse Gear in Epcot. For the Festival of the Arts, they offer Modern Pairing. This consists of Coconut Iced Latte topped with a chocolate donut with whipped cream and sprinkles. 

This one was just ok for us. The coconut flavor was a little too strong for us and the donut was a little bit dry. On Instagram, we rated this as our least favorite, but if you loved this one, we’d love to hear about it. 

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of the Arts

Joffrey’s Coffee Showcase Plaza

Joffrey’s at Showcase Plaza, which is located near the entrance of World Showcase has the Renaissance Pairing. The Renaissance Pairing includes an Iced Mocha Latte served with a Glazed donut. We loved the iced Mocha in this pairing but were a little disappointed it was a cake donut and not a yeast or risen donut.

It’s a small thing to pick at, but when you’re trying to rate coffee and donut pairings, it’s things like this that will make you or break you. Obviously, I’m kidding, but I mean… maybe I’m not. 

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of Arts

Joffrey’s Coffee The American Adventure

Joffrey’s in The American Adventure offers Baroque Pairing. This pairing offers an Iced White Mocha Latte topped with a red velvet donut. We sometimes get nervous when it comes to White Mocha because a lot of times it’s too sweet, but Joffrey’s did a great job here balancing out the coffee flavor with white mocha. Not too sweet and well it was kinda perfect. The red velvet donut was delicious and a perfect pairing to the coffee.

Joffrey’s Coffee Canada 

The Impressionism Pairing from Canada is a Blackberry Iced Latte topped with a Blueberry Donut. This one was a little tough to rate because the coffee tasted a bit more like Blackberry Tea, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you like Blackberry Tea; but could be if you’re really looking for that Coffee taste. The donut was one of our favorites of the bunch and if you like blueberry donuts, we think you’ll like this one. 

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of Arts

Ranking the Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl 

Ok, so the moment we know you’ve all been waiting for, how did these rank? Well, we will tell you! Our favorite pairing was the Baroque Pairing from The American Adventure. This seemed to be pretty much across the board when we talked about it on Instagram and we really thought the pairing was just a hit. 

In the second place, we would have to pick the Renaissance Pairing from Showcase Plaza. Although we were a little disappointed in the donut, it’s really just a matter of preference and the coffee was by far our second favorite. 

We think the Impressionism Pairing from Canada deserves a third place, even if the coffee did fall a little flat. The flavors weren’t necessarily bad, just not what we had expected. And the donut was good enough to carry this one though. 

And that would leave the Modern Pairing in last place for us. The coconut flavor was just too strong, and almost so much that we didn’t even finish drinking it. The chocolate donut was also somewhat of a disappointment, and ultimately the combination was just our least favorite. 

Keep in mind, as with all things, consistency is always a factor when it comes to anything at Walt Disney World, so it’s very possible that you could try any of these and have completely different experiences than we did! And hey if you love a certain flavor maybe more than we do, don’t let us sway your opinion to try them! 

Joffrey’s Coffee Crawl Budget

Each pairing will cost you $8.99 and there is a discount for Annual Passholders as well as DVC members. Joffrey’s offers Almond Milk as a dairy-free alternative, and that will add another COST to your total. 

We hope you guys have enjoyed this post! And if you make it out to the Festival of Arts this year, we’d love to know if you guys tried any of these and which are your favorites! 


Joffreys Coffee Crawl at Walt Disney World is starting at Festival of the Arts! With four new flavors to try, we'll be updating this post all year with the best new coffees to try at Joffreys across Disney Parks. #joffreys #disneycoffee #waltdisneyworld





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