Things to do at Festival of Holidays at Disney World

Things to do at Festival of Holidays at Disney World

Christmastime at Walt Disney World includes The Festival of Holidays at EPCOT every year. Included with your park ticket, this year’s holiday festival runs from November 26- December 30, 2021. With outdoor kitchens, performances, and holiday traditions galore this is one festival that helps get you into the holiday spirit. If you’re ready to ring in the season at Walt Disney World check out these Things to do at Festival of Holidays so you can maximize your time, stay safe and prioritize the most important ( and most FUN! ) things to do at Festival of Holidays. 

What Can you Do at the Festival of Holidays?

Much like all the EPCOT festivals at Walt Disney World, the Festival of Holidays is all about learning. Learning new cultures, new foods, and new sounds. Each World Showcase country has its own magic, and during the Festival of Holidays, you get to see how other countries around the world celebrate the most wonderful time of year. Check out What’s New at Disney’s Festival of Holidays this year!

la befana christmas at epcot disney

Take Time for the Holiday Storytellers

One of our favorite things to do at the Festival of Holidays is to See the Holiday Storytellers in each Country at EPCOT World Showcase. Sharing meaningful holiday stories in each country are Holiday Storytellers across World Showcase. These performers tell the tales of days gone by and the holiday traditions specific to each culture. These performances happen throughout the day. You can visit Santa in America, La Bafana in Italy, Helga in Germany and many more. Disney Pro Tip: Unless you’re taking pictures and need the daylight, save time in the evening to listen to the Storytellers when crowds are lower. 

Festival of Holidays Kitchens at EPCOT Walt Disney World

Visit the Holiday Kitchens

Featuring Holiday foods from around the world each Holiday Kitchen shares both savory and sweet treats for the holidays. From authentic Christmas dinner of turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce to the Maple Buche de noel from Canada, there is so much to try! Check out the Festival of Holidays Menus so you can start planning your foodie journey before you arrive! Disney Pro Tip: Skip the quick service lunch on the day or days you’re visiting the festival. With so many foods to try, you can build a lunch with foods from the holiday kitchens and save some money too.

international festival of holidays at epcot christmas at walt disney world

Play Olaf’s Tradition Expedition Scavenger Hunt

The newest game for the Festival of Holidays at EPCOT is Olaf’s Tradition Expedition Scavenger Hunt. Our favorite holiday snowman has lost a few traditions he now has to find in each country! Add a little bit of Christmas knowledge to your day by playing this game, complete with stickers and a prize when you finish! Disney Pro Tip: You can grab your prize and your scavenger hunt game board at the same time. That way you won’t have to fight the busy nighttime crowds in the gift shops just to pick up the prize. 

walt disney world epcot christmas processional

Make Time for the Performances

While it’s heartbreaking that the Candlelight Processional has been canceled this year you can still see performances on the America Gardens Theater Stage, the Mill Stream Stage in Canada, and in the World Showplace.  Disney Pro Tip: We suggest attending the later performances of the day on a weeknight. EPCOT is traditionally crowded through the evenings starting on Thursday and through the weekend. A weeknight early in the week gives you fewer crowds and a great way to wrap up the evening.

Chip and Dales Ceramic Cookie Jar 2020 Cookie Stroll Festival of Holidays

Take the Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll Challenge

Up for a cookie challenge? One of the newer things to do at Festival of Holidays you can grab specialty cookies at select booths around the World Showcase and even grab a collectible Chip and Dale Cookie Tin! Once you buy all 5 cookies you get one for free. Disney Pro Tip: The 5 cookies you’re on a mission to find add up to 10 dollars. So, it really is more about the experience than the treats themselves. Our suggestion? Dedicate one family member to be the collector of the cookies so you can “complete the challenge” and get your prize. And instead, spend your cookie money on the more extravagant treats at each holiday kitchen. 

Living with the Land Christmas EPCOT

Visit Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights

This easy-going boat ride brings you through the agricultural journey of humanity so far! And during the holidays Living with the Land gets decorated with lights, decorations, and a little extra cheer. Be sure to head here in the evening. One of the rides at Epcot with historically lower waits, this boat ride is easy for both kids and adults and a perfect way to get in out of the crowds. Disney Pro Tip: Make the most of visiting the Land building by mobile ordering your dinner from Sunshine Seasons or checking out Soarin.’ 

World Showplace EPCOT Disney World

Check out the World Showplace

New to the EPCOT festival scene is the World Showplace. This large building near the United Kingdom area of EPCOT allows for performances, kitchens, and physical distancing. This year you can find the gingerbread displays previously seen in the America Pavilion. Disney Pro Tip: Make America the place you stop to grab your Christmas Dinner. Complete with turkey, stuffing, and pecan pie, the American Holiday Table booth pulls out all the stops for festive holiday foods. 

Festival of Holidays Things to Do

If you’re traveling to Walt Disney World at the busiest time of year, be sure to stop by EPCOT. Grab our Beginners Guide to the Festival of Holidays to make sure you don’t miss a thing! With food, fun, games, and performances, this festival is a great way to start the holiday season with a whole lot of extra Christmas cheer!

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