Where to Find Free Souvenirs at Disneyland

Where to Find Free Souvenirs at Disneyland

While Disneyland doesn’t require as much planning as a Walt Disney World vacation, it still requires money. And if you find you’re spending it mostly on a hotel, park tickets and food, its good to get some relief when you can. Say hello to all the Free Disneyland Souvenirs we’ve found so far! A rather big list, this is by no means all of them. Take a look and see what we’ve missed! 

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Free Souvenirs at Disneyland

Since we’ve pretty much mastered our list of Free Souvenirs at Walt Disney World, we figured our favorite west coast park, Disneyland, deserved the some level of love and attention. From free food to souvenirs to bring home, here are all the best FREE Souvenirs at Disneyland to grab when next you visit.

Free Stickers

You can chat with any Disney Cast Member to snag a free sticker for you or the kiddies. Everyone from the janitorial staff to the waiters to the DVC Cast Members have stickers at the ready. So if your little one has a sticker collection- always a good idea- be sure to grab this freebie on your next trip.

Celebration Buttons

One of the most well-known Free Souvenirs at Disneyland, the celebration button can be snagged by asking any Cast Member behind a desk. You can head to City Hall or any gift shop on property to get your Celebration Button for the day. And remember, EVERYTHING is worth celebrating! Whether it’s your Birthday, your first A, an Anniversary, your first Disney trip, or that you could finally afford to move our of your parents house. Grab the button. It’s a super fun way to share your littler victories with others.


Disneyland Birthday Treats

All you need for FREE Birthday love is a Celebration Button sharing that it’s your birthday!!! Not only will you get Happy Birthday wishes wherever you go, you will can also snag free cupcakes, or a treat when you eat at select table service restaurants across the parks. Such a nice little treat. Note: We usually consider if we’re visiting within our birthday month that we’re celebrating. It doesn’t have to be on the exact day.

Character Dining Buttons and Souvenir Cards

Many Disney Character Dining experiences come with either a free signature card as a free gift for attending, or a special button as a way to commemorate the experience.

Special Event Souvenirs

Often the anniversary of the parks, a special movie release or holiday warrants special buttons, stickers, magnets or postcards all their own. All the more reason to visit during these times!

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Jungle Cruise Map

Kiddies, and maybe even adults, can snag a Jungle Cruise Map from a Skipper working the ride. Just ask. We love these maps as a great way to help us navigate the experience. It’s one of the best free souvenirs at Disneyland.

Autopia Driver’s License

Much like how the Tomorrowland Raceway in Walt Disney World used to offer a driver’s license for “driving” your ride car, Disneyland does the same. Just ask for one before riding Autopia when next you visit. The one without your picture is completely FREE. If you want the picture on the license you will have to pay a small fee.

Enchanted Tiki Room Dole Whip Seasonal Samples

Did someone say Dole Whip? For FREE? Yep, free samples roll out each season, so you can usually grab free samples of the newest flavors. Obviously, a ploy to get you to buy the full-size treat, but hey, we’re not complaining! We’ll take free dole whip in any form.

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Mark Twain Riverboat Driver Certificate

You gotta be lucky for this one. If you get selected to pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat you do get a special FREE certificate. But the captain chooses people at random, so you can try your luck to get selected for this special honor.

Mardi Gras Beads in New Orleans Square

As part of live events, the New Orleans Square performers usually hand out free Mardi Gras beads. So make sure to stop and listen next time your in that section of the park.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters FREE Photo

Yep. Another freebie. There’s a Free Photo Kiosk that allows you to email yourself your photo from the ride! A great way to remember the experience. No money required!

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Free Water

Not fancy, but one our Top 10 Tips for a Disney Vacation regardless, you can snag free water at any restaurant, simply by asking for a water cup. We’ve used Starbucks for this as well, by ordering a Venti ice water alongside our coffee or tea order. That way, you’ll have a decent size water cup to refill later too.

Character Autographs

You can also grab free Disney Character Autographs everywhere you go. We find these are best when you’re at a character dining experience. Just bring along an autograph book, or item, a jean jacket or hat, and collect signatures along the way!

Redwood Creek Trail Challenge Sticker

Not only can you discover your spirit animal in the Spirit Cave at this attraction in California Adventure Park, but you can also attempt the Challenge. This challenge gets you a special sticker when you complete your challenge. A great way to honor your inner rock climber.

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Free Disney Foodie Samples

The Boudain Bread Factory offers free bread samples when you enter the store, so be sure to grab this treat if you’re ready to take a break or need a little refueling. No worries about asking. These samples are available right at the door

You can also grab a free chocolate sample at Ghirardelli so you can try before your buy. But you do have to ask for these samples, they are not handed out freely anymore.

Drawing Classes at the Animation Academy

You can head to Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure Park for free drawing classes! With character artists on hand, it’s a great way to take a break from your day and have a handmade free souvenir to take home.

Free Souvenirs at Disneyland

What are your favorite Disneyland Freebies? Be sure to let us know in the comments and we can add them to this growing list! And if you want, check out our post on doing Disneyland on a Budget. Because saving money is also pretty magical?

Disneyland Souvenirs are the best. And even better when they are free! Here are our favorite things to grab at Disneyland so you can save some money on your next visit! #disneyland #disneysouvenirs #disneyvacation #polkadotpixies

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