Free Souvenirs at Disney World in 2024

Free Souvenirs at Disney World in 2024

Collecting souvenirs to commemorate your travels is one of the most fun ways to capture memories. Whether you’re an adult or child. But, souvenirs can get expensive! Especially in a place like Walt Disney World. Even more so when you’re collecting souvenirs for multiple kids, or activities and experiences. As such, we thought it was about time to tell you about all the things you can get for FREE at Disney World. That’s right, friends. Are you looking for a few ways to save money at Walt Disney World? Get ready for a list of all the free souvenirs at Disney, perks, and ways to capture your favorite memories without dropping a dime. 

What Free Souvenirs Can you Get at Walt Disney World?

Chances are you worked some budget-friendly magic to get your family on a Walt Disney World Vacation in the first place. Now you need to know how to save some money while you’re actually on vacation. Never Fear! While we love a good $30 pair of Mickey Ears as much as anyone, there are definitely times when your need to eat something will win out over snagging your favorite Disney Souvenir. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave Disney empty-handed or feeling deprived. Here are all the Free Souvenirs at Walt Disney World you can get simply by knowing they exist. Or asking. 

Celebration Buttons | Everywhere

The most popular Disney World Freebie is available at any Guest Services desk or Gift Shop in Disney Parks. That’s right we’re talking about Celebration Buttons. They are FREE. All you have to do is ask for one. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, commemorating a first visit, or honeymoon. Really any reason will do. Be sure to grab one when you next visit. Just having the button will also get you noticed by other cast members throughout the days you visit. Guaranteeing your celebration won’t go unnoticed. They also give out special buttons for certain holidays, events and voluntEARing. 

disney commemorative buttons and celebration buttons

Pixie Dust | Magic Kingdom

Want to add a little more glitter to your day? Head over to Sir Mickey’s shop in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom. Any cast member at the shop will be happy to give you a sprinkling of Pixie Dust for FREE. Simply head to the register and ask if the Fairy Godmother left any pixie dust. You can sometimes also get pixie dusted at Bonjour Village Gifts over in the Beauty and the Beast section of Fantasyland. And both kids and adults are able to get pixie dusted at Disney. 

And while it’s not free as part of premium services at Disney World, if you’re planning to visit any of these places, you can also get pixie dust as part of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Pirates League, or the Main Street Harmony Barber Shop experiences. 

Mickey Straws with Specialty Drinks | Magic Kingdom

Believe it or not, you can get oodles of Free Mickey Straws throughout your stay. Common whenever you order a Mint Julep at Casey’s Corner, or any other specialty drink, non-alcoholic, you can collect these things in tons of colors and they’re reusable! So a win for the planet too. We once even received Mickey Straws as a perk for playing a game with a Cast Member hanging out between Adventureland and Frontierland. So keep an eye out for cast members looking to interact, sometimes there is more than just a Mickey sticker involved!

magic kingdom mint julep kid friendly drinks at disney

A Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas Map and Playing Cards | Magic Kingdom

One of our absolute favorite FREE Games at Magic Kingdom, A Pirates Adventure, helps you uncover interactive hidden treasures all over Adventureland. As a perk, you also get FREE cool treasure maps, and playing cards to help you complete each treasure hunt.

pirate treasure map at disney world

KidCot Cards and “Suitcase” | EPCOT

Not just for kids, anyone can visit the KidCot stations all over the World Showcase at Epcot. This is one of the best Free Souvenirs at Disney World, as it provides hours of fun, even after you leave!  The Disney partnership with Ziplock means you get a little plastic bag suitcase in which to collect a special postcard from each country. All FREE. Like little coloring sheets, these cards feature Mickey and Friends honoring each country’s culture. Cards come complete with little facts as well so are a perfect way to get some of your travel education in, if the kids are off school. You can even add this experience to your Disney Homeschool Curriculum!

kidcot at walt disney world free souvenir

Cinderella’s Wishing Star Wand | Magic Kingdom

As part of your character meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, kids can get a “FREE” Wishing Wand. While not completely free, since you’re paying a hefty sum for a meal here, it’s a great special souvenir for the kids. Alongside all Disney Princess autographs, you get at Cinderella’s Royal Table. While this Free Souvenir at Disney World does require the cost of a breakfast, we think it’s one of the most fun additions of the whole  experience. Cinderella's Royal Table

Disney Character Autographs | Select Disney Restaurants

Snatching the autograph of your favorite Disney Princess or Disney Character at any Disney Park is absolutely FREE. And you can have them sign most anything. We’ve seen people collect autographs on homemade autograph books, jean jackets, Mickey hats, and childhood storybooks. If you have a favorite character be sure to grab a pic or an autograph during your visit. Many restaurants like Trattoria al Forno offers an already signed souvenir card as part of your character dining experience. So do Chef Mickeys and Crystal Palace. 

bon voyage character breakfast

Chef Mickey's Characters at Walt Disney World

Wilderness Explorers Book and Stickers | Animal Kingdom

Another favorite game, not just for kids, the Wilderness Explorers Game at Animal Kingdom is about learning all things “Wilderness”. You can grab the FREE Booklet and collect stickers along the way as you complete each task. Since Animal Kingdom has loads of wild animals and wild countries, there will be plenty to learn and explore while playing this game. Bonus points if you take the time to chat with the cast members in each area. They know more than you think and can give you all the best tips!

wilderness explorers at walt disney world

Enchanted Tales with Belle Bookmark | Magic Kingdom

Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom is a fun way to have the kids be part of the retelling of Belle’s story. Kids take part in the skit per se and at the end get a picture with Belle. As a parting gift kids get a bookmark with the quote “You’ll always be part of my favorite story”, signed by Belle herself. These bookmarks are actually for sale on eBay! So grabbing one for FREE as part of the show is a perk!

Collectible Cards at Space 220 Restaurant White Cards

Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards

If you’re headed to the Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT then plan on ordering a zero-proof drink. These non-alcoholic specialty drinks come in varieties featuring refreshing lemonade, chilled espresso, and even cotton candy flavors. You’ll be able to see which drinks on the menu count, but when you order one, you get a pack of 6 Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards. These cards come in different series like Mars, Jupiter, Earth; and all the planets. Each planet series has 6 cards, and at any given time there are 3 series and therefore 18 cards total in circulation. It may take a while to collect them, and some series retire before you get them all, but this is a super fun Disney Freebie to help commemorate your experience on the “space station.” Sure, you have to pay for your drink, but you were probably going to order one anyway! 

Free Games at Walt Disney World

Finding Dory’s Friends Game Book

 One of our favorite Fun and Free Disney Games, this little booklet comes FREE with stickers. Filled with questions and games to help you find Dory’s friends across EPCOT’s The Seas building, you’ll enjoy browsing the aquarium as you search, and get this take-home Free Souvenir at Disney World to remember it! 

Smellephants on Parade Game Book

In partnership with Scentsy, a brand new FREE game has arrived in the Storybook Circus Area of Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom. This smell and find game includes a little booklet with scents for your to find throughout the area. Great for both kids and grown ups alike, you can head to the Big Top Souvenirs building and see a Cast Member about getting a game board. The area is staffed 10 AM- 6 PM daily and allows you to go at your own pace to find each smell. While there isn’t a prize, you can keep the game board after your game play as a great Free Disney Souvenir. 

Flower Leis | The Polynesian Resort ‘Ohana Restaurant 

Nothing says vacation like ukelele music and a lei. If dining at Ohana in The Polynesian Resort, you may receive a FREE lei just for being there! Kids participating in the activities at both breakfast and dinner also get leis for participating. And most of the time grown-ups just enjoying the meal will also be given a lei. 

free souvenirs at walt disney world

Festival Passports | EPCOT

Epcot has four festivals a year. Apart from being included in the price of your park ticket, these festivals also come with little passport books. Mind you they’re specific to the festivals and feature the food and drink menus but you also get stickers to mark your travels around the World Showcase. Festival of the Arts, Flower and Garden, Food and Wine, and Festival of Holidays all have passports to collect. All FREE. Plus you can also get other freebies at festivals! We most recently got a freebie postcard at the Festival of the Arts just for helping out with the mural wall. 

epcot souvenirs for free

Free souvenirs at walt disney world festival

Toiletries | Select Disney Resorts

Another perk for staying onsite at a Disney Resort is that you get access to high-end toiletries. Now, it is true that shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are now built into the tubs at the resorts. But, you can still grab the FREE soap, aloe vera gel, and lotion that is usually still out on the vanity. Or use it during your trip! Unfortunately, the H20 brand is no longer available after December 2022, with the exception of available back stock of course. But, they will surely be replaced by something, that you can also take home. 

disney free things free souvenirs

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant Drivers License | Hollywood Studios

If dining at the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater then kids can get a FREE Drivers’ License. The waiters regularly give these out as part of the magic, but be sure to ask if they don’t! We love this restaurant for burgers, fries, shakes, and old-timey drive-in movies and cartoons.

Walt Disney World Railroad Train Conductor Card | Magic Kingdom

Pre-pandemic Disney Freebie could be obtained by just asking the train conductor if your child could be an honorary conductor and be the one to say ” All Aboard!” As a result, they would get a Disney Conductor Card! Such an honor and so much fun! For your best chance visit the Walt Disney World Railroad in Magic Kingdom during less busy times, like during meal hours. 

tomorrowland speedway wdw

Tomorrowland Speedway Drivers License | Magic Kingdom

If you’re bringing the kids, you can head to Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway for some underage driving and get a license while you’re at it! Just be sure to ask a Tomorrowland Speedway Cast Member on your next visit or visit the Tomorrowland Photo Booth to print one on your own! 

Mardi Gras Beads | Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

If you’re heading to Sassagoula’s Floatworks and Food Factory at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, for some beignets, then be sure to stop by the lobby and ask the doorman for some beads! These cast members are by far some of the most fun and hand-out beads at the ready! It’s a great way to commemorate your time at the resort and have beads on hand for your next Mardi Gras party at home! 

Disney Springs Christmas Stroll Game

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll and Button

If you’re heading to Disney Springs for the holidays then be sure to grab a Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll map! This map comes with stickers to track your progress. And this map also includes coupons for Disney Springs retailers. Plus, once you complete the stroll, you can turn in your map to collect a prize. Usually, a button is a fun souvenir to earn every year.

Birthday Treats | Select Restaurants

If you’re celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World then be sure to grab your Birthday Celebration Button from guest services. This button will not only get you free Birthday wishes from cast members but also surprise treats. Things like cupcakes, sweet treats, and even rice Krispie treats could be yours! While these treats are intermittently offered, wearing your birthday button is a surefire way to get something special. 

Sprinkles Birthday Month Cupcake | Sprinkles Disney Springs

If you sign up for Sprinkles birthday Club, then be sure to head to Disney Springs and claim your birthday sweet treat for FREE. 

Free Kid’s Coloring Books and Crayons

Available at some of the Disney Resorts, you can grab the kiddies something fun to do while you check-in or during downtime in your room. The Timon and Pumba wild About Saftey Coloring Book is currently offered, but Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge have scavenger hunts as well that can be requested. In fact, we always recommend just asking at the desk if there are any freebies for the kids. 

Disney Rubber Ducks at Typhoon Lagoon

If you want a little souvenir on your next trip to the water parks, keep an eye out for little Rubber Ducks. Available mainly during the holiday season, you can sometimes get lucky and find a cast member handing out freebies at the water parks. 

Hidden Mickey Hunt at Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort

Scavenger Hunt Games

Available at the resorts, you can grab scavenger hunts sometimes for the resort, but also for the parks! Magic Kingdom currently has a couple of Scavenger Hunts available, which you can pick up at your Disney Resort Check-In Desk. Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground also has a Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt you can grab from the main desk, and enjoy as your golf cart your way around the resort. 

Other Disney Free Souvenirs at Disney World

While we included our favorite things on this list, there are more Disney Freebies to be had, if you’re in the mood for collecting the fun. Here are even more things you can grab while you’re in the parks. 

  • Park Maps
  • Free Stickers
  • Disney Gift Shop Bags
  • Coasters left in your Disney Resort Room
  • Children’s Coloring Menus 
  • Disney Transportation Cards
  • Disney Gift Cards 

All the Free Souvenirs at Disney World

So, there you go! There are actually a ton of things you can get for Free at Walt Disney World, from the souvenirs we share here, to the experiences at Disney Springs and the Boardwalk. Even Disney Resorts are open to guests looking for a little Disney magic without the high price tag of a Disney Vacation. What’s your favorite free stuff at Disney? 

All our favorite FREE Souvenirs at Walt Disney World, from games to toiletries to buttons, here is the list for all you folks trying to save a little money! #disneysouvenirs #freedisney #freethingsatdisney #polkadotpixies


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