Gingerbread Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Gingerbread Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Gingerbread Display is back at Animal Kingdom Lodge! This gingerbread display features a gingerbread life-sized baby giraffe and baby zebra made from chocolate. It’s really a spectacular display of the skills of the pastry team! Read on for all you need to know about the Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Gingerbread Displays at Walt Disney World

We love the gingerbread displays at Walt Disney World. You could easily spend a day resort hopping to see them all! We love this as a way to escape the holiday crowds and slow down. Each display is unique in its respective resort. And the one at Animal Kingdom Lodge is no different! 

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge Ginger-affe and Debra the zebra

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge Hidden Mickey

Gingerbread Giraffe Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge began in 2021. And we are happy to see this tradition continue! Featuring Ginger-affe, and as an addition in 2022, Debra the Zebra, this display is super fun. Especially for animal lovers! Ginger-affe is made from gingerbread. While Debra is made from chocolate! This display has lots of hidden Mickeys throughout, so be sure to look for those! The details on these sculptures are amazing and really a must-see in person. And best of all, visiting the lodge is free! So, anyone can visit this beautiful display. 

Gingerbread Cookie Animal Kingdom Lodge The Mara

Gingerbread Giraffe Cookie at Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you’d like to grab a little treat while you’re visiting the display, head downstairs to The Mara! The Mara has the cutest gingerbread Giraffe cookie available for purchase, at $6.29.  It’s a giant gingerbread cookie with chocolate buttercream frosting. These sell out fast, so if you’re visiting on a weekend, try to get there early!

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge Debra the Zebra

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Where to see the Gingerbread Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Ginger-affe Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge can be found in the lobby at Jambo House. This is important to know because Disney buses take you to two different places at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Jambo House and Kidani Village. Kidani Village is cute, but it’s not where you want to be to see the Ginger-affe display.  If by chance you get off at the wrong bust stop, getting back to Jambo House is easy. You can take a walking path at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Or just get back on the bus. Kidani Village is the first stop, so taking the bus that brought you there will also take you to Jambo House. 

The Ginger-affe display is located near the back of the lobby. So when you enter the lobby, you may not see it at first, but instead, you’ll likely see the gigantic Christmas tree. Keep walking past that, and you’ll see them nestled in the back corner. Once you realize they are behind the tree, they’re really easy to find! 

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

When is the best time to see the Gingerbread Display at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Any time you’re able to make it, really! You’ll find lower crowds at the resorts in general on weekdays. The display sits directly in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window at the lodge. So, lighting may be a little better for pictures earlier in the morning, or closer to dusk. 

Gingerbread display at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Christmas at Animal Kingdom Lodge

How to get to Animal Kingdom Lodge

The easiest way to get to Animal Kingdom Lodge will be by taking a bus from Animal Kingdom Park. It’s about a 5-minute bus ride. And since the resort is so close, you usually don’t have to wait too long for a bus to show up. 

You can also drive or Uber there. But just be aware that Disney has gotten stricter about who can park at their deluxe resorts. So, saying something like, I want to see the Gingerbread display, may not really be enough anymore. They may require you to actually have a reservation at either Boma or Sanaa. We have found this is really hit or miss. And sometimes completely depends on who is working the gate that day. This is mostly because people were parking at resorts to avoid paying for Parking at the Parks, and well they caught on. But regardless, if you plan to drive, just be aware that you may be denied without a proper dining reservation. 

If you have the time this holiday season, we highly recommend getting over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to see this beautiful display. And all of their other decorations! The resorts are really gorgeous this time of year and we think it’s always such a treat to be able to see them in all their holiday glory. Happy Holidays!!

Gingerbread Displays at Animal Kingdom Lodge Disney World

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