Harry Potter inspired Christmas tree

Harry Potter inspired Christmas tree

There’s just something about Christmas at Hogwarts! We love the whole Harry Potter aesthetic anytime, but it really shines during the holiday season.  This year I decided to theme one of my trees after Harry Potter and I love how it turned out. If you’re looking for inspiration for a Harry Potter Christmas tree, read on! Hopefully this post will give you some ideas for making a Harry Potter tree of your own. 

harry potter christmas tree

Harry Potter Christmas tree

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

harry potter ornaments

How to decorate a Harry Potter Christmas tree 

I happened to have this rose gold tree from Pottery Barn that wasn’t being used for anything this year and I thought it would look great with Harry Potter ornaments on it.  It is a gorgeous gold color that isn’t too brassy or yellow and looks amazing in both daylight and lit up at night. You can use whatever type of tree you’d like though! 

Decorating a Harry Potter Christmas tree is just like decorating any other tree really. Pick a theme, in this case Harry Potter. But, have fun with it and get creative! You could theme it after Harry Potter houses, Honeydukes for a cute pink and green aesthetic, the yule ball for something more wintery.  Once you have your theme and color schematic, start brainstorming what items you’d like to see on your tree. For me, since it was a gold tree, I wanted to keep the decor simple. So, I stuck with more neutral colors to let the gold really shine. The neutral colors also did a nice job of really popping on an otherwise overbearing tree. 

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

Harry Potter Christmas tree ornament

harry potter ornaments

Where to buy items for a Harry Potter Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for ready-made Harry Potter ornaments, Pottery Barn Teen has some of the most beautiful ones to choose from. But they are also some of the most expensive. For more inexpensive options, I’d recommend Hallmark, Target, Walmart, and even drugstores like Walgreens. Of course, you can make your own as well! I have a mixture of handmade and store-bought items on my tree and it helped keep the budget down while also looking amazing. 

Don’t overlook the power of Etsy either. I had wanted to make some Hogwarts letters for the tree but just didn’t have the time. So I found a seller on Etsy who actually sells them as garland, and it worked out amazing! You can find her shop here. They were great quality and really added a little something extra to the tree that I was looking for. 

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

Floating Lights for a Harry Potter Christmas Tree

My tree, like many artificial trees, came prelit, but you may want to add that floating candle look to your Harry Potter tree. I got my floating candles from Amazon and I think they add something a little more magical to the whole look of the tree. They are easy to use and are controlled by a remote control which makes it super easy to turn them on and off. 

Add a Tree Topper to your Harry Potter Christmas Tree

There are many things you can use for a tree topper for your Harry Potter tree! A fan favorite tends to be the sorting hat, which you can easily find on Amazon.  This golden snitch from PB Teen is also very popular and very beautiful, but tends to be a little pricey. I used a starburst topper that I just happened to have from previous years, and I thought it looked just like magic from a wand. It’s no longer available but this one from Target is pretty similar. Be imaginative and use whatever speaks to you!

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

One of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to decorate a Harry Potter Christmas tree is by making your own ornaments. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but here are a few of the ideas I came up with to put on my Harry Potter tree. 

Harry Potter 9 3/4 ornament

Glitter 9 3/4 Ornaments

These probably ended up being some of my favorite ornaments! They were super easy to make and very cost effective. I used my Cricut for these and they were super simple. You just need clear ornaments, polycrylic, super fine glitter,transfer tape, and permanent vinyl. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can always paint or draw the numbers on as well.  I found a pack of 8 clear glass ornaments at Walmart for $5 that worked well for this purpose. And also ended up using some clear disc shaped ornaments from Amazon that I had from another project a few years ago. 

I used this glittering technique and then just put the cut vinyl from the Cricut on with some transfer tape. And I love how they turned out! The disc shaped one will be a little easier to secure more complicated designs onto, as it can be a bit tricky to wrap the vinyl onto a perfect sphere. 

Dollar Tree Patronus Ornaments

These ornaments go to show you how easy it is to keep this simple and inexpensive! These were just reindeers that I found at the Dollar Tree. I spray painted them blue, covered them with glitter and that’s it! Easy and cheap Patronus ornaments. 

Harry Potter Ornaments

Target Dollar Spot Globe Ornaments

Are you obsessed with Target? No, just me? Ok. Anyway, the dollar spot is a great place to check anytime you want to DIY anything because so many of the items can be easily modified without breaking the bank. These DIY ornaments actually come with everything you need to create a little winter scene. I just decided to paint the deer blue, add some glitter and now you have a Patronus globe ornament. Super easy to do and only cost $3 since I had all the other supplies in my craft cupboard. 

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

Harry Potter Christmas Tree on a Budget

You don’t have to let decorating a Harry Potter Christmas Tree break the bank! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, use items you may already have. I used some of my Harry Potter itty bittys from Hallmark and they looked so cute on the tree! Use things like small stuffed animals, wands, chocolate frog boxes, anything you can think of that would look cute! DIY some of your ornaments. You can easily make miniature Marauder’s Maps, rolled up issues of the Daily Prophet, little winged keys, glittered ornaments, or a DIY golden snitch ornament like this one. Use simple materials like feathers, orange slices, wood beads to add some interest without spending too much. 

And if you’re really thinking ahead to next year, you can probably find some discounted Harry Potter ornaments at the end of the season for cheap! Even Pottery Barn Teen tends to mark down some of their ornaments at the end of the holiday, so be on the lookout for deals. 

Want more Harry Potter fun at home? Check out these Harry Potter posts to see how we create a little of our own magic without leaving the house. Hopefully this post has helped inspire you to decorate a Harry Potter Christmas tree of your own! Whip up a Butterbeer or hot cocoa and get into the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!

harry potter christmas tree

How to Make a Harry Potter Christmas Tree

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