Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom Restaurant Review

Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom Restaurant Review

One of our favorite Disney Lounges offers up a serene atmosphere along the Discovery River. Serving drinks and small plates, Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom can offer a break when you need it! And it’s usually just the kind of place we’re looking for to get away from the crowds, heat, and chaos. With seating both indoors and out on the porch, you can settle in for conversations, making your day plans and more on your next trip to Disney. Here is everything to know about this lounge at Animal Kingdom, worth adding to your day. 

This little hut of a bar can be found on the pathway into Pandora, right next to Tiffin’s Restaurant. In fact, these two locations are connected. Purposefully out-of-the-way, you even get access to a cute patio deck that overlooks the river and  a treelined bank. The perfect spot to lounge away from it all, this is our idea of an oasis. The lounge opens at 11 AM and serves a variety of teas, small bites, and snacks that could hold you over until a larger meal. That said, we’ve often ordered several menu items here to make up a full lunch and dinner. Here are some of our favorite things to eat at Nomad Lounge.  

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

Nomad Lounge Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Nomad is rustic and filled with adventure. A little dark, a little cool, this place feels like it’s fresh out of a classy adventure flick from the 1940’s. Think Indiana Jones in Africa. As Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode himself had a hand in the Tiffin’s and Nomad building, decor, menu it’s everything you would expect for an elevated experience in Animal Kingdom. 

Once you arrive, you have the choice to eat inside or outside at Nomad Lounge, and we’ll just say we like the both! Indoor seating includes the bar area, large tables with chairs. and lounge spaces that include leather and rattan chair, small stools, and coffee tables. Perfect for small groups, couples, or families. What we most love about the indoor spaces, is that it’s fairly calm and quiet. Very relaxed. 

If you choose to sit outdoors, you have your choice of little tables, or sofa and chair settings. Both give you views of the river and trees and offers breezes and fresh air. In the colder months there are even ceiling heaters that keep the space a little cozier. 

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

Nomad Lounge Menu 

The menu at Nomad Lounge is varied with a slew of unique foods, and items that play on regular favorites, like Beef Sliders, Truffle Poutine, Bread Service, and churros. The menu also includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s literally a watering hole to hang out in until your next meal, or a great place for a nightcap before heading back to your resort. You can also plan on grabbing a wide array of amazing specialty cocktails. Here we’ll share appetizers, and drinks to try on your next visit. 

Tiffins Bread Service at Nomad Lounge

Appetizers at Nomad Lounge

If you’re looking for a light lunch, or just a reason to try some amazing dishes with your next drink, you will LOVE Nomad Lounge. By far one of the best lounges at Disney World. The service is wonderful, the appetizers and drinks varied and offers everything you could want for an easy afternoon, or evening. Here are the Nomad Lounge Appetizers and Small plates available at the lounge. 

Bread Service at Nomad Lounge Animal Kingdom

Tiffin’s Bread Service

One of our favorite dishes at Nomad Lounge is the bread service. It’s light, shareable and comes with unique dips worth trying. Three types of bread here include papadum, sweet multigrain bread, and naan. Served up with Coconut Curry Sauce, Guava Sauce, and Ginger Pear Chutney. This is an absolutely lovely small plate, that we could have definitely had more of. Perfect for 2-3 people. 

Nomad Lounge Ribs

Smoked Pork Ribs 

As any good pork rib goes, the meat on these bones just falls right off. Wonderfully seasoned, this dish is perfect if you love ribs. Covered in a soy flavor with a sweet dip, this dish is generally sweet, but a great choice for anyone looking for something unique. 

Pineapple Glazed Pork Belly

Another sweet meat dish, this is a Pineapple-glazed Pork Belly with Guajillo Chili Sauce, Chicharrónes, and Spice Pickled Vegetable Slaw. The slaw is always a bit vinegar-y but in a good way. 
Nomad Lounge sliders

Cuban Frita Sliders

One of our favorite things to order at Nomad Lounge is the duo of pork and beef sliders served up with Shoestring Potatoes, Spiced Ketchup, Yuca Fries, and Sour Orange Mojo. Easily a good substitution for lunch, this dish is perfect for kids and grown ups, and is a budget friendly option, while still offering a unique dish.
Nomad Lounge Cauliflower Appetizer

Gobi Manchurian Glazed Cauliflower

Disney World is often limited when it comes to vegetarian dishes. So it’s nice to see a bit of inventiveness on the menu with this Crispy Cauliflower dish. Perfect if you’re looking for something sweet, the Crispy cauliflower is covered in a spiced glaze, piled into a bowl, and topped with chives. 
Korean Barbecue Mushroom Bao Buns Nomad Lounge

Korean Barbecue Mushroom Bao Buns

Surprisingly filling, these little bao buns are filled with Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, Cucumber Kimchi, and Pickled Green Papaya (Plant-based). The pickled slaw is tart and vinegary, but in the best way. Mind you, you have to like these flavors, because there are a lot of them all combined. And the mushrooms will naturally make the bao a little soggy, that said, these were an interesting take on a classic and well worth the try if you are going meatless. 
Grilled Chicken Satay Grilled Skewered Chicken at Nomad Lounge

Grilled Chicken Satay

A gorgeous menu item, if you like Indian food, this one hits the spot. Very flavorful, the grilled chicken satay is perfect for a hearty protein option to keep things going. Easy to eat, these skewers feature Grilled Skewered Chicken Thighs, Curry Marinade, Cilantro, Pickled Green Papaya, and Peanut Sauce. A delicious treat. 
nomad lounge at animal kingdom

And Churros…

The highlight of any meal is the dessert. As such, it’s no surprise that churros make the list at Nomad Lounge. Unlike the churros in the park that may have been sitting under heat lamps, the churros here are freshly made. You get 5, in a tiny basket with on-theme parchment newspaper, and dipping sauces. The vanilla sauce is not super sweet, but just the right amount of flavors for a light treat. Served with Vanilla Crema, Strawberry-Guava Sauce

Best Drinks at Nomad Lounge

Whether you’re headed here for mocktails or something stronger, Nomad Lounge offers some of the most unique drinks in the parks. We do like adding a little cocktail to our lunch, and Lounge time and from fruity to spicy, there are a bunch here that we love. Here are our favorites. 

Boto-Rita Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier Grapefruit Liqueur, Guava Purée, and Lime Juice garnished with Pink Peppercorns


Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier Grapefruit Liqueur, Guava Purée, and Lime Juice garnished with Pink Peppercorns

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

Kid-Friendly Drinks at Nomad Lounge

While there are appetizing things on the Nomad Lounge Menu kiddies will surely eat, we stuck with a couple fun drinks and churros. Mainly because you can always tell a place by their ability to fry up some dough in the shape of a tube and cover it in sugar. The fun Kid-Friendly Non-Alcoholic Drinks Selection was superb! A variety of sodas and teas mixed with tropical flavors was a great refresher. Note, some of the flavors are pretty strong for little ones, so stick to the flavors you know if hesitant. We got the beautiful Balinese Breeze ( the red drink)  and the Zingiber Fizzie ( the yellow drink).

Nomad Lounge Animal Kingdom Mocktails

Zingiber Fizzie
Passion Fruit Purée, Mint, Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice topped with Ginger Beer

Balinese Breeze
Mountain Berry Tea, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice

Nomad Lounge Non Alcoholic Drinks

Happy Macaque
Guava Purée, Coffee Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice with a hint of Cilantro

Kiama Mamma
Watermelon and Sprite

Lilly Gorill-ie
Strawberry and Sprite®

nomad lounge at animal kingdom

Hibiscus Henna
Watermelon and Hibiscus, Lime Juice and Soda Water

Nomad Lounge Appetizer and Snacks Review

So, if you were a little curious about this small little place on your way into Pandora, hopefully, this post has helped a bit. Know that you are absolutely allowed in with kids ( we saw many parents taking a break with strollers). That there are lounge chairs, a bar and tables, and even a cozy quiet porch area overlooking nature outback. Definitely a place we’ll want to explore a little more when next we visit. If you’ve stopped by, let us know what you loved! 

Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom. Everything you need to know about this Disney Lounge


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