Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port Hotel Review

Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port Hotel Review

The Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver is often known as one of the best places to stay before a cruise to Alaska. As the Vancouver hotel that is actually part of Canada Place Cruise Terminal it’s also one of the most expensive. Here’s what you need to know about the hotel, including whether or not it’s worth the cost.

Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel at Canada Place, sialing out of Vancouver Canada

Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port Hotel

The Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port Hotel is the closest hotel you’ll get to the Canada Place Cruise terminal. In fact, it’s basically located on top of the terminal. If you’re sailing out of Vancouver to Alaska on Disney Cruise Line, or any other cruise line for that matter, you can’t beat this hotel for the convenience. That being said, however, the pricing is not for the faint of heart.  Prices start at around $300 per night during the Alaska sailing season. And can go much, much higher.  Since pricing is in CAD, a lot of this will depend on your exchange rate. So that is something to consider.

Additionally, when you travel will affect the price as well.  During the peak of summer, you can expect these prices to be even higher. But Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver is so much more than just a hotel. Read on to learn all about this hotel. And see if it’s a good fit for your Disney Cruise vacation. 

Canada Place Vancouver Cruise Port

Canada Place in Vancouver

Canada Place is where you’ll be sailing from when taking a Disney Cruise to Alaska. This cruise port is fun and unique. And offers plenty for guests to do. In contrast to what many Disney Cruisers may be used to, like Port Canaveral for example, Canada Place in Vancouver is really a destination all its own. 

Canada Place is home to the famous Fly Over Canada attraction. Which for Disney fans, this is basically like Soarin, but for Canada. There’s also places to eat, shop, and learn about Vancouver’s history. It’s a really cool cruise terminal. And if you’re staying at Pan Pacific before your Disney cruise, it offers plenty to see and do before or after your cruise. 

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Sailing to Alaska

If you’re taking a Disney Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, there’s a lot to consider! And choosing the hotel for your pre-cruise stay needs to be one of them. Unless you happen to live very close to, or in, Vancouver, we absolutely recommend staying at a hotel the night before. There are too many things that can go wrong that could prevent you from arriving at Canada Place in time. And no one wants the ship to leave without them. 

Vancouver Cruise port address

Canada Place Cruise Terminal is located at 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, VC6 3E1, Canada. 

Pan Pacific Vancouver Harbour Room

Pan Pacific Vancouver Harbour Room

Pan Pacific Vancouver Harbour Room

Pan Pacific Vancouver Harbour Room

Rooms at Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port 

There are a variety of rooms available at Pan Pacific. Whether you’re looking for a standard room at the lowest rate, or a large room with plenty of space and a view of the harbor.  We were upgraded to a Deluxe Harbor Room. And it was fantastic. The only thing to fault about these rooms is that they have double beds instead of queens. If you’re from the US, this may seem strange to you. However, after looking at lots of hotels prior to our Disney Cruise to Alaska, it’s quite common in Vancouver.  You can definitely find queen sized beds in Vancouver. They’re just a little farther away from the port. 

The rooms come full stocked with all the amenities. Bottles of water, an espresso and coffee maker, very large TV, robes, a desk and all the little bathroom toiletries. The bathroom here is quite spacious. And though many people say the rooms are outdated, again, this is something we noticed to be a bit more common in general in this area. 

Cruise Package at Pan Pacific Vancouver 

Pan Pacific knows that many of their guests will be cruisers. As a result, they offer a cruise package! Whether or not this is the best deal for you will depend on the size of your party and when you are traveling. But with this package, you get free luggage transfer to the Cruise Port, breakfast for 2, WiFi and your room. You can see all of the details about the Cruise Package at Vancouver here

Luggage Transfers at Pan Pacific Vancouver to your cruise ship

That being said, we did not get the cruise package and were still able to utilize the luggage transfers. There is a recommended gratuity of $3-$5 per bag. All you need to do is place your cruise luggage tags on your bags and call down early in the morning to have them scheduled to come collect them. We called about this the night before and they told us to call before 9am. So just be sure to confirm with the front desk as to when you should ask to have your luggage collected. It will then be transferred to your cruise ship and that’s it! Super convenient. And made our Disney Cruise Embarkation Day a lot less stressful. 

Pan Pacific Coal Harbour Bar

Pan Pacific Coal Harbour BarPan Pacific Oceans 999 Vancouver

Food at Pan Pacific Vancouver

During our stay at Pan Pacific Vancouver, we tried a couple of the restaurants inside the hotel. And weren’t disappointed by any of them. Coal Harbour Bar, which offer stunning views of the harbor, live music, a great selection of food and drinks, was where we got dinner. We tried a few flatbreads and drinks and everything was delicious and service was quick. 

Oceans 999 is where we had breakfast the morning of our cruise. And everything was wonderful, including the service. There is a wide variety of menu options available, as well as a breakfast buffet. And though prices were a bit high, it’s Vancouver. Everything is going to be more expensive. And we felt the prices here were pretty in line with what we paid at most other comparable places.

Pan Pacific Vancouver Pool

Pan Pacific Vancouver Pool

Pan Pacific Vancouver Pool

Pool at Pan Pacific Vancouver

The Pool is really the showstopper at Pan Pacific. Although I was surprised to see an outdoor pool since it’s often cold in Vancouver, the pool really makes a statement at this hotel. With views of the city on one side and views of the harbor on the other. It’s just a gorgeous scene. It was too cold for us to use the pool during our stay, but there is also a hot tub if that’s your style. 

The hotel provides lockers and towels for those who do want to use the pool. And during the warmer months, there is a little poolside bar open for refreshments.

Location of Pan Pacific Vancouver

The location of the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel cannot be beat. Essentially, the location is really what you’re paying for here. Not only is it located on top of the cruise port, providing guests with easy access to the port and all it has to offer. But it’s also an easy walking distance to many other great parts of downtown Vancouver. We were able to enjoy tea at the Fairmont Hotel downtown with an easy 10-minute walk. There is a Starbucks located right around the corner. Literally a 5-minute walk. There are plenty of great places to eat in the area. And being able to watch the Disney Wonder sail into port on the morning of our cruise from the hotel was really something quite magical. 

And if you’re looking for Vancouver hotels near convention center, look no further. The Convention Center is part of this complex as well. 

Pan Pacific Vancouver

Pan Pacific Vancouver Cruise Port Hotel Review 

Do we think this is the best hotel near cruise port in Vancouver? We haven’t tried all of the Vancouver hotels to have a clear opinion on the best. But it’s definitely one we would return to. It’s convenient, clean, the service is great. Our room was super spacious. And all of the food we tried here was delicious. The hotel itself even has a small shopping area. So it’s almost a destination all by itself.  And after seeing so many people dragging their suitcases around Vancouver to get them to port, we were so happy we were able to just call Bell Services and have them take care of it.

That being said, it does come with a cost. There will be plenty of other options available in the area for a lower price. So it just depends on what’s important to you! For us, this was a trip that had been delayed for several years. And we wanted it to be super relaxed and convenient. Spending a little extra on our hotel helped with that. And that was ok! But if you’re on a tighter budget, checking out hotels a little further from the port will be your best bet. 

If you’re looking for a Vancouver hotel near the Cruise Port, this is a great option! If we ever sail out of Vancouver for a Disney Cruise again, we would definitely consider staying here again. You can watch our full video about Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel here

Where to Stay for a Disney Cruise to Alaska Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel

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