Sailing Out of New York City with Disney Cruise Line

Sailing Out of New York City with Disney Cruise Line

If you’re a Disney Cruise Line fan, no doubt you’ve seen pictures of the boarding process for their most common port, Port Canaveral.  The big Mickey that you walk through to get on board, the character ops while you’re waiting, and everything looking magical in only a way Disney can. But if you’re cruising out of New York City, it’s a little different! Here are a few tips to help you navigate this new experience.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Cruising out of New York City 

Cruising out of New York City is definitely a unique experience. As someone who lives closer to New York than to Florida, being able to cruise out of New York for a Disney Cruise means being able to skip the airport and still be able to enjoy a magical Disney Cruise vacation.  A Disney Cruise out of New York City is definitely a little different, but no less magical. All that really matters is that you get onboard your Disney Cruise, right? Of course! But if you’re used to the magic, whimsy, and familiarity that is Port Canaveral, there are a few things you should know. Disney Cruises from NYC are a little bit different than those that sail out of the Florida ports. But they’re just as magical and a different experience we loved being able to have!

Which Disney Cruises Sail from New York?

Disney Cruise Line sails from New York City to Canada and Bemuda, on select limited sailings. In the past, the Disney Cruise Ship sailing out of New York to Canada and Bermuda has been the Disney Magic. 

Disney Cruise New York City

Disney Cruise New York City

Which Terminal in New York City Does Disney Cruise Line Sail From?

New York City can be confusing if you’ve never been there. Only being about an eight-hour drive from where I live, I have been there quite a few times and still, I get confused getting around! There are two cruise terminals in New York City.  Ships sail out of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s important to know which one to go to.  Disney Cruise Line sails out of the Manhattan Terminal at either Pier 88 or 90. The exact address is 12th Avenue at West 55th Street, New York, New York 10019. 

And if you are not familiar with New York City, just know that traffic can slow everything down. So definitely allow for extra travel time if you’re cruising out of New York City. 

Disney Cruise New York City

Where Can You Park in New York City for a Disney Cruise?

If you’re taking a Disney Cruise you can park at the New York City Terminal. So now that you know where you’re going, it’s a good idea to figure out how you are getting there! Personally, I cannot drive in New York City. I mean, I can, but if I want my sanity to remain intact, then, well I can’t. But if you are braver at heart than me, and want to drive in NYC and park at the terminal, here’s what you should know. Parking is $40 per day, which can be pretty pricey depending on the length of your cruise. But the terminal parking is also the most convenient if you want to drive there yourself. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis; and it fills up pretty quickly from what locals had told me. They don’t accept reservations and they open parking at 9 am. You can read all about parking at the NYC terminal here

There are other options for parking as well and a quick google search can lead to you the other options available for cruising out of New York City. 

How Do You Get to the Disney Cruise New York City Port?

Personally, I think this is the best option when it comes to arriving at the New York Coty terminal and there are a lot of options. We happened to book a cruise and stay package at a nearby New Jersey hotel that offered shuttle service. However, there are taxis, Uber, and private drivers as an option too if you prefer to get dropped off at the terminal. Originally when I was researching for our trip, the prices were all about the same so choose your favorite option and go from there.  Another option is staying at a Disney partner hotel. And then taking the Disney shuttle bus from there. There are mixed reviews about this, but it’s an easy option if you’re looking for convenience. 

If you choose to take transportation to the New York City Port, they’ll drop you off at the curb of your pier and Cast Members will help you with your luggage. Make sure you have your cruise luggage tags on your luggage when you arrive so you can hand it off to the Cast Members and move on quickly. If you didn’t receive you luggage tags in the mail, never fear! They have blanks at the Port that can be filled out. Just ask!

I also want to mention that depending on where you are staying, it’s possible that you can walk to the port. We didn’t do this since we weren’t staying close by, but keep in mind that may be an option if you want to walk and haul your luggage around in NYC.

There are also occasional packages through local hotels that can be booked that offer transfers to and from the port as well. So as you can see, you have a lot of options!

Disney Cruise New York City

Checking in for your Disney Cruise in New York City 

Once you get to the port, the next step is checking in! Maybe it’s just the layout of the terminal or maybe cruisers out of New York tend to arrive earlier, but the lines were very long when we arrived at 10:30 am. From the time we got to the port, got through security, and checked in, it took about an hour. I’m sure this varies from trip to trip but this was our experience. 

First, you’ll go through security. And then you’ll be separated into check-in lines in the next room based on your Castaway Club status.  Be sure to have all of your boarding documents ready. They’ll activate your Cruise card and grab a quick photo. Then you can hang out in the terminal until your boarding group is called. The waiting area was really full by the time we got through checking in, so we sat in overflow seating outside of the designated Disney area. But Cast Members are easily identifiable. And they will walk up and down the aisles updating passengers with the boarding groups being called. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic

Sailing on the Disney Magic out of New York City 

If you’re sailing out of New York City, that means you’re sailing on the Disney Magic. Sailing on the Disney Magic is a little underrated in my opinion. Sure, it’s an older and smaller ship, but the experiences onboard really are magical! Rapunzel’s Royal Table is still one of my favorite dining experiences onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship. And they even have a Broadway-style show dedicated to the lost Princess. Yes, it’s a smaller ship, but that can be good in a lot of ways. There are fewer people, it’s easier to get around, and overall it just has a more homey feel to it. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Disney Magic, we have a Photo Tour from our Halloween on the High Seas cruise and a guide to dining onboard the Disney Magic

Disney Cruise New York CityDisney Cruise New York City

Spend some time on the upper deck before sailing

The backdrop of New York City from the vantage point of the upper deck is a really unique perspective that you won’t get when sailing out of Port Canaveral. It makes for great photos and aside from the Sail Awave deck party, it wasn’t really that crowded.  And on top of that, as the ship starts to sail away from the port, the scenery is really pretty cool. And I highly recommend sticking around and taking it all in you have time. 

You can see the Statue Of Liberty from the ship

When cruising out of New York City, the ship actually passes right by the Statue of Liberty! Unfortunately, our ship didn’t leave on time the day of our cruise because we were waiting for a family to board who was running late. So, we did not get to see the Statue of Liberty while sailing away due to the timing of our dinner and a show we wanted to watch. But if you stay on the upper deck, the boat passes right by the Statue of Liberty on its way out to sea! How cool is that? Port Canaveral may have warmer weather. But to me sailing out of New York City is just a lot cooler of an experience. 

Disney Cruise Line cold weather, packing for a cruise, cruise packing list, Disney cruise packing, Disney Alaska cruise, Disney Canada cruise

Know what to pack when sailing out of New York City

Generally, there are two itineraries you can choose when sailing out of New York City with Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Lines offers cruises to Canada from New York, and to Bermuda. Either way, you will be in the cooler ocean air for at least part of your trip. It’s important to pack appropriately so you can spend time out on the deck if you’d like to.  When we sailed, we did the Canada itinerary. So it was cold the entire time, and here is what we packed for a cold weather cruise

But even if you are sailing to Bermuda, keep in mind that part of that journey will be much cooler than in your warm-weather destination. So we definitely recommend packing at least a few things to help keep you warm during that portion of your sailing. 

Disney Cruise New York City

Returning to New York City after your Disney Cruise 

We highly recommend having a plan for your return from the Manhattan Terminal before you leave for your cruise.  The day that we disembarked was a little bit hectic in the drop-off/pick-up areas and luckily we already had transportation planned, but I did see some travelers who were having a hard time getting a taxi or even finding an Uber available. 

If you are staying somewhere that offers a cruise and stay package, they will have your transportation set up for you on the day you return. But if you are arranging your own transportation, make sure you know when and where they will be meeting you for pickup. 

Do any Disney Cruises leave from NY?

Yes! When we sailed, it was with the Disney Magic. Currently for 2023, the Disney Dream is the ship that leaves from New York, and sails either the transatlantic cruise, or to Bermuda. But for 2o24, there are no scheduled cruises from New York City. So we are hoping when the Disney Treasure itineraries are announced, there may be additions, but it’s really anyone’s guess until that happens. 

What port does Disney Cruise leave out of New York?

Disney Cruise Line leaves from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. This is located between W. 48th and W. 52nd street. And when you arrive, just ask the porter, and they’ll direct you to the correct pier. This can change from cruise to cruise. So we always recommend checking the Disney Cruise Line website for the exact address of the terminal.

Hopefully, this post has been helpful if you are planning to sail out of New York City with the Disney Cruise Line. 

Disney Cruise New York City

Disney Cruise Line Sailing from New York City on a Disney Cruise! All the details!



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    I was wondering about the beach on the ny-Bermuda cruise, I’m told it’s a half and hour ride to the beach that Disney takes you too once at the port, is it comparable to castaway cay?

    • Hey Helen, we can’t say as we didn’t sail to Bermuda on this cruise, but the beach you’re referencing may be Horseshoe Bay in Kings Wharf, Bermuda. And it’s most likely not like Castaway Cay, since that’s Disney’s private island and they have full control of the experience and activities there. Since King’s Wharf is an actual town, with a culture all its own; shops, restaurants, tourists, etc. Horseshoe Bay will most likely have an array of locals mixed in with tourists and is simply a public beach. The link below clarifies the experience if this is the beach you meant that is a 30-minute ride port excursion.

    • Hi! We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park. It’s in New Jersey, so the prices are pretty reasonable. They have a Park and Cruise package that allows you to park your car for up to 7 days. And it also includes breakfast. I believe they would still have the shuttle, but we haven’t been since covid, so you might just want to double check. Hope that helps!

  • HI! Great tips! This will by my family’s first cruising experience. Quick question, are the pools and waterslides open? Is the water heated? I want to fully prepare the children 😉

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! Yes the pools and waterslides are open as long as the weather allows. When it gets to be too windy, they will close the waterslides for safety. Or if it starts storming, they’ll close the pool. But on our New York cruise they were open (and very empty) most of the time. And yes, the pools are heated when the temperature drops below 75, so the water temp is usually pretty comfortable. Hope that helps and I hope you have the most amazing cruise!