RV Rental at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Disney World

RV Rental at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Disney World

If you’re looking for a little more freedom on your Walt Disney World Vacation consider booking an RV for a stay at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. Better yet, consider booking an RV that magically shows up at your RV campsite! And allows you all the joys of camping or glamping, without the set-up and tear-down hassles. Thankfully, we have just stayed (again) at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds in an RV and couldn’t be happier with our choice of RV rental company for this one. Check out our latest RV Vacation at Walt Disney World. 

Escape RV Rental in Oralndo Fort Wilderness

Why Book an RV for a Walt Disney World Vacation at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground?

Ok, guys, you know we LOVE Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. Crazy, we know. As girls who love indulging in more luxury than we can handle, there is something super grounding about hanging out in an RV in the middle of the woods. And still being able to go to Walt Disney World every day.

Having an RV in the premiere campsite section of Fort Wilderness Resort near the Meadows grocery and gift shop, means those English muffins and eggs are a short walk away for early picnic table breakfasts. It means that when Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-Long is over we can take our leftover s’mores and meander home by the light of lightning bugs. But even that doesn’t compare to being able to drive a golf cart up the Fort Wilderness Beach to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. Or see the Electric Water Pageant on the water. And if you’re looking to stay at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds with a better option than tent camping, which is cheaper than the Fort Wilderness Cabins, then look no further. Say Hello to an RV Vacation. 

Can you Rent an RV at Disney Fort Wilderness Campgrounds?

While Disney World only rents the campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, you can Rent an RV for use at Fort Wilderness from a private company like RVshare or Escape RV Rental. These individual owners can typically deliver your RV to your chosen site, and pick it up when you’re finished. So you don’t have to know how to drive an RV or hook it up. Simply arrange all the details through the RV company and book a Premium Meadow Campsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, which is the correct sized lot to hold an RV and offers one of the best central locations at the campground. 

RV Rental at Disney World Fort Wilderness

Picking an RV to rent for a Fort Wilderness Vacation doesn’t have to be difficult. BUT, there are a few things we ALWAYS consider when picking an RV for Walt Disney World. This time around we chose to work with Joelle, Michael, and their team over at Escape RV Rental in Orlando, Florida. As a local company, they simply have some benefits that other companies didn’t. 

  1. The ability to set up and tear down the RV for us at Fort Wilderness. 
  2. Access to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds.
  3. Knowledge of the Orlando area.
  4. Ability to pick you up at the airport in your RV rental if needed.
  5. Tons of amenities that we didn’t have to pack.
  6. A real live person texting/ answering the phone if there are any issues.
  7. Digital signatures of any and all paperwork.
  8. A wide selection of RV’s available. Meet the RV Fleet!

While this may seem like a laundry list of requirements, for us, they were the most important. Since we don’t know how to drive an RV and would be scared to death trying to park something the size of a house, we were grateful that Escape RV Rental simply had the RV completely set up when we arrived at our site. Easy, peasy. But the perks didn’t stop there! As part of the setup, we were also given a cute outdoor grill, an outdoor rug, and extra foldable chairs for our RV Vacation adventure. Along with everything else that is included as part of the amenities list. 

Having an RV delivered to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

Okay, to be clear, we don’t own an RV or know how to drive one. And thanks to local RV Rentals in Orlando, we were able to just 1. book our campsite with Disney, 2. book our RV, 3. and show up! Easy peasy. All the setup and tear down and hook-up were done for us by Escape RV Rental. 

The RV from Escape RV Rental we picked for this vacation was a 2018 Jayco 9-Sleeper, named Merlin. This Fort Wilderness RV  was perfect for us, because it was bigger than what we really needed. Which made for a better camping experience all around. It had twin bed bunks and two full sleeper beds on each end of the camper. In the middle was the kitchen, dining booth, and sofa. The sofa would have been an additional bed if we needed it. It had a mounted television, DVD player, and all the essentials needed for a vacation stay. Much like a Disney Resort, this RV met all our needs. 

Renting an RV for Fort wilderness at Disney

Renting an RV for Fort wilderness at Disney

Disney RV Rental

RV Rental Orlando for Disney

Renting an RV for Walt Disney World

Escape RV Rental for Staying at Fort Wilderness

RV Rental for a Family at Disney World

Escape RV Rental in Orlando Florida

As we said before, one of the biggest perks of working with Escape RV Rental was that we could rent an RV for our Walt Disney World Vacation without having to drive it, set it up, or tear it down. And working with Joelle and Michael at Escape RV Rental was easy. We were able to book our RV, and simply let them know on arrival day which campsite Disney had given us and what time we were allowed to check-in.

They were able to set up everything for us BEFORE we even got there! And check-out was just as simple! We just let them know when the RV was ready to be taken, and they popped by after we had left to tear down and collect it. So simple! If you’re looking for the experience of an RV vacation check out Escape RV Rental here: https://www.escapervrental.com/. They have a small but mighty fleet, in a variety of sizes, worth the look! And it’s the perfect Disney resort option whether you’re vacationing solo, with a friend, or the whole family. 

What’s Included with an Escape RV Rental?

One of the BEST parts of staying in a camper at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is that, much like a Disney Deluxe Villa, it comes with EVERYTHING. From towels to sheets, to toilet paper and a TV, this camper even had a DVD player. So if you wanted to take a break from streaming through your devices you could bring your favorite DVD’s with you on your trip to enjoy on vacation. Here is the list of amenities INCLUDED with your RV.

  • Pots, pans, cooking utensil’s, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, silverware, knife block, measuring cups, cutting boards, wine opener, can opener, s’more roasting sticks
  • Coffee maker, toaster, coffee, creamer, spices, olive oil, cooking spray
  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, kitchen/bath towels, hairdryer
  • An outdoor rug, camp chairs, cooler, fire pit, outdoor grill, propane
  • Toys, games, DVD’s, TV, first aid kit
  • Pet water/food bowls, pet waste bags, pet tether leash
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, all-purpose cleaner, broom, swifter, waste tank deodorizers, lighters

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds at Disney

Staying in an RV at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

When choosing an RV company, make sure you can Get your RV delivered to Fort Wilderness. Not all companies have access to Fort Wilderness, and it may be difficult for a non-guest to get access to your campsite! Here are some things to know before you go about RV Camping at Fort Wilderness Before you Go!

Which Campsite at disney Do i Book for an RV

Fort Wilderness RV Sites

While Fort Wilderness has three types of campsites at Walt Disney World, if you’re looking for ease, just book the Premium Meadow Campsite. This gets you close to the Chip ‘n’ Dale Sing-Along, evening movies, the grocery shop, and more. 

  • Preferred Campsite: Accommodates RV and one tent. The Pad is10 feet by 45 feet, offers sewage hookup, near the marina. 
  • Premium Campsite: Accommodates larger RVs. The Pad is 18 feet by 60 feet, offers sewage hookup.
  • Premium Meadow Campsite: Accommodates larger RVs. The Pad is 18 feet by 60 feet, offers sewage hookup, and is across the road from Meadow Trading Post, Meadow Recreation Area, Bike Barn, Archery practice, pool, outdoor movie area, and bonfire area. 

Get Groceries delivered to your RV by Instacart!

One of the best parts of staying in an RV at Walt Disney World is the flexibility when it comes to food options. Frankly, it’s easy to drop more than a thousand dollars just on food for the typical family during a 5-7 day stay. Crazy, right? With a variety of table service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and snacks at Disney, it’s important to plan out your Disney Dining Budget ahead of time! An RV stay offers a full kitchen and the opportunity to curb some of those dining costs. We were able to order eggs, English muffins, avocado, apple cider, coffee, and more. This helped with breakfasts, and late dinners, at the RV and allowed us to skip more pricey restaurant options in the parks. 

Escape RV Rental Toy Rental Mater Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness Resort Dsiney

Fort Wilderness RV Rental with Golf Cart

People will share many MUST-DO’s at Disney. But, really, if you’re staying at Fort Wilderness, there is nothing you must do more, than rent a Golf Cart. Thankfully Escape RV rental does have golf cart options to add to your trip. Even a cute Mater Golf Cart is available on the Toy Hauler Lightning Model.  We highly recommend just getting the golf cart from Escape RV Rental. As sometimes Walt Disney World’s golf carts are overbooked, pricey, and sometimes fussy. Or you can reserve a golf cart from Walt Disney World for about $60/day by calling (407) 824-2742.

Use the FREE Wi-Fi 

Walt Disney World offers wi-fi for Disney guests, which is actually quite good. Not only are you able to tap in to use the wi-fi, so your phone data can get a break, it’s also perfect for streaming! Or set up the television with an HDMI cord for easy streaming of your favorite shows or channels. 

Don’t Pay for Disney Theme Park Parking Fees

A perk, just for being a Disney Resort Guest is that you get FREE PARKING at Walt Disney World Theme Parks. As an official resort at Walt Disney World, guests staying at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds also get this perk!

Book an RV Rental for a Fort Wilderness Vacation

There you have it! Everything to Know About Renting an RV for your Disney Vacation. If you’re ready for a new way to vacation that is more laid back, offers all the amenities in a home away from home, and all those Disney perks, then Book an RV with Escape RV Rental. We loved our Disney RV vacation and it offers a great departure from the crowds and crazy. Check out our top 8 Things to do at Fort Wilderness on your next Disney Vacation. 

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