How to Avoid Parking Fees at Walt Disney World

How to Avoid Parking Fees at Walt Disney World

Since Walt Disney World doesn’t seem to be lowering prices on ANYTHING we thought we’d take a stab at how to avoid parking fees at Walt Disney World.  So, here are all the things you Can Do to make sure you are not paying for parking at Walt Disney World. Updated May 8, 2023.

Walt Disney World Parking Fees

Just How Much Does it Cost to Park at Disney? Since a Disney Vacation is already so expensive, adding yet another charge was a little much to take. The Disney World Parking Fees are pretty standard for any theme park parking in Orlando, Florida. But, that doesn’t mean we are OK paying them. Here is everything to know about the Cost to park at Disney and how to get Disney Free Parking instead. 

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How Much Are Disney World Parking Fees?

The Disney World parking cost varies throughout the year, as noted by the pricing range shared below. Be sure to always check up-to-date pricing on Disney’s Parking page. So How Much is Parking at Walt Disney World? Standard and Preferred Parking Fees are for a regular car or motorcycle. An Oversized Vehicle is considered one of the following: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer. Note that parking for guests with disabilities requires a valid disability parking permit and all standard parking rates below apply.

Theme Park Parking Fees at Walt Disney World 

  • Preferred parking: $45-$50 per day
  • Standard parking: $25 per day
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: $30 per day

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Disney Parking Costs FAQ

What is the Preferred Parking at Disney?

So frankly, if you’re toting little ones and have chosen to bring a car to Walt Disney World, then preferred parking may be a lifesaver for you. Even at 50 bucks a day. Preferred Parking at Walt Disney World gets you parking spots close to the Disney Park entrance. 

Do you have to Pay for Parking at ESPN Wide World of Sports?

No. Parking is complimentary at ESPN for all guests. 

Do you have to pay to park at the Water Parks?

No. Parking is complimentary for all guests. 

How Much Does it Cost after 6 pm to park at Disney World Theme Parks?

Disney Parking Costs after 6 pm are the SAME as they are any other time of day. The only exception to this is if you have a Table in Wonderland card, which we’ll chat about below. 

Does Disney Charge for Parking if I Park Hop to Multiple Parks on the Same Day?

No. You pay for your theme Park Parking ONCE in a day. So you are able to park at more than one Disney theme park in one day without paying multiple times. 

Do Disney Resorts Have Parking Fees?

No. Disney Resort Guests can enjoy complimentary self-parking when staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. As a reminder, Disney Resort hotel guests also continue to receive complimentary standard parking at Walt Disney World theme parks, daily early theme park entry (with valid admission and a park reservation), and complimentary on-site transportation options such as buses, monorails, and Disney Skyliner. 

Does Each Disney Park Have a Different Parking Cost?

The Magic Kingdom parking fee, EPCOT parking fee, Hollywood Studios parking fee, and Animal Kingdom parking fee are all the SAME. You can check the above section for how much it costs to park at Walt Disney World. 

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How to Avoid the Disney Parking Fees

So how can you park for FREE at Disney World? The Disney parking prices are reason enough to try and get out of them. On a typical 6 day vacation, you would have spent 150 dollars alone just for parking in the theme parks. And that doesn’t include your hotel parking fees, or any other parking fees you incur say if you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well.

Stay at a Disney Resort in Walt Disney World 

Let’s start with the easiest one first. If you are a Disney Resort Guest you get Free Parking at Disney Theme Parks. Yep. That’s right. Complimentary parking at any park comes as a perk of staying on Disney property

Don’t Bring a Car

Another easy one. They can’t charge you to park if you don’t bring a car! If this is a new concept for you read up on How to Get to Disney Resorts from Orlando International Airport. This service means you can literally walk onto the plane in your hometown, rely solely on Disney transportation for the length of your stay, and return home without ever needing a car. It took us two years to be OK with being trapped at Walt Disney World in this way but is now one of our favorite parts about being there- never driving anywhere. 

Stay Off-Site at a Hotel that offers a shuttle to Walt Disney World Parks

Many Orlando hotels have shuttles to Walt Disney World parks. Your best bet is to zero in on the Disney Good Neighbor Hotels, which not only have the Free Shuttle to bring you to the parks but often have most of the other Disney perks, like Disney’s Early Morning Hours as well. If you choose this option as a way to get free parking at Disney World, consider that you may still have to pay for nightly parking at your hotel. We also recommend you make sure you are part of whatever loyalty program the hotel is associated with OR book through which sometimes offers Free Hotel Parking as a perk of Booking Disney through a Third Party. 

Disney Springs Walt Disney World

Park for Free at Disney Springs

Do you have to Pay to Park at Disney Springs? Parking at Disney Springs is FREE. If you choose you can secure Valet Parking for $20 dollars a day. Remember to check out the Disney Springs hours so you can make sure to get back to your car before closing. Hours for Disney Springs Parking Lots are aligned with the shopping hours at Disney Springs. 

Park at Disney Springs and Grab a Bus to Any Resort

You can grab a bus to ANY Disney Resort from the Disney Springs Bus area. But if you want to get to a certain park, certain resorts are just closer than others. Here’s the breakdown of which buses to take so that you spend the least time on Disney transportation and more time in the parks. You can also grab a bus to any Disney theme park from Disney Springs, but only after 4 pm.

Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom

Take a Bus to any Monorail Resort and either grab the monorail over to Magic Kingdom or walk. The closest resort to Magic Kingdom is The Contemporary. And there is a walking path that leads straight from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom gates. Your next best bet will be the Grand Floridian which has the first stop as Magic Kingdom, or you can access the new walking path!

Disney Springs to Hollywood Studios

If you’re headed to Hollywood Studios from Disney Springs, grab a bus to the Boardwalk Resorts.  The closest Disney Resort to Hollywood Studios is the Swan Hotel or the Dolphin Hotel.  Both of these hotels, plus all the Boardwalk Resorts connect to the Walking path to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. This will be about a 10-15 minute walk to either Hollywood Studios or EPCOT once you get off the bus. 

Disney Springs to EPCOT

If you’re heading to EPCOT, your best bet is to grab the bus to the Beach Club. The Beach Club is located right outside of the EPCOT International Gateway in the World Showcase section of the park, near the Disney Skyliner station. So you will be able to enter the park from the back gate. It’s literally a 3-minute walk from the Beach Club.

Disney Springs to Animal Kingdom

Head to Animal Kingdom Lodge to get closest to Animal Kingdom and keep your bus ride short. We also love Animal Kingdom Lodge for all things relaxing and easygoing. So if you’ve got the time head to the balcony to watch the animals roam the savanna for a minute. You can even fill up your refillable mug at The Mara quick-serve restaurant while you’re there. 

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Park at Disney Springs and Grab the Boat to a Resort then Grab a Bus

If you’re looking forward to some Beignets to start your day at Walt Disney World then you can head to the bus ramp at Disney Springs. This will take you to Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside. While this won’t be the best way to save time at Disney it will, by all means, be the most leisurely and fun. 

Park at Disney Springs and Walk to Saratoga Springs

We love the walking paths at Walt Disney World, and the walking path from Disney Springs to Saratoga Springs is less than a 5-minute walk, along a lovely waterside path.  You can see where to grab a bus to any Disney Theme Park on this Saratoga Springs Resort Map. Scroll to the bottom of the map. In the bottom right-hand corner you’ll see a blue line that says “Walkway to Disney Springs.” Near that spot, you will grab your bus at the Congress Park Bus Stop. Then you can hop on any bus you choose and head back to Disney Springs when your day is done. 

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Get Disney Free Parking Perks With these Memberships

Park Free with a Tables in Wonderland Dining Reservation

AFTER 5 PM If you have a Tables in Wonderland Card you can park free at any Disney theme park to access a Tables in Wonderland participating restaurant. That said, you can only park for a period of 3 hours. You do have to Pay for Parking on the way in and then on the way out get reimbursed at Guest Relations for the parking fee. So this one is a bit of a hassle. But if you’re just going to grab a bite to eat and maybe a quick ride, you may be able to take advantage of this one. Note: A Tables in Wonderland Card is only available if you’re a Florida Resident, DVC Member, or Disney Annual Passholder. 

Purchase a Disney Annual Pass with the perks of Complimentary Parking

Ahhh, the joys of becoming a Disney Annual Passholder. While there are many perks to holding a Disney season pass to Walt Disney World, getting Free Parking at Disney Theme Parks may not be worth the $1000+ dollar per person price tag. If you were already debating if a Disney Annual Pass is worth it for you and your family, then know that Disney annual pass holders get free parking at hotels too. 

Become a Disney Vacation Club Member OR Rent DVC Points

Another cost that may be astronomically high, Disney Vacation Club Members get FREE PARKING just about everywhere, including the theme parks. But, again if you were already looking into buying into the Disney Vacation Club, know that this is a perk you will get.  You can also rent DVC points to get these perks as well. Just go through a reliable DVC provider to make sure you are getting all the benefits. 

Annual Pass

Disney Parking Fees Tips

If you’ve thought it through and decided that bringing a car to Walt Disney World may just be your best bet, then here are a few things to remember.

  • You only pay theme park parking fees at Disney World ONCE Per Day. So you can park hop without paying additional times. 
  • Disney Resort Guests can park for FREE at Disney Theme Parks. This is why we always recommend Staying on Property at Walt Disney World.
  • Disney Resort Guests can park FREE at Disney Resorts. 
  • Disney Annual Passholders get FREE Standard Parking at Theme Parks

Disney Parking Fees

You will have to pay for parking at Disney somewhere. What are your best tips for saving money on parking at Disney World? Need more ways to Avoid Hidden Fees at Walt Disney World? Let us know if you found any new Disney parking hacks we should know! 

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