Top 10 Best Disney World Quick Service Restaurants

Top 10 Best Disney World Quick Service Restaurants

You would think the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World would be easy to nail down. After all how creative could Disney possibly get with theme park food? Spoiler: VERY!!! With over 400 restaurants and a serious appreciation for the modern Foodie, Walt Disney World’s Restaurants are top-notch, with an eclectic array of flavors, complexity, and price points. So how could we possibly classify any quick-service dining experience as “Best”? After visiting Disney World loads of time, we’ve selected the Best Walt Disney World Quick Service Restaurants to help you out. Why waste your money on basic theme park food, when you can kick it up a notch? Here are our top picks for the best counter-service restaurants at Disney World.

Quick Service Meals at Disney World

If you’re looking for some of Disney World’s best quick-service restaurants, then we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here. From the best Disney World Quick Service restaurants in the parks and resorts to two of the best places to eat at Disney Springs, these are our tried and true favorites. For budget-friendly quick service at Disney World, these restaurants offer meal options under $20 per person and offer some of the best quality food at that price. Plus, if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, then you’ll get a quick service meal credit as part of your prepaid plan. 

What is a quick service meal at Disney World?

A quick service meal at Disney World is a casual meal, typically $15 or less and offered at counter service restaurants across the park and resorts.  Offering some of the cheapest meals at Walt Disney World, Disney Quick Service Restaurants combine a counter-service dining experience and budget-friendly meal options. These restaurants allow you to walk in, without a reservation, get in line, order your food, and find a place to sit down. All restaurants offer seating, and some offer both indoor and outdoor seating options. We always recommend using Mobile Order at Disney World if you’re looking for added convenience. This allows you to choose foods from your chosen restaurant, in the My Disney Experience App, pay for it, and schedule a time to pick it up at the Mobile Order Pick-Up window. 

How Much Does Disney Quick Service Dining Cost?

On average you can get a meal that includes an entree, side, and drink for $20 or less per meal, depending on what you order. For instance, a meal at EPCOT’s Regal Eagle BBQ and Smokehouse restaurant offers entrees ( with sides) between $10-$17 dollars. Adding a dessert would be an extra $5-$6 dollars. And drinks are between $3.50-$5 each. 

Hollywood Studios Park

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has a plethora of restaurants with loads of food to try. From pizzas to ronto wraps, you can find loads of variety. With food themes honoring Star Wars, Muppets, Toy Story, and even ABC, there is plenty to be had. Check out our complete list of the Best Quick Service Restaurants in Hollywood Studios. We’re sharing some of our favorites here. 

Ronto Wraps Vegetarian at Galaxy's Edge

Ronto Roasters | Hollywood Studios

Favorite Foods: Ronto Wraps, Any of them!  Ronto Roasters is located in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. Why do we love it? As one of the better Quick Service Restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Ronto Roasters offers soft pita wraps stuffed with fillings perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At breakfast, you can grab wraps filled with eggs and sausage, and for lunch and dinner, wraps transform with sausage, coleslaw, and more. They even offer a variety of plant-based options and mobile orders! Ronto Roasters Menu

What we like most about Ronto Roasters, is that while this food is delicious, it’s also unique! You won’t find these anywhere else, and the soft pita really adds a bit of depth to this meal. Plus, you can mobile order to really streamline your day. You can find seating under the rotunda where the restaurant is located or nearby at benches and other outdoor tables. 

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Woody’s Lunch Box | Toy Story Land- Hollywood Studios

Favorite Foods: Breakfast Bowl, Tomato Basil Soup. Woody’s Lunch Box is located in Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios. Why do we love it? It may be too soon to say if Woody’s Lunch Box should really be on this list. But….there are definitely a few items on the menu that completely blew us away. The breakfast bowl combined some spicy flavors with eggs and tater tots and hands down became “the breakfast” food we’d most likely grab at Hollywood Studios. The sandwiches are pretty flavorful, and the consistency in quality is good. Another restaurant completely outside, this cute dining area in Toy Story Land is sort of small, but super convenient if you’re just grabbing a quick meal. Tip: Eat outside regular mealtime hours, and mobile order. Woody’s Lunch Box Menu.

Another bonus of Woody’s Lunch Box is that it’s nearby Slinky Dog Dash and Midway Mania so if you’re holding out for lower wait times in line, then eating here, gets you close to the action when those wait times drop. And if you time it right, you can see the Green Army Men Drum Corps performance, which usually takes place just outside this restaurant. Check the My Disney Experience App for performance times. 

Spaceship Earth at Disney EPCOT Park

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants in EPCOT Park

Of all the Disney Parks EPCOT Park has the most options for the Disney Foodie. With all the countries in the World Showcase offering up each unique cultural cuisine, there is plenty to be had!  For a complete list, check out the Best Quick Service Restaurants in EPCOT Park and a few of our favorites here. 

Les Halles Boulangerie de Patisserie Epcot

Les Halles Boulangerie-Pattisserie | Epcot France

Favorite Foods: The Croissant Sale’ Breakfast Sandwich, any of the pastries. Les Halles Boulangerie Pattisserie is located in Epcot, France. Why do we love it? Oh my gosh, because it’s amazing! The breakfast foods here are so authentic. The croissants were flaky, the egg and cheese toasted to perfection, and the cappuccino unsweetened. Truly French. You won’t find this anywhere else on the property. The desserts are delicate and exquisitely made. Lots of care is evident with this food preparation, which helps it taste pretty darn good too. We visit this place every trip to get our favorite breakfast sandwiches and can always count on everything to taste amazing. Tip: Grabbing breakfast at this French quick-serve restaurant allows us to be ahead of the game when Epcot opens, with easy access to rides and shops. Les Halles Boulangerie-Pattisserie Menu

Our best tips when eating at this French bakery at Epcot is to have one of your party grab a table, while you wait in line to get the food. Since this restaurant doesn’t have mobile order, you will have to wait. And while the lines are sometimes long, the seating is almost non existent with only about 20 tables indoors. There are small tables, seating 4, and standing tables, as well as bar ledge you can lean against. However, this restaurant really lends to leisurely dining with amazing French food, so why not just relax and find a table with chairs so you can enjoy it. 

Best Snacks at Disney World EPCOT France Neopolitan

La Cantina de San Angel | Epcot Mexico

Favorite Foods: Empanadas Con Queso. La Cantina de San Angel is located in Epcot, Mexico. Why do we love it? So, let us just say that we love Mexican food. Love. It. That said if you’re not a fan, no pressure to add this to your lineup. However, if you too love Mexican, both La Cantina de San Angel and the Choza de Margarita stand across the midway are awesome for a quick Mexican fix. This place offers tacos, nachos, empanadas… your basic Mexican fare. All surprisingly good and spiced well. We love the outside dining overseeing the water ( preferably in the breezier months when it’s not sweltering). Know that this is outside dining only… so if you’re looking for a cool respite from the Florida heat, eat somewhere else. Tip: Send someone in your travel group to go snatch a table while you stand in line. La Cantina de San Angel Menu.

Almost always busy, because the food is really good, this Mexican restaurant at EPCOT is busy most of the day, even late at night. As such, we always recommend you plan a head to wait in line for your food, as well as have a backup table, in case the outdoor tables are full. There is additional standing tables near the Mariachi Cobre band location, across the Donald Duck meet and greet, you can snag if needed. 

Animal Kingdom Disney World

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is filled with hidden places to grab a bite, from Mr. Kamal’s food truck to the Anadapur Tea Company, there are surprisingly loads of places with wonderful food choices. Dumplings, fried rice, noodles, and nachos await! Check out all the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Animal Kingdom and a few of our favorites here. 

satuli canteen quick service food at disney

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Satu’li Canteen | Pandora- Animal Kingdom

Favorite Foods: The Create-Your-Own-Satu’li Bowl. Satu’li Canteen is located in Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Why do we love it? Satu’li Canteen is seriously one of the most authentic quick service meals you will find on Walt Disney World property. The decor and attention to detail is amazing, the food offerings are unique to Pandora, and the quality of the food top notch. We love the build-your-own bowls options which allow everyone in your group to get exactly what they like. And the little additions like the bao buns, boba balls, and fancy desserts make this a must-try restaurant. This is the place we choose for lunch almost every time we visit Animal Kingdom. Tip: Mobile Order your meal as you exit Flight of Passage or Na’vi River Journey. It will be waiting for you when you get there. Satu’li Canteen Menu

all the plans for cinderellas 70th anniversary at walt disney world in 2020

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World may be the most visited park, have the most rides, and the highest count of Disney Princesses available, BUT… It’s typically not our first choice when it comes to counter-service food at Disney World. Take a look at the Complete list of Best Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom. 

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Sleepy Hollow | Magic Kingdom

Favorite Foods: Waffle Sandwiches. Offering both Savory and Sweet Waffle Sandwich choices, you can get a nutella and fruit waffle or a chicken waffle. Both are delicious, and both budget budget-friendly. Dare we say, also shareable! Tip: Always check the Sleepy Hollow Menu ahead of time, because in addition to their staple options, they often also have season snacks! 

French Quarter Resort at Walt disney World

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Resorts

By far offering some of the BEST food at Walt Disney World, the Disney Resorts have a variety of food options themed to their own look and feel. As such you can find Polynesian food at The Polynesian, Beignets at French Quarter, and Croque Monsieur at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Check out all the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Resorts, so you can hunt down your favorite foods. Here are some of the ones we love best. 

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Captain Cooks | The Polynesian Resort and Villas

Favorite Foods: Pan Asian Noodles and Vegetables, Thai Coconut Meatballs. Captain Cooks is located in The Polynesian Resort. Why we love it. Okay, everyone knows we love The Polynesian, but Captain Cooks took a little longer for us to love because it’s really about what you order! And we didn’t get it right the first time. On a mission to find the next Rose Gold Cupcake, we decided to give this place another shot. What we like most is that the foods are unique to the Polynesian vibes. There’s pineapple and spices and all things South Pacific that you won’t find anywhere else. The dining area is decorated with vintage travel posters ( always an obsession) and has outdoor seating by the pool. The drinks are refillable and they usually have some amazing dessert at the ready. Tip: Check out Captain Cook’s for lunch on a day you don’t visit the parks or do your Monorail Resort Crawl. You’ll want to take some time to peruse the Polynesian while you’re there, so make the time! Captain Cooks Menu

best quick serve dining at contempo cafe at walt disney worlds contemporary resort

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Contempo Cafe | The Contemporary Resort

Favorite Foods: the Flatbreads! Contempo Cafe is located in The Contemporary Resort. Why do we love it? Contempo Café was one of those restaurants we really knew nothing about until one hot sweltering day when we just needed to eat inside. Located near Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort, we actually never knew it existed! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While we have seen several menu changes here, we can usually count on Contempo Café for delicious pasta, salads, and flatbreads. We’ve tried many items on this menu and have never been disappointed. They usually have fun dessert options too! With large portion sizes, we can always count on this quick-serve to be great food at a great value. We love watching the monorail go by on the upper level and again, the fact that it’s inside.  Tip: You can refill your resort mug here, so if you happen to be staying on property, you can save a few dollars on drinks. Contempo Cafe Menu

Contempo Cafe Quick Service Disney Tofu Rice Bowl

Disney Springs Walt Disney World

Best Disney Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a foodie wonderland, and with that comes almost too many choices when it comes to eating. As such, we have a few favorites that we’ll be sure to add here as we find them. Here’s our lineup fo the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Springs, so far. 

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Earl of Sandwich | Disney Springs

Favorite Foods: The Holiday Turkey Sandwich. Earl of Sandwich is located in Disney Springs. Why do we love it? The lines here can sometimes get pretty long, which is usually a good sign of a great restaurant. For us, Earl of Sandwich wins out as a great go-to place to eat for the big reason that the food is always good. It’s made at the moment, and not sitting under a warmer. The sandwich options here are unique and offer some amazing tastes no matter your food mood. Tip: Avoid weekend evenings, this place gets crowded! Earl of Sandwich Menu

Chicken Guy at Disney Springs Guy Fieri Restaurant Disney

Chicken Guy! | Disney Springs

Favorite Foods: All the Sauces. Chicken Guy! The restaurant is located at Disney Springs. Why do we love it? Guy Fieri’s new restaurant at Disney Springs is tucked back behind Planet Hollywood so it’s a little hard to find if you’re not a regular. Chicken Guy! is just a lot of variations on the classic chicken sandwich- grilled, or fried. What we love about this place is that there are so so many variations. With like 20 sauces you can really mix and match and make these amazing sandwiches on your own. Add in waaaay too many fries and this is by far one of the best meals on a budget. You just get a ton of food! Tip: This place has indoor seating, but not a lot of it, so send someone to grab a table while you wait in line, oh and ask for the sauces you’d like when you order. Chicken Guy! Menu

The Best Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

As you can see from this list, we didn’t go with your basic Disney Quick Service choices that are usually seen all over the place.  We don’t love Flame Tree Barbecue, or Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. While the budget is happy when visiting both places, the foods tend to be a bit heavy for us on active theme park days, and they’re “basic” foods we can get anywhere. We definitely eat at ABC Commissary but there isn’t anything that draws us there with excitement. While all these restaurants are good, they haven’t made enough of a magical impression on us to actually be able to recommend them to other people! There you have it, be sure to check out all our posts on the best quick-service restaurants at Disney World, that you can find in each park and the resorts too. 

What are your favorite quick-service restaurants at Walt Disney World?

Here's a list of our Favorite Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World. #disneyquickserve #disneyrestaurants #disneytips #disneyfoodie #disneydining

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