Spike the Bee Pollen Nation Game at The Flower and Garden Festival

Spike the Bee Pollen Nation Game at The Flower and Garden Festival

One of our favorite upgrades on any Disney vacation including EPCOT usually includes playing a Disney game. A staple at all the festivals at Epcot, this game includes finding Spike the Bee across the park and charting your progress. Here’s everything you need to know about the game and how to play!


Spike the Bee Pollen Nation Game

Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration is a scavenger hunt game featuring Spike the Bee alongside his favorite flowers. You can find him in 12 areas around the World Showcase. 

Who is Spike the Bee?

Famous for his appearance in Disney cartoons, Spike the Bee has been around since the 1940s! And routinely tormented Donald Duck in a variety of cartoons. Currently seen in Mickey Mouse cartoon Bee Inspired and the Legend of the Three Caballeros cartoon, Spike the Bee shows us all the pollinator plants in the garden in this game.  

Pollinator Plants Included in the Spike the Bee Pollen Nation Game

Since we love learning and are always looking for ways add some education to our Disney trips, we were thrilled to see this new bee game teaches about the flowers that bees pollinate. If you’ve taken your child out of school for this Disney vacation or are homeschooling you could totally advocate that this game be counted as your student’s next conservation science lesson. Plants included in the hunt include oranges, delphinium, daisies, salvia, bonsai and more. 

spike the bee flower and garden disney game

disney spike the bee game

disney flower and garden game spike the bee

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How to Play the Spike the Bee Pollen Nation Game

Spike the Bee can be found around the Epcot World Showcase, even without actually using the game map. If, however, you want to play the game officially, you can grab the game map for less than 10 bucks at the Port of Entry gift shops right inside the World Showcase at Walt Disney World. 

disney games spike the bee 2020

Flower and Garden Scavenger Hunt Game Map

Once you’re done putting the right flower stickers to their matching flower locations you can turn your map in for a prize. The prizes change every year. For instance, one year we got a set of 3 patches, available in 4 themes: Mickey, Figment, Minnie, and Mickey. Another year we got small bowls with favorite characters. The Prizes for 2020 are a set of very high-quality juice cups in 4 themes; Mickey Home Grown, Minnie Flower Shop, Orange Bird, and Spike the Bee.

Flower and Garden Game Play

This is the same play setup we see at the Food and Wine Festival for the Hide n Squeak Ratatouille Scavenger Hunt, which we also adore. Depending on your plans for the day, you can pay for a map and then get a prize once completed, or just ask for the prize up front when you buy the map. Whatever you choose to do, he’s sometimes a hard bee to find, so have fun with it. Have a fun time exploring!

spike the bee pollination scavenger hunt epcot

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