Egg-Stravaganza Disney Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt at Epcot

Egg-Stravaganza Disney Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt at Epcot

Springtime brings lots of fun new things to Walt Disney World! With the Flower and Garden festival popping up at Epcot, and fun ways to celebrate Easter all throughout Walt Disney World, there’s so much to do! The Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot will be returning for 2023, and here’s everything you need to know about it!

Epcot Flower and garden festival topiaries

Celebrating Easter at Walt Disney World

Not only does Walt Disney World have full Easter dinners available for those who plan to spend their holiday at the Parks, but they also have a variety of other Easter related activities. Easter treats can be found throughout Walt Disney World. And chocolate Easter Egg displays can be seen at different resorts. If you’re actually going to be at Walt Disney World on Easter, you can meet Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny too! There’s so much to do at Walt Disney World for Easter!

But if you’re headed to Walt Disney World before Easter, you might get lucky enough to be there during the Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt. 

Spoiler alert: some of these photos may give away the location of the eggs. If you love the hunt, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt Epcot

Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot

For 2023, the Easter Egg hunt at Epcot has come early! Starting March 13, this is earlier than we are used to. We usually just miss this because we don’t love the huge spring break crowds that April brings. We did it once, and honestly, that was enough. So, we usually end up being there too early. This year, the egg hunt ended up being perfectly placed during our trip. And we were very excited because it’s been a few years since we’ve gotten to play this one!

We love games at Walt Disney World. And while we usually prefer the free variety, the scavenger hunts are always fun. And they always end with a prize! 

Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot

How does the Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot work?

It’s easy! You can pick up a map at International Gateway Gifts, Port of Entry or anywhere you see the maps being advertised. They’ll give you a map with stickers, and then you’ll be on the hunt for Disney-themed eggs around the World Showcase. Once you’ve found them all, you can bring your map back to the shop and redeem it for your own little Disney-themed Easter egg to take home. 

Alternatively, if you’re not sure if you’ll have time to find them all, or maybe you just don’t want to forget about going back for the prize, you can also request your prize when you buy the map. 

Much like Remy’s Hide and Squeak during the Food and Wine Festival, or Spike’s Pollination Nation Scavenger Hunt, this little game will take you all over the World Showcase. Look high. Or low. Look inside and outside. Look in places you don’t think there can possibly be an egg. Sometimes they do hide the eggs in the same place from year to year. And other times, they make it a little more difficult. 

Easter Egg Stravaganza at EPCOT Disney World

How much is the Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot?

The Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot is $9.99 per map. You can easily hunt for these eggs without a map. But you might not know where you should be looking, and you won’t get a prize. If everyone in your party wants a prize, everyone should get a map. Or you can always just get one map and share it. Annual Passholder and DVC discounts are available for the Easter Egg Hunt maps. 

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

What are the prizes for the Easter Egg Hunt at Walt Disney World?

The prizes for the Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot are little Disney Easter eggs you can bring home with you! These make cute decor, or even as a little prize for your own Disney Easter baskets at home.

Is the Easter Egg Hunt at Walt Disney World just for kids?

Nope! This Easter Egg Scavenger hunt is for everyone. 

How Long Does the Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot Take?

That depends! You do have to stroll all around the World Showcase in order to find them all, but they’re fairly large and not too hard to find. So, you could easily get it done in a few hours or less! Or you can take your time and spread it out over a few days as well.

We love the Egg-stravaganza Disney Easter Egg Hunt at Walt Disney World. It’s a fun way to explore the World Showcase and may even encourage you to check out areas of some of the countries you’ve never seen before! 

Easter Egg Hunt at EPCOT Park disney world


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