The 5 Best Photo Spots at Walt Disney World

The 5 Best Photo Spots at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has no shortage of amazing photo spots perfect for your next selfie, Instagram post, or family photo. Perfectly themed resorts, parks, and beautifully painted walls offer amazing backgrounds that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re heading to Walt Disney World and are planning to get some pics to grace your social media feed or your mantle at home, know that you can probably find them around every corner. Some corners, however, offer better photo ops than others. Here’s our list of the top 5 best photo spots at Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom Bucket list Best Rides, Best Food

Cinderella’s Castle @ Magic Kingdom

There’s no denying the power of a photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle. While you can have your picture taken at this location, courtesy of a Disney photographer with the Memory Maker package, you can also just head straight up Main Street U.S.A, find a good place in the street and strike a pose. Tip: For a less crowded and more interesting angle, head to the hub grass in front of the castle and have your picture taken from there.

Africa Animal Kingdom Photo Spot Harambe Market

Harambe Market @ Animal Kingdom

You may think that in front of the Tree of Life would be the best place in Animal Kingdom to grab a photo. While you’re not wrong, you’ll get better lighting and a truly adventurous backdrop in the Harambe Market. For a better photo on your own or with a small group try the Fichwa Wall just outside the market entrance. Here you’ll find a folk art Mickey Mouse painted on the wall just waiting to be included in your next photo. Tip: You can also take advantage of the marketplace props, doorways, motorbike and the You Are Most Beautiful wall hidden in the back corner of the outdoor eating area.

Spaceship Earth @ Epcot

The iconic Spaceship Earth at the entrance of Epcot Future World is the ideal backdrop for any photo. Excellent during the day or night, we recommend grabbing a photo right near the fountain in front of the futuristic ball to prevent crowd-filled pictures. Tip: You can also try snapping this fun shot with a wide angle lens or off-center to catch the monorail as it passes.

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

The Pixar Ball @ Hollywood Studios

Newly added to Toy Story Land, the Pixar Ball is quickly becoming the place to be for a cute family photo. While you could also try the Chinese Theater or Gertie the dinosaur at Echo Lake, the Pixar Ball is only available in Hollywood Studios and California Adventure’s Pixar Pier making it an extra special photo op you can’t get elsewhere. Tip: Visit Toy Story Land first thing when Hollywood Studios opens. Vacationers line up for a photo here, so be sure to get there early!

Pandora World of Avatar Review, Things to Do

The Floating Mountains in Pandora @ Animal Kingdom

Even if you were never a fan of the movie Avatar, there’s no denying that Animal Kingdom’s newest land, Pandora, has quickly become a favorite spot for many Walt Disney World visitors. Stunning waterfalls, vibrant plant life and the famous floating mountains all make for a picture perfect photo. And if you’re going to travel 4.4 light years to get to this extraordinary place, you’re going to want photo proof, right?! Tip: There are many opportunities to capture the floating mountains in the background of your next photo, don’t limit yourself to just one.

Walt Disney World has hundreds of amazing photo opportunities across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs. Be sure to get familiar with your photo spots ahead of time and plan outfits accordingly. That way you’ll be photo-ready no matter where your camera takes you. Check out the rest of our favorite photo spots. 

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