Walls of Disney: Where to Find Your Next Instagram Photo

Walls of Disney: Where to Find Your Next Instagram Photo

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the Disney Instagram community, or if you’re already a part of it, you may have noticed the obsession with taking cute photos for Instagram in front of pretty walls. These are some of the walls of Disney and where to find them for your next Instagram post!
While it may seem a little difficult to figure out where exactly these walls are located, never fear, we are here to help! So grab your favorite camera and say cheese!

Please note, this list is incomplete. As we find more walls, we will keep this post updated! Feel free to comment if we’ve missed something you’d like to see us add!

Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland

So, in my mind, the purple wall is the wall that started it all. The most famous os the walls of Disney is located near the entrance of Tomorrow Land in the Magic Kingdom, the purple wall was the first wall I ever realized was even a popular photo spot. Its so popular in fact, that they sometimes even have a Photopass photographer waiting there for you.Disney walls Instagram walls purple wall purple galactic wall in tomorrowland walt disney world photo opportunities

Blue Wall in Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland

The Blue Wall is really best known for its superior location at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, but we’ve got our own here in WDW too, at the Magic Kingdom. This Disney wall can be found by Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland.

Candy Stripe Wall Magic Kingdom Main Street

Located at the Confectionary on Main St, USA, this is probably one of my favorite walls of Disney.  First of all, its inside, which is great to escape the heat and harsh sunlight that can sometimes ruin your perfect pictures. Secondly, its pink. And you’re surrounded by pretty treats. What more can you ask for?

Carousel of Progress Wall Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland

While this is definitely one of the more difficult walls of Disney to photograph, its still very eye catching and should be noted. And its easy to find, because well, its at the Carousel of Progress!

Bubblegum Wall Epcot Future World

The Bubblegum Wall is located in Epcot right by Spaceship Earth; you kind of can’t miss it, as its actually an entrance.  Perfect for outfit coordinating, this wall is sure to make your pictures pop!(see what I did there) This is one of our favorite walls of Disney because the lighting is usually pretty good and, well its pink.

Blueberry Wall Epcot Future World

The best part about the Blueberry wall is that its right in front of the Bubblegum Wall! So you don’t have to travel too far to get another great picture in front of another beautiful wall.


Mosaic Wall Epcot Future World West

Does this have a name? I actually don’t know. But its a beautiful wall located at The Land in Future World of Epcot that I personally think is a little underrated. And its in the shade, which is always a plus when searching for opps without all the harsh sunlight.

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Most Beautiful Wall Animal Kingdom Africa

Speaking of beautiful, the You Are Most Beautiful wall is another great photo opp, located near Harambe Market in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. Tucked away near a cast member entrance, this can be kind of tricky to spot if you don’t know where to look. For more interesting backdrops  here be sure to check out our Photo Ops in Harambe Market post.

Fichwa Fellow Wall Animal Kingdom Africa

Also located in Harambe Market, “Fichwa” actually means hidden. Actually one of the easiest walls of Disney to find, this one is anything but hidden and can be found by the fruit carts. Super easy to find and oh so sweet.Photo Op Locations in Animal Kingdom WDW

Moss Wall Animal Kingdom Pandora

While we are in Animal Kingdom, lets venture 4.4 light years to Disney’s newest land, Pandora.  One of the newest walls of Disney is located in Pandora. Pandora does not disappoint when it comes to beautiful backdrops, but if you want to jump on the Moss Wall bandwagon, its pretty easy to find and is located near Pongu Pongu. Which is perfect for your standard Moss Wall and Night Blossom selfie. Walt Disney World Moss Wall

Tatooine Traders Wall Hollywood Studios

Head over to Hollywood Studios near the Star Wars area of the Park and you’ll find Tatooine Traders. So how do you get to this wall? Just keep walking by and it will seem as though its actually located under the entrance. Very easy to find and perfect for showing off your Star Wars style.

Cotton Candy Wall Art of Animation Resort

Located at the Art of Animation, this may not be the most obvious place to take pictures unless you’re staying at the resort. But I assure you, if you’re looking for perfect Disney photo ops, the Art of Animation Resort is full of them. Not only does this resort have a lot of walls of Disney, but the entire resort will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a movie. The Cotton Candy Wall can be found in the Nemo Suites area and is fairly close to the pool. Cotton Candy Wall Walt Disney World

EDIT: We recently added an entirely new post to showcase MORE of the walls of Walt Disney World! Be sure to check it out to find your next favorite photo spot!

What walls of Disney have we missed? Let us know your favorite wall at Walt Disney World and we will continue adding to this list as we discover them as well!